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Neighbours Episode 3646 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3646
Australian airdate: 23/10/00
UK airdate: 13/12/00
UK Gold: 07/09/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Stephen Bailey: Kevin Hopkins
Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Shona
Flick and Joel are still on for the deb ball
Tad and Tim meet and Tim wants to know who Tad is
Tad tells him he used to know his mother - she was a friend of the family. Tim puts the tulips on her grave sadly.
Number 28
Karl is annoying Susan with his guitar noise. She's trying to work on the computer but he won't go to any of the other rooms in the house because he needs to piano. Suddenly an idea strikes Karl - they could turn Billy's room into a den, a study! Susan doesn't like that idea - it's as if they don't want him anymore, that he can never come home. Karl makes fun of her for this. Relenting, she says she'll ask him - it would be nice to have her own desk...
Number 26
Flick and Joe are doing some father-daughter bonding. Joe asks about school and Flick gets on to the issue of the deb ball. After a while - saying that she couldn't find anyone to go with, not even Tad or Paul - she gets round to telling him that she's asked Joel to the ball. Joe realises that her buttering up was all a game. Flick tells him it wasn't like that at all - she doesn't know why she bothers! Cue teenage door slam.
Tim tells Tad about how sometimes he still thinks Rachel's around, as they walk through the cemetery. His sister used to cry every night. His dad can't cook anything except pasta, not like his mum, who could cook anything. Tad spots his bike and they get into a conversation about what tricks they can do. Tim is in awe of Tad when he finds out about the video Tad shot - he really wants to see it sometime.
Billy's Room
Susan is more upset than Bill that his room is being cleared out. She and Karl reminisce about his toys. Karl is in a major chucking out mode so everything's going, although he will save the swimming medals. Susan wants to save the posters but their days are numbered too, even the big Led Zeppelin one which Led Zep fan Susan probably wishes could stay.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold talk about the selling of Grease Monkeys and they're still not decided on whether to use Lou's agent or not.
Stephen comes in. He's looking for Tad and announces that he thinks it's time Tim, Tad and Jasmine all met. He's going to ask Tad over to dinner tonight. Madge and Harold will pass the message on and promise to get Tad to phone him.
Tim talks about the daggy track they usually ride on. He coughs and Tad is worried about him. Tad decides it's time - he says he has something to tell him, which has nothing to do with BMX. Tim says he can't - he has to go and meet his dad. Tad tries to make him stop but he's gone.
Number 26
Flick appears and Joe apologises for his behaviour earlier - he appreciates the honesty and that they're getting on pretty well now. Flick forgives him. Joe wants to sort out the 'Joel' business, though - he's worried about the amount of time she spends at number 30 and fears there can't be that much maths tuition going on. Flick says she gets on well with the boys of number 30 and she wants to go to the ball with the good looking Joel. Joe warns about the age difference. She tells him to trust her - he's a lovely dad but he worries too much...
Billy's Bedroom
Susan has found a box, containing baby photos of the kids, school reports, drawings and other mementos of childhood. They find locks of their hair - Susan had blue ribbon for Libby's hair and pink for the boys as she was determined to be non-sexist. There's also a little tin of baby teeth but Susan can't tell which belong to what child. She also finds an envelope containing a list of everything she and Karl wanted to achieve over the coming years. Including - 1. Own your own home. 2 - Stay Married 3 - Raise Happy Kids, which have all been achieved. Karl's not so sure that '4- Record a song has been done', although Susan reminds him about the cassette (Karl would rather make his own CD). Susan's own wish '5- Make a real difference to education' makes smile slip. Karl reassures that she has - she's a great principle.
Number 24
Flick comes in and tells Tad about her talk with Joe, including Joel coming to the Deb. Tad wonders what happened to Paul - he wants her to tell Paul about what's going on. She should get out of it before she gets into trouble. Flick huffily says she will and leaves as Madge comes in, with the news about dinner. He tells her he met Tim.
The Coffee Shop
Joe and Harold are having an informal parenting conference by the jukebox. Joe tells him about Joel and the deb ball. Harold agrees he's quite a bit older, but sometimes they have to hope for the best and stand by to pick up the pieces.
Susan comes in with Karl and tells him that she's going to write that book about education, before her brain gives up on her. Karl has plans for the spare room - turning it into a recording studio. Susan says that it's going to be her office - where she writes her book. He can't turn it into a recording studio. Karl is saved by his bleep and dives off.
Susan spots Joe sitting at the counter and asks him to come over later, as they're thinking of renovating. Harold is left with the latte as they dash off.
Number 24
Tad can't reach Stephen. He thinks he's messed things up with Tim as he didn't have the guts to tell him the truth. But Madge thinks he was right - Stephen wanted to tell. Tad goes back to his finding out about his adoption - he was so hurt that he promised himself he'd never keep secrets again and look what happened. Madge tells him that he's no coward. Maybe he instinctively knew he was the wrong person to tell him. Tad is still worried about Tim's reaction to knowing he lied.
Billy's Room
Joe measures things as Susan tells him she wants it completely fitted as a study. She wants lots of bookshelves - floor to ceiling. Joe's going to write up some quotes. She wants to keep it just between them. Joe thinks it's a surprise and tells her he was never here. She thanks him.
Number 24
Tad has to start getting ready - he admits to Harold that he feels sick about tonight. And he's still worried about not having got through to Stephen. Harold reassures him that Tim will understand. Both he and Madge are very proud about how he's handled this. Tad says he's very good at the 'pre-match pep talk'.
Number 26
Karl is working on some ideas for the spare room - where to put a mixing desk. He plans to make a whole album! This means war...Susan says she can think of so many better things to do than make music. 'The devil woman's tactics' grumbles Karl. She won't change his mind, but maybe there's room for compromise.
The Bailey House
Stephen appears and tells Tad that Tim doesn't want to see anyone - he's locked himself in his room. He lets him in and tells Tad about telling Tim down the beach. Tim got very angry with Rachel. Therefore he doesn't think it would be good to meet right now. Tad admits they've already met - at the cemetery. Stephen is quite angry, telling him he's glad he didn't tell Tim - he would've been devastated hearing it from a stranger! Tad tried to ring him but...Stephen apologises for his outburst, realising no one was home. Tad hands him his video and asks him to pass it on - then he'll know who he is and then maybe it'll be a little easier to break it to him.
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