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Neighbours Episode 3641 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3641
Australian airdate: 016/10/00
UK airdate: 6/12/00
UK Gold: 02/09/05
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: None, although there were two mistakenly credited.
- "Love At Last" by Jebediah
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lance telling Joel and Toadie that he feels Allana could be the one and to work with him.
Tad telling Stephen he got the blood test done and the results will be in next week and he'll phone when they are in.
Flick asking Joel to be her partner at the deb ball.
No. 30
Joel goes to turn Flick down just as Toadie comes back into the living room but after a bit of sweet talking Joel says he'll check his diary and get back to her.
No. 24
Madge brings Paul a pamphlet for a suit hire company telling him to get his order in quick so he can make an impression for the ball. Paul is a bit phased out with some of the things he needs to hire. Madge asks if he's been having formal dance lessons, which he confirms because he's forgotten all that Hannah taught him previously. Much to Paul's embarrassment, Madge decides to give him an impromptu lesson just as Tad arrives home from seeing his mum.
No. 30
Flick wants to continue with the maths tutorial but Toadie sends her home and before she leaves she asks Joel to continue thinking about her invitation to be her partner at the ball. Lance replaces Flick and Toadie takes great delight in telling Lance about Flick's invitation to Joel. Toadie tells Joel he can't be cruel and not take Flick since this is the greatest thing in a young girls life and he'll damage the fragile female psyche.
No. 26
Flick calls Cheyenne and after asking her how boarding school is going, invites her to be Paul's date for the ball.
No. 24
Tad tells Madge that he feels that he owes Rachel's memory and so he'll agree to help her son if the tests prove compatible. Toadie brings over some bone marrow info for Tad and invites him to come out for a walk with him.
No. 26
Flick is trying to persuade Cheyenne when Paul comes by to give her some news but she gets in first to tell him that she has lined up Cheyenne to be his date for the ball.
No. 30
After commenting that Toadie was late back from walking Bob, he asks if Flick has a crush on him and Toadie says that observation isn't his thing! Toad tells him that Joe will come after him if he breaks Flick's heart and not to go the ball. Lance comes back in dressed in his Star Trek outfit to say goodbye so he can give Allana the video personally.
No. 26
Paul isn't grateful that Flick has arranged for Cheyenne to be his date since they were supposed to be going together. Flick suggests that she could phone back and uninvite Cheyenne and is surprised when Paul tells her to do so. However, Flick is nothing but resourceful and after a bit of sweet talking as to how disappointed Cheyenne would be he tells her to cancel the call.
No. 30 front yard
Somehow or other since leaving has managed to find in No. 30 an ice- bucket for the champagne, candlestick holders, champagne glasses ie the works as he waits for Allana to arrive...but he starts to nod off whilst waiting for her.
No. 30 front yard
Joel come across Lance still asleep as he takes Bob for his morning walk and asks Lance if he realised Allana wasn't coming why did he not go to his bed? Optimism replies Lance but then he notices that the videotape is gone and so Allana turned up afterall. Lance is now in a great mood since that is another challenge off the list and wonders what is next when they spot something sprayed onto the grass. Like the viewers, neither of them have a clue what the symbol is meant to be (it's a circle with what looks like a rough drawing of the Angel of the North with upturned arms instead of straight ones or it could be an eye at the top supported on a column). Check out Noel's site to see how it looks!
No. 24
Paul is moaning to Tad about what Flick did and wonders what is in it for her and asks Tad if Flick has called him.
Ramsay Street
Lance is still wondering what the symbol means and is now joined by Toadie and briefly by Flick before she leaves to go to school with Paul and Tad. Joel is back from his walk with Bob to see if they know what the symbol means.
The Coffee Shop
Paul, Flick and Tad discuss their dates or non-dates for the ball. Tad reminds Paul he'll get his own date and isn't a charity case.
Ramsay Street
Lance is still trying to work out the symbol and has now got the books out. Madge comes over to see it and is asked for her opinion by Lance. Madge thinks she's seen it somewhere before in a book but can't remember where but Lance wants her to think harder. After thinking, she mentions that she saw it in a book Harold took out of the library about ancient Egypt. Lance is now extremely happy so much so that he could kiss her!
No. 24
Flick is telling Paul and Tad the arrangements she has made for Cheyenne getting to the ball when Madge arrives home. They chat generally when the phone rings and Madge passes on a message to Tad that Karl wants to see him straight away at the surgery, which can only mean one thing - the test results are back.
No. 30
Toadie comes home from delivering leaflets still moaning about being let down by his "employees" when Flick arrives to see Joel. After confirming that she has nobody else to take to the ball, Joel makes up a story that he may be out of town on the day but if those plans fall through then he'll go with her.
Madge has accompanied Tad to the surgery and they chat politely until Karl can see him but Tad subtly tells her to leave, as he'd rather be there by himself. She agrees after telling him it isn't his fault if the tests prove he isn't a match and if it is positive then he doesn't have to donate and reminds him that both Harold and herself will be there for him.
<<3640 - 3642>>
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