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Neighbours Episode 3631 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3631
Australian airdate: 02/10/00
UK airdate: 22/11/00
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Patsy Edis : Anne Maloney
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Lou appoints Patsy as Louise's nanny.
- Joe and Lyn arrive at Pelican Point to find it completely run down.
- Drew tells Steph he's been offered a job away from Erinsborough.
The Garage
Karl comes to the garage with his bike which has a flat tyre. I hope this means that we get Susan in this episode. I like recapping her. Have you noticed?
Drew takes the bike from Karl and Karl comments that he doesn't know what they'd do without him. Drew says they might have to consider that one, but doesn't expand on it. Drew thinks Karl needs to patch the tyre and get a new one, not just put air into it.
Karl asks if Drew is seriously thinking about going, and he says yes - his dad's been hassling him to join him up in Oakey.
Karl says he'll wait whilst Drew patches the tyre, and continues to ask questions about Drew moving back home to his parents.
Pelican Point
Lyn and Joe go to the beach dressed in winter clothes, and it looks freezing! There's almost no water at the beach at all! Joe tries to make things better by reminiscing about when he tried to catch a fish when they were here before.
But there's now a sign up. No fishing, no swimming, and no something else that I can't see the sign for. Joe's gutted and they both laugh that it stinks of fish around here anyway, so Lyn suggests they go to the fish and chip shop and pretend they caught them. But Joe wants to go to the rocks where last time they saw oysters... They can stock up on them now.
Oh, Joe...
Number 22
Lou's showing Patsy around the house and telling her about Louise's routine. But he has to rush off to work, and Patsy says she'll take Louise round to Sharon's - whoever Sharon is.
Patsy and Lou agree that they'll talk about terms and conditions later, and Patsy offers to stay late tonight, free of charge, and cook them all dinner to get to know each other better. Lou thinks she's a really nice person.
The Coffee Shop
Susan asks Karl if Drew really is going back to Oakey, and Karl says that it sounded definite. Susan agrees that he's hung for so long waiting for Libby to change her mind - why should he wait any more?
Karl says he's relieved that at least Drew is now taking control. Susan wonders if he's given up now he's seen Libby with Jeff on their date the other night. Karl says it might be that, but Susan says there's nothing between Jeff and Lib, and maybe Drew needs to know that.
Karl tells her to butt out - it's none of her business.
SUSAN: It's slightly my business!
KARL: Don't. Don't do it, Susan.
SUSAN: (thinks hard) It wouldn't be interfering. I just *mention* to Libby...
KARL: You just can't help yourself, can you...
SUSAN: ... that I happen to hear that Drew is leaving...
KARL: You just *can't* help yourself...
SUSAN: Well, I've got their best interests at heart!
KARL: You're prolonging the suffering!
SUSAN: Oh I am not!
KARL: You are!
SUSAN: I'm not!
KARL: It is none. Of. Our. Business.
SUSAN: (does a face) Fine, Karl, fine. I won't say a word.
Karl clearly doesn't believe her.
Pelican Point
Joe and Lyn are wading through dirty, muddy water covered in trees, trying to find the oyster rocks, and Lyn's boot gets stuck in the mud. Joe tries to pull her out, and whilst she comes loose, her boot is still stuck. She panics. Joe tries not to panic.
Joe says he'll carry her out, but he can't lift her, and they both fall into the mud with a huge splash!
Cut to the bathroom area of the campsite, and Lyn is singing in the shower. Joe runs out of the men's block and runs into Lyn's cubicle!
LYN: You are so creepy!
JOE: (shouting) OH THAT'S BETTER!
The Kennedys'
Libby is sitting at the computer when Susan comes home. You know that thing you promised Karl you wouldn't do, Susan? I think you're about to break that promise...
Susan asks Libby what she's working on.
LIBBY: Guess what?
SUSAN: What?
LIBBY: The kettle just boiled! Would you like a cup of coffee?
Aw - they look more like Jackie and Kym in this scene than Susan and Libby.
SUSAN: I, um, I actually heard something today that might be of interest to you.
LIBBY: Yeah?
SUSAN: Yeah, um, apparently Drew's thinking of moving back to Oakey.
LIBBY: I knew Ron would get him in the end.
Susan says she thinks there'll be a lot of girls there happy to see him, too. Libby gets annoyed - why did Susan have to say that? Susan says she wasn't meaning anything but Libby says she was.
SUSAN: Well, yes, Libby actually I was. It seems he's finally given up hope of you ever coming to your senses
LIBBY: That's good.
SUSAN: Oh Libby.
LIBBY: Mum, it's good.
SUSAN: You know, it's not too late to do something about it.
LIBBY: I don't want to do something about it. You know, if Drew wants to go and start a new life in Oakey, that's great. I'm really happy for him. (pause) And yes, there'll be *plenty* of girls who will be pleased about it. He'll probably be married within a year.
SUSAN: Why do you say that?
LIBBY: You know, mum, he's the marrying kind.
Susan is shocked at Libby's attitude.
The Coffee Shop
Drew comes in to find Libby there.
He says hello to her and orders a take-away coffee. Libby asks if the rumour's true about going back to Oakey. He says the more he thinks about it the more it makes sense. Libby asks if this is a family-based decision, and he says yes, it is. Libby makes nice comments about who will be pleased about seeing him again, then says she's happy for him.
He asks about her night out with Jeff, and Libby says it's good to socialise with work colleagues. Libby also wants to keep in touch and be friends with Drew. He makes it clear he can't do that.
Libby leaves.
Number 22
Patsy is painting Louise's face as a tiger! So cute! She offers Louise a sweet to stop her giggling. Louise refuses as it's too close to dinner, but Patsy assures her that it's okay once in a while. It'll be their secret.
I don't like her.
Lou's Pub
Lou has bought three dozen assorted party wigs and Karl wants to see them, but Lou won't let him. Karl asks if it's for Wigs for Kids, and Lou says yes - he'll sell them in the pub, not for profit! Yeah, right!
Susan comes into the pub and waves at them. Lou puts a pink wig on (I quite like it) and then Karl puts a green and yellow one on Susan...who makes a very cute Marilyn Monroe face!
Their drinks are served. Lou keeps his wig on, and Susan thinks it's mean that Karl won't wear one - surely that's the point?
KARL: Why are you so chirpy anyway?
Susan makes a face.
KARL: Ach. You've been lobbying, haven't you?
SUSAN: Lobbying?!
KARL: You've been harassing Libby about Drew going...
SUSAN: Harassing?!
KARL: ...I can tell, you've got that spiky edged look to you...
SUSAN: Spiky?!
KARL: ...you've been fighting with her...
SUSAN: Edged look?!
KARL: ...haven't you?
SUSAN: Honestly, Karl, you are the most...
KARL: ...see, and now here you're evading the question...
SUSAN: ...intensely annoying human being on the...
KARL: ...you're insulting me, I have to be right.
SUSAN:...yes, yes, yes I spoke to Libby, and no, it didn't go terribly well.
KARL: Oh, darling.
SUSAN: You can't blame me for trying.
KARL: I'm not blaming you. It's just it's futile, that's all.
Lou says he's going home to see the new nanny, and Karl asks if he's put an ad out for Drew's job, yet. But Lou didn't actually know that Drew was leaving.
Susan gives Karl TheLook™.
Number 22
Lolly's making something in the kitchen, and Patsy is cleaning the surfaces. Drew comes home and meets Patsy for the first time. She says she's glad he's home because there's a tiger loose in the house!
Lolly runs out roaring!
Lou gets home and tells Drew they need to talk, as Patsy takes Lolly up for her bath. He asks Drew why he wasn't the first to know. We cut to them chatting nicely, and Lou says that he thinks Drew is copping out, although he understands his feelings. Lou tells him, though, that the distance won't make the problem go away. But it won't.
The Kennedys'
SUSAN: You're thinking of leaving?
LIBBY: I'm going back to my original plans, with some modifications of course.
Susan waves a stick of celery at Libby and asks if these are the plans to go to Europe and visit Mal? Karl can't believe it.
Libby wants to go to England and Europe, but not just for a holiday. She'd like to try and work there, too. Libby and Karl start arguing over how Libby will work and Susan tries to get them to calm down.
KARL: I would just like one of my children to finish university. Is that so much to ask?
Libby and Karl row about his ego and her inconsistency.
Libby storms off to her bedroom.
Number 22
Lou and Drew compliment Patsy on her meal. Louise won't eat her broccoli and Patsy tells her she has to. Drew says he's going for a walk, and Lou explains that Drew's leaving soon.
Pelican Point
Lyn and Joe are sitting at a campfire saying that they enjoyed the fish and chips from the same shop that was there however many years ago. Lyn doesn't think this place has changed, it's just that everything has changed around it.
Joe asks if he was an idiot, bringing her here. Lyn says he wasn't, the fish and chips were great and being with Joe is lovely. Aw!
Number 22
Lou is coming down in the morning and answers the door to Patsy, who knows it's early. She says that with all that's on Lou's plate, she thought it would help if she came and dropped Lolly off to school for Lou, at no charge. She says she'd like to help as much as she can, and with the extra room, surely it would be easier if she just moved in?
Oh, she gives me the creeps.
Pelican Point
A lake early in the morning. Joe and Lyn by it. Joe asks Lyn what she'd change about her if she could live it again. She wishes she'd finished school, got her licence earlier, visited her nan before she died, spent more time with the kids. Joe says he doesn't think about it. The only regret he has is losing her engagement ring on the fourth day they were married, and she agrees, because she loved it.
Joe hands her a new ring, not exactly the same, but it'll do.
Lyn is overcome, and Joe explains that's why he was speaking to Teresa - she was trying it on for him. She loves it.
JOE: You're the only woman I've ever loved.
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