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Neighbours Episode 3618 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3618
Australian airdate: 13/09/00
UK airdate: 03/11/00
UK Gold: 18/08/05
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Jake Black: Andrew Lawton
Chad Barkley: James Bridekirk
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lyn thanking Joe for the flowers even though she is still annoyed at him.
Mr Rivers telling Susan she isn't going to be getting the software for the new PC's he provided.
No. 26
Michelle comes out of her room to show Bianca what she is going to wear for meeting Boy 4 and asks Bianca and Flick for their comments - Bianca wants to get the top she is wearing autographed so they can auction it and Flick tells her Lyn will be annoyed when she sees she isn't in her school uniform. Tad calls round for Flick and gives Michelle favourable comments on her clothes before he leaves with Flick. Joe and Lyn now put in an appearance and are annoyed to see her not dressed for school and tell Michelle that they won't be buying her any new clothes for it either, especially since she still owes them $200. She soon cheers up though when the publicist of Boy 4 calls.
The Coffee Shop
With Paul and Cheyenne being romantic in the background, Flick starts making comments about them, so Tad tells her that they are leaving but Flick wants a word with Susan first. However before she can talk to her, she overhears Susan telling Karl about her conversation with Mr Rivers earlier.
No. 26
A very hyper Michelle comes off the phone and tells everyone that Boy 4 will now put in a appearance at the school instead of just meeting them after the concert. Joe comments that Michelle won't need the new clothes anymore!
In the classroom, Flick is about to have a go at Cheyenne for what her dad is threatening to do but Tad tells her to settle down. In the corridor, Michelle tells Susan about Boy 4 coming to the school and asks if she can make a banner for it but Susan turns down her request.
Back in the classroom, Paul and Cheyenne are all over each other again and Flick can't hold her tongue anymore and tells Cheyenne what her dad is now doing. Paul tries to defend her dad but she takes it the wrong way until he tells her to calm down. Susan comes into the classroom as Flick is trying to tell Cheyenne and wants Susan to back her up but instead Susan wants a word with her outside in the corridor.
Building site
Lyn drags Joe out of the portaloo on the pretence of giving him his lunch. Lyn looks like she wants to talk but she tells a bemused Joe she has to go.
Susan is telling Flick that she hasn't got the full story over what Mr Rivers said and orders her back into the classroom and as she goes to sit down Cheyenne makes a snide comment.
The Coffee Shop
Susan tells Karl about Flick overhearing their conversation earlier and then telling Cheyenne. She adds that there is bad blood between them too but she is keeping an eye on it. Karl suggests having a word with Joe who is having his pie and chips but she has to rush back since Boy 4 are arriving soon. They depart as Lyn comes in and is annoyed to see him sitting there eating pie and chips instead of the lunch she made.
Cheyenne is having a go at Paul for him not standing up to what Flick said and agrees to do so if it happens again. Flick is biding her time though and tells Tad she wishes that she could get the money instead so she didn't need to take Mr River's money. A pack of noisy girls following Michelle and Bianca distract them and Flick takes Michelle aside to ask for a favour - a few minutes with Boy 4.
Building site
With impending raid Joe sends his men off to have a break when a dog comes and removes Joe's hat.
Flick tells Michelle that Boy 4 have arrived and she is very nervous waiting for them to arrive. Bang on cue Susan brings them into the school - however we only have one of the band present (Jake) as the others are rehearsing. Flick, Bianca and Michelle go into the classroom as the hoards go crazy outside in the corridor and Michelle is a bit miffed when he takes a shine to Flick and isn't photographed with him.
With Jake still taking a shine to Flick, Bianca asks Jake some questions (Michelle is annoyed with Jake) before the publicist calls a halt to the proceedings. Taking Flick aside, Jake asks how he can get her out of uniform and out on a date! She tells him she has an idea...
Flick announces to Susan that Boy 4 are giving $3000 to the school for the software and Susan is overjoyed. Jake now wants his payment, but Flick tells "Jeremy" (he kept getting the girl's names wrong so she gets him back for this) that she is busy all week but he insists on giving her his number, but for her eyes only!
In another part of the classroom Michelle is annoyed at how Jake is behaving but Bianca thinks he is too good to be true.
Building site
Joe finishes working on a piece of wet concrete when the dog from earlier comes back again and goes right over the top of it. To the amusement of the workers, Joe heads after it.
Bianca is gushing about Boy 4 to the rest of the groupie girls when Susan notice that Michelle is down and asks if she is alright. Sarcastically Michelle replies that she's just met her heroes and why would anything be wrong? Flick tells Susan that Jake was a sleaze and adds that Jake will be waiting a long time for his phonecall too! She also tells Susan that they won't need to rely on Mr Rivers anymore, which Susan agrees with and the smile on her face tells another story too.
Hair salon
A down in the dumps Michelle calls into see Lyn and tells her about her non-event meeting of Jake from Boy4. Michelle adds that she wishes she'd never won the competition now. Lyn comforts Michelle by telling her about her crush on The Monkey's and that she grew out of it and tells her that her bad experience will help her too.
No. 24
Paul is giving Cheyenne a shoulder massage when Tad and Flick enter. Flick takes great delight in telling Cheyenne about Jake and Boy 4 giving the school $3k so they don't need her dad to donate the money for the software.
No. 28
Susan tells Karl that Flick is smart for the way she got the money out of Boy 4 and can't wait to see Mr Rivers' reaction too before spotting the organic vegetables Libby has purchased. Karl is unimpressed but Susan tells him that if Libby feels better for it, then to let it go.
No. 24
Paul leaves Cheyenne to help Flick and Tad with the group assignment. Cheyenne then surprises them all by joining in too but Flick tells her to go and tells her a few choice words too. Cheyenne wants to know why Paul isn't defending her and gives him an ultimatum - get rid of Flick or she is walking!
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