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Neighbours Episode 3601 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3601
Australian airdate: 21/08/00
UK airdate: 11/10/00
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: None
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Madge telling Lyn she thought her recipe had too much flour; Lyn getting upset about it. Lyn wishing Madge luck good luck for the book. Lyn inviting Madge and Harold to dinner on Tuesday, and she'll try and ease off on the flour for the night. Drew telling Steph to make a wish on the fairy wishing well pond thing.
Number 22 - the Fairy Garden
Drew asks Steph what she wished for, but she won't tell. I wonder why?!
Number 30
Lance is on the phone to his girlfriend and being very casually and playing hard-to-get. Toadie warns that he'll lose her if he's not careful. Toadie challenges the NewLookLanceWilkinson™ to steal Scobie (statue in Lou's pub) from under Lou's nose. Lance accepts.
Libby arrives and asks to use the computer, and Toadie lets her in. She tells them to carry on as if she's not there.
LIBBY: Walk around in your undies. Swear. Burp. I'll be as quiet as a mouse.
LANCE: Do we have to?
LIBBY: Only if you want to.
LANCE: Good, I was feeling under pressure there.
Number 22
Steph says she has to get home for dinner, but Drew tries to persude her to stay with pizza and salad, but Steph says that her mum's expecting her. As she leaves, Drew tells her she's miles away, but she denies it.
Number 30
And who wanders in from the previous scene but Steph! She needs somewhere to be for the evening, and tells Toadie that she's been helping Drew make a fairy garden for Lolly. She says hello to Lance and Libby, and Lib likes the idea of the garden.
The Bishops'
Madge is still cross with Lyn, and Harold takes Lyn's side which infuriates Madge. She says she wishes she'd kept the whole thing to herself, but Harold thinks there's nothing wrong with some neighbourly contributions, and she should do it to keep the peace. He doesn't see why it has to be a competition - just add in a few recipes!
Madge then says that he hijacked the book for the salvos, then Lou got involved, then everyone wanted their recipes in it - and now it's not hers anymore. Harold says he didn't realise that this meant so much to her. She says it didn't at first, but it does now. And it's become a street war.
She says she'll try to be nice at dinner with the Scullys!
Number 30
Steph and Lance are playing computer games noisily, and Libby can't concentrate. Steph says she'll miss the rest of the game, and she and Lance start bickering about the game, with Toadie laughing. Steph leaves and says goodbye to Lib, who chases her out of the door saying she needs a word with her.
Libby catches up with Steph and asks what's wrong, why the cold shoulder? They used to be really good friends, and now Steph can barely seem to talk to her - what's going on?
The Kennedys'
But no Karl or Susan. Oh well. The set of Number 28 will have to do.
Steph says she still feels bad about the accident, and Lib retorts that she shouldn't shut her out, though. Libby also thinks that Steph isn't her old happy self. Steph says that the accident changed her, and she wants to talk about it another time. Everyone keeps asking how she is, and it's driving her crazy.
Lib agrees about the asking how she is, but she doesn't want to lose Steph's friendship over it. Steph says she won't - she has just been needing her own space recently. Libby can identify with that, and asks if they can get together soon as friends? Steph agrees.
Aw. Nice scene.
Number 22
Drew is asleep on the sofa and Lolly and Lou return home! Lolly runs up to Drew really excited to see him, whilst Lou just comments on the mess and that Drew isn't looking after himself.
Drew asks how Merridy is but Lou barely answers. I SAID this would happen. Check out the recaps of 3590 and 3591!
The Coffee Shop
Madge tells Harold she's taking the cook book to the printers and he's a little alarmed - why doesn't she put some other recipes in? Madge says she'll leave it until tomorrow, and Harold thinks this is good - she can sort out the typos then!
Harold serves Lance and Toadie. Toadie asks Lance how he's going to steal Scobie when Lou's there, and Lance says it'll be easy.
Number 22
Drew asks for information from Lou about the trip. He says it was hotter, drier and redder than he imagined. He doesn't share Merridy's enthusiasm for the place - it's a hundred miles from anywhere. He barely shares anything about Merridy and what happened, and goes to answer the phone.
Drew tells Lolly that he has a surprise for her out the back, but Steph pops in to remind Drew that she'll pick up the truck tomorrow at the garage, and Lolly wants Steph to see her surprise.
Lou has to go to the pub and asks if Steph and Drew can mind Lolly for a bit, which they agree to do.
Cut to the Fairy Garden where Drew shows Lolly all the work he's done. It's really beautiful and she really likes it. Drew suggests that they have a fairy party tonight, but Steph can't come - she has somewhere she needs to be. But Lolly begs her..
Lou's Place
Lance is checking out the logistics of taking Scobie as Lou walks in with Madge. She wants to know about Merridy but Lou barely says a word about her - just what the place is like. As they talk, Lance eyes up the statue, and Toadie makes faces at him.
Lance goes to pick the statue up and drops it, making a noise. Lou wants to know what's up, but Lance says he's fine.
Madge and Lou get talking again, as Lance picks up Scobie, and shuffles out of the pub before Lou notices. Madge leaves at the same time, but just before then has asked Lou over for a drink before he goes to Lolly's fairy party.
Toadie is grinning and laughing and Lou doesn't understand what's going on.
LOU: I've come back just in time. Everyone's going bonkers.
The Garage
Steph turns up to collect the truck from Drew, who tells her it's working perfectly. She tells Drew she has other plans for tonight and really won't be able to make the fairy party - she's really sorry.
Number 22
Lance is boasting about how wonderful he is for stealing the statue, and Toadie admits that he's impressed! Libby can't concentrate with all the noise, so she leaves - and as she does, Steph comes to the door.
Steph asks Toadie what he's doing tonight, and he says he spending tonight with her. Lance is going out, and tries to get Steph to join him, but she's not in the mood. Toadie can't believe that Lance is still trying to work on his tough image.
Toadie tells Steph that he knows she's not okay - what's going on?
The Bishops'
Lou tells Madge and Harold that he won't be moving to Catherine (what a great place name!) - Merridy's school is in the middle of nowhere, and even if he bought a pub or something, he'd be miles from her. He doesn't think he'll fit in up there, either.
He wants to talk about the idea of recipes on the net!
Number 22
Drew and Lolly are preparing a fairy picnic, and realise that they don't have any special FairyBread™ - Drew thinks he can get some Hundreds and Thousands from Toadie. He grabs Lolly and leaves the house.
Number 30
Steph doesn't want to talk about it, but she does need an A to get a word for her next move in scrabble. There's a knock at the door (couldn't you just see this coming?) and Toadie answers it. Drew asks for Hundreds and Thousands. Steph can hear it's Drew and is horrified, so tries to hide on the couch. Drew sees her and thought she was going out, which she was, but not until later. Drew thinks that she can still come over for the Fairy Party then?
Toadie returns with Lolly just as Steph is trying to make up an excuse... She didn't know what time Lolly's party was starting, and she can't be late, for um... Toadie steps in and says they're meeting Lance at the Duke. Drew says okay, and leaves. How was he not suspicious in that scene?!!
Toadie asks what's going on. She says she didn't feel like seeing anyone tonight, but he doesn't believe her and won't stop until she tells him. She confesses how much she cares for him - and she knows it's so wrong.
How awkward. Quick, quick where are the:
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