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Neighbours Episode 3584 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3584
Australian airdate: 27/07/2000
UK airdate: 04/09/2000
UK Gold: 26/07/2005
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michelle reads an old newspaper clipping.
Libby tells Drew's mother on the phone that there isn't going to be a wedding.
Libby shouts that she doesn't want to see Drew ever again.
Susan is washing up and Karl has been in to talk to Libby. Karl says Libby seems to know what she's doing, but Susan doesn't believe that. She says Libby does love Drew, this is all about her not being able to have children. Susan says Libby is being arrogant for making decisions for Drew. Susan is very sympathetic to Drew's plight, but Karl says they can't interfere.
Drew's bedroom
Drew is on the phone to his mother. He tells her that Libby says she doesn't love him anymore. He says he didn't call his mother before because he was hoping Libby would change her mind, but she hasn't. He says he'll call her again at the weekend.
Libby's bedroom, the following morning
Susan comes in with some breakfast for Libby. Libby says she wants to start doing things for herself. Libby tells her that things are difficult and she's sorry for being horrible last night - she could hear herself saying things she knew she didn't mean. Susan says that she's apologising to the wrong person. Also she says that Libby is being way too hasty.
The Garage
Depressed Drew is working on a bike when Steph comes up. They chat about the bike, then Steph asks if he's seen Libby. He tells her what happened.
The School
Bianca tells Michelle that the emails she's received from Damien are creepy, but Michelle wants to hear Damien's side of the story.
Tess asks Michelle for a word about her English essay (that Damien helped her with).
Susan is on the phone to Rose saying that she doesn't blame Drew at all, and Libby won't even talk about things. She says she'll ring her about dissolving the wedding arrangements at the end of the week.
Susan tells Karl that it's all so stupidly wrong. Karl distracts her with a newspaper article which says that all the allegations against him have been dropped. Susan is thrilled.
The Garage
Steph and Drew are working on the bike. Steph can't believe that Libby was the one to tell Rose about their breakup - Drew should have told his mother himself. Steph also says that Libby shouldn't have said anything though - Libby should be more careful about people feelings. Drew defends Libby saying Steph can't change anything and Libby just needs her friends around now.
The School
Tess tells Michelle that her essay has been improved since her last effort and wonders if she's had adult help with it. Michelle says she knows a guy who used to teach English and he's been tutoring her a bit. Tess says it's a good thing because her work has vastly improved. Michelle asks Tess if she thinks someone can do a bad thing, but still be a good person. Tess says that she does. Tess says that she thinks that everyone has a past and she should stick by the person.
Steph comes round to see Libby. Libby tells her that she's selling her scooter since she can't use it anymore. Libby makes her a coffee and asks her what the recent gossip is. Steph says that she really wants to talk to ilbby about something and she won't like what she has to say. She wants her to listen though.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and tells Madge and Harold that he's had a letter from Merridy - she apparently misses him and Lolly and wants him to come up for a visit.
Libby tells Steph that what's happened between her and Drew is nothing to do with her.
STEPH: Lib, you have trashed him! He can't think of anything but you, he has no idea what went wrong.
LIBBY: (unconvinced) He'll be OK.
Steph insists there's no logic to the situation, but Libby says her reasons are her own and she doesn't want to justify them to everyone. Steph tells her exactly what she thinks about Libby's attitude. She shouts that Libby was so in love with Drew before the accident and suddenly they've gone. Steph says if she doesn't want to share her reasons with her, she should share them with Drew. She says Libby is being incredibly selfish. Libby says she can't help that - it's the way things are. Steph storms out, saying that Libby sees herself as the tragic heroine, but noone else does.
Later at the Kennedys
Karl has cooked dinner for Libby and Susan goes to take it in to her.
Libby's bedroom
Libby is looking through some old photos of when she was a kid. Susan comes in with her diner tray, saying that Karl has cooked it for her. Susan looks at the album and they laugh at the old clothes and hairstyles. Then they turn over the page and there's a picture of Libby and Drew. Susan picks up the tray and puts it on Libby's bed. She tells her to call her if she needs her. Libby looks at the picture silently.
Drew's bedroom
Lou tells Drew that Joel has rung to see if Drew wants to meet them at the pub.
Lou comes in and says maybe these things are meant to happen for a reason. He says that he was desperate to marry Madge once and thought the bottom had dropped out of his world when she turned him down. But then there would have been no Cheryl or Lolly. He says that you never know what life has in store around the next corner.
Susan is sitting sulkily and Karl is trying to chivvy her up. Susan says she's inadequate as a mother and is very worried about Libby and her decision about Drew. Susan rants and says she's going mad. Karl tries to calm her down but Susan won't be calmed. Karl says maybe they have to accept that Drew isn't the one for her. Susan continues to rant and rolls her eyes at all of Karl's attempts to placate her. Finally he starts feeding her nuts!
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