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Neighbours Episode 3582 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3582
Australian airdate: 25/07/00
UK airdate: 31/08/00
UK Gold:25/07/05
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Max Crawford: Simon Gleeson
Glenda Ryan: Bronwyn Di Cecco
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Patrick Cotter: Tim Bowman
Julie Wise: Carly Griffen
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells Susan that Glenda is going through with the court case.
Joel tells Dee that he overheard Max on the phone turning down somewhere to live saying he can live with Dee.
Flick changes into a dress and tells her friend that she fancies Postie Pete. Tad and Paul observe this with amusement.
Tad says he's not telling Flick about the setup but Paul says he has to. Tad says Flick will just think she was stood up and then get over it. But Paul says it's gone too far and he's going to stop it.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Paul come in and try to talk to Flick. Just then she spills a milkshake over herself so goes home to change. As she leaves the Coffee Shop she bumps into Susan and claims that she is out of uniform because they had to wear something old for Art(!)
The Pub
Steph is telling Joel that she's frustrated that work have got her on light duties because of the accident. Dee tells them that Libby will be out of hospital this week. Steph says that Libby has got a long way to go. Dee and Steph have to tell Joel that the wedding is off and Drew is very upset. Joel can't believe it.
Max comes in at that moment.
MAX: I've got the best news!
JOEL: You've got a job overseas?
Max tells them that he's going for a job with an import company and it will include accommodation. Dee introduces Max and Steph and he seems quite taken with her.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is a bit fed up about the court case and Susan is trying to chivvy him up - there's no doubt he will win. Susan says that Libby will be coming home soon and Karl admits that he's missed her - the drama, the arguments, the requests from funding(!) Karl suggests that they get Libby a little TV for her room to welcome her home.
Lyn and Joe come in. Lyn wishes Karl good luck in court and thinks that Glenda could still drop the case yet. Joe tells Lyn off for giving Karl false hope, but admits that he wouldn't like to be in his shoes.
The Pub
Max is telling them about his "plan" for the future, but Steph has to get back to work. Joel suggests that they all meet up for a barbie this afternoon.
Lassiter's Bridge
Karl and Susan bump into Maurie and Glenda. Maurie tells him nastily that Glenda won't be dropping the case.
The School
Paul and Tad are trying to tell Flick that Postie Pete stood her up because he didn't care about her. But Flick thinks that he must have had a good reason. Tad and Paul despair.
Susan has checked up with the art teacher and therefore Flick is busted. Susan tells her to answer honestly next time and not to change out of her uniform again.
Garden of No.30
Joel wearing a horrible nipple ring!! is talking to Max about travel. Max is complimenting Steph quite a bit. He tells them that the place he went to see had no vibe - so he's going to stay along for a bit longer.
Ramsay Street
Flick is still raving on about Postie Pete. Just then Postie Pete rides up and Flick approaches him. But it turns out it's a different postman - Pete is sick today. Flick turns to Tad and Paul triumphantly and says that Pete did have a good reason after all. Tad and Paul despair.
Libby's Bedroom
Karl and Susan are making up the bed in Libby's bedroom with a new duvet cover. Susan picks up a photo of Drew on Libby's bedside table and wonders what to do with it. She decides to put it somewhere less obvious, and puts it on the bookshelf. Susan says there'll be reminders of Drew everywhere. Karl thinks Drew will pack up and leave - the situation hurts too much.
Max is telling Joel that he doesn't think Steph likes him. Joel says it's just nerves and Steph does like him(!) But it's obvious he's trying to distract Max from Dee! Joel tells Dee that they'd make a great couple, but Dee doesn't think Steph feels the same!
Joe is off on his taxi round and promises not to eat fast food. Lyn is worried about him, but Joe says he's prepared.
Steph comes in and Lyn worries to her about Joe going in the cab. She wishes he'd give up the taxi round.
Lyn tells Steph that she might go along to Karl's court case to give the Kennedys support. She wishes that Glenda would drop the case.
Steph takes a card off Flick and reads a message to Postie Pete off it. She mocks Flick and tells her that she is deluding herself. Flick tells her she's just jealous(!) But Steph says she's concerned - she doesn't want Flick putting their parents through hassle again. Flick says that it's the real thing with Pete(!)
Tad tells Paul that he's got a DJing trial at a nightclub - he says he's going to rock! Paul is still going on about Flick and Postie Pete, but Tad thinks the situation will die away if they don't send any more letters. Paul feels bad though - they shouldn't have done it. Tad doesn't feel good about it either, but they can't undo what's done.
Karl is ourside the court feeling nervous. The Erinsborough News try to get him to comment but he won't. Maurie is only too pleased to comment though - he says his family has suffered mental anguish at the hands of a "professional" Glenda looks uncertain.
The Coffee Shop
Dee says she's a bit fed up of Max's tall stories of travel. Joel suggests that they both go out with Max and Steph tonight. But Dee thinks matchmaking is a waste of time.
Glenda is telling Maurie crossly that the court case was never her idea.
Lyn goes up to Karl and Susan and gives them her best wishes.
Glenda is telling Maurie that she doesn't think she can go through with the case. She says it wouldn't be right to testify against Karl. He shakes her physically, but she stands firm.
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