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Neighbours Episode 3567 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3567
Australian airdate: 04/07/00
UK airdate: 09/08/00
UK Gold: 13/07/05
Writer: John Davies
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Maurie Ryan - Neil Fletcher
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona
Karl and Susan talk about how they're going to tell Libby about her condition
Dee asks Steph about her breaking Lance and Toadie's hearts
Lance tells Toadie he's over Steph
Karl tells Susan that he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't where Maurie's concerned
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Tess appears in Libby's room. Libby asks how she is and tells her she's had a lot of visitors. Libby asks how she really is, saying she's sorry. Tess says the funeral is tomorrow.
Number 30
The atmosphere is distinctly uncomfortable at the poker game. Steph tells Lance and Toadie that she wants to clear something up before they start playing.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Libby guesses that Tess must be dreading the funeral and Tess admits she is. Libby takes her hand and gives her a sympathetic look.
Number 30
Steph says they can work it out, if they just talk about it. Toadie says they can't switch emotions off just like that and Lance puts on a funny voice, saying they have emotions now, do they? Steph and Toadie are both annoyed with him. Lance agrees with Toadie that they can't just go back to how things were. But in the meantime they'll still see each other. Steph doesn't like the sound of that, based on how awkward things are tonight. She stands up, saying she'll give it a miss and leaves, despite them protesting that she should stay.
Number 28
Drew tells Karl that he should have told him and Libby about the court case. Karl thinks Libby had - and still has - enough to cope with. Karl believes Maurie will settle out of court - all he wants is money. Drew is sad that they have to go through this as well - at least Libby will be 100 percent soon. Karl and Susan exchange glances.
Number 28
The next morning and Susan had a rotten night. Karl couldn't sleep either - he's worried about Libby. Susan wonders what they can do about it. Then she gets onto the subject of Brendan's funeral, thinking she should go for Tess. Karl is against it - he put Libby in hospital after all! But Susan's going to support Tess and decides she will definitely go.
Number 32
Tess, dressed in black, sadly puts on her jewellery.
Number 30
Lance talks to Joel about Steph - he wonders when's the right time to talk to her again. He knows they can't pick up where they left off but have to redefine the relationship. Joel wonders if he's been reading self help books again. Toadie comes in, dressed for the funeral, and feeling 'conflicted', according to Lance (he admits he has been reading self-help books). Joel tells them that he's meeting Clive to formulate Dee's perfume. Lance tells him to be safe or else it'll be his funeral they're not attending next week. His crass remark gets the reaction it deserves. Lance admits that the self help books aren't helping in any area of his life.
Ramsay Street
Steph asks Joel about his perfume hunt and tells her that he's going to make some. She spots that Toadie's going to the funeral and admits that she's surprised - she thought that his loyalty was more towards the Kennedys. 'And you?' asks Joe. He tells her he's very loyal and a good friend to have. She tells him she has tried to sort it out and walks away.
Number 32
Tess is glad that Toadie turned up after all - she was beginning to regret not accepting his offer. She tells him that the necklace she's wearing was given to her by Brendan. On the doorstep they run into Susan, who tells them she's coming too.
Number 26
Lance comes over and apologises to Steph for the evening before. She tells him that she loves hanging out with them, but since the accident everything seems to have changed. She knew where and who she was before and now nothing is the same anymore. Lance and Toadie wanting to be more than friends with her was another change and she wanted it back to the way it was. Lance tells her that it makes sense and he wants to apologise for how he was acting. Steph tells him it's cool - sometimes friendships can be more solid after a drama. They hug.
The Mall
What a surprise - the Kennedys have taken a rare foray into the mall after the other Ramsay Street residents' day out yesterday! Susan tells Karl that Tess spoke well at the funeral and she's glad she went. She catches sight of someone and who should it be but Maurie Ryan, the cherry to top off a perfect day (they should know better than to go to the Mall - you always bump into someone you know in Neighboursland). Maurie says that he knows what Karl's offered and has decided to reject his out of court settlement. Karl asks why he's doing this - personal vendetta or because he's greedy? Maurie says it's a simple quest for justice - he doesn't see why Karl shouldn't have to suffer like they have. 'This is going to hurt you, doc and you have no idea how much.'
Number 30
Steph is seated at the kitchen table when Joel comes in, happy to see her feud with Lance is over. She apologises for earlier. He presents the perfume - a weird blue colour - and Lance and Steph can't believe how bad it smells - 'Like Loo cleaner'. Dee arrives and knows she's just missed a joke. Steph says they were just laughing at Lance's (unfunny) holiday snaps. She catches the scent of Joel's 'new aftershave' and hopes he kept the receipt, before sneezing.
Number 28
Susan asks what happens now. Karl says they have to go to court and is quite happy he'll get to clear his name after all. Susan thinks it's so unfair. Karl says he became a doctor to help people - there was respect and now he just spends his time watching his back.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Susan thinks Libby's colour is better. Libby says that they both look terrible and asks what's going on. Susan says that it's their job as parents to worry and Libby says she won't know until she is one.
Drew appears with Louise, who's made a fan for Libby. As Libby talks to Louise, Karl and Susan exchange worried looks.
Number 30
Toadie is still hungry despite eating loads at the funeral. Tess wanted to be on her own tonight. Dee calls to Joel - she doesn't want to miss the previews at the cinema. Toadie asks about Joel's new aftershave and Dee wants to know what it's called. 'A Lie' says Joel and ends up telling her the whole story of how he tried to make 'Pest' for her. She thinks it's terribly sweet and Lance and Joel can't believe her reaction. Dee tells Joel that maybe he should stick to the marine biology.
Erinsborough and District Hospital
Louise listens to Libby's heart with Karl's stethoscope then Drew takes her to get a drink. Susan asks Libby what she's smiling at and Libby admits that she has a corny post-accident revelation - now she thinks her relationship with Drew makes sense, after all her deliberation at the beginning - they have that thing that Karl and Susan have too. She can see them being very old and playing with their grandchildren. Susan starts to cry and Libby thinks she's being a softy. Susan looks at Karl and Libby knows something's wrong. Karl tells her that there is something - something he and Susan were hoping they wouldn't have to tell her...
<<3566 - 3568>>
Libby Kennedy, Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3567
Libby Kennedy, Tess Bell

Lance Wilkinson, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3567
Lance Wilkinson, Steph Scully

Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3567
Tess Bell

Toadie Rebecchi, Tess Bell, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3567
Toadie Rebecchi, Tess Bell, Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3567
Steph Scully, Lance Wilkinson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3567
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Steph Scully, Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3567
Steph Scully, Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels

Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3567
Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3567
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3567
Libby Kennedy

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