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Neighbours Episode 3560 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3560
Australian airdate: 23/06/00
UK airdate: 31/07/00
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Sgt. Joanne Douglas: Matilda White
Nurse: Rebecca Reid
- "Grey" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Brendan telling Tess that he swerved to avoid a bus, and hit a motorbike.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Libby lies in a hospital bed, with Drew and Susan asleep by her side, and Karl watching out of a window. She begins to wake, and everyone else wakes up with her. Karl tells her she's been in an accident but she's going to be alright.
The Scullys' where Steph feels bad
Joe and Lyn are fussing over Steph as she lay on the couch, but Steph just wants to be at the hospital; she feels awful about the accident and blames herself for what happened.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
A policewoman tells Karl that they have witnesses to the accident, and Karl mentions Brendan - that he might have been on the wrong side of the road, but the policewoman tells him not to jump to conclusions.
Karl tells Drew and Susan that the police don't need to talk to Libby. Susan says that they should bring Libby some things in the morning - including her favourite pyjamas with the pigs on.
The Bishops' where there may be A Reunion Of Sorts
Madge, Lou and Harold are discussing Libby, saying that it's a shame that this happened two weeks before the wedding, and that they should offer help to Karl and Susan where they can.
Lou says he had a letter from a mate from school the other day, and he's organising a school reunion. Madge also has a letter about the reunion, and they decide to read the letter, which contains a questionnaire in it, too.
The Kennedys' where Susan Crumbles
Karl's on the phone to Bill and Anne, and says that Mal will ring later. They are gathering stuff to take to the hospital, and Karl goes to fetch Susan's briefcase from the bedroom. In the meantime, Susan picks up Libby's favourite pyjamas, stares at them and sinks into a chair. Karl returns:
KARL: Okay. Alright?
SUSAN: Karl I can't do this.
She crumbles into tears and Karl kisses the side of her face and puts an arm around her.
The Scullys' where Karl is So Kind
Joe tells Steph that he's called her boss and she can stay off work until she's better. Flick and Michelle leave for school and run into Karl on their way out. Karl asks Joe and Lyn if he can have some time with Steph, so they leave him in the kitchen with her, and listen from the lounge.
Karl insists that none of what happened is Steph's fault, and no-one blames her for what happened. He promises to call her if anything happens with Libby. Karl leaves and Lyn thanks him for what he said to her, and after he leaves she gets cross with Joe for saying nothing.
Steph tells Lyn that she can't believe Karl was so kind in taking out the time to come and speak to her, especially when he should be with Libby. Lyn reassures her again that none of this is her fault - Karl is right.
Ramsay Street where Karl is Surprised
Tess runs into Karl and asks after Libby, then asks if Susan's home. Karl says she is, and Tess walks up to number 28.
Joe catches up with Karl and thanks him for what he said to Steph and tells Karl that he's livid with Brendan and wants to get his hands on him. He also tells Karl that he wishes him all the best for the lawsuit with Maurie, and to call him if there's anything he can do.
The Kennedys' where Tess is a Completely Insensitive Person
Tess tells Susan that Libby will be fine. Susan says this has put the whole wedding in perspective - all the silly things she worried about don't matter anymore. Tess agrees - this has made her see how much she loves Brendan. She tells Susan that she knows people will think badly of her, but she's going back to him.
Honestly. Susan's daughter lies critically ill in hospital, and the selfish, selfish person that is Tess still wants to offload onto Susan about her own problems, asking for support - and BRENDAN'S THE ONE WHO HIT HER DAUGHTER!!!!
She is SO selfish, I can't stand her! Quick, cut to:
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Susan goes in to see Libby, and Drew tells her there's no change. Susan continues into Libby's room, whilst Karl tells Drew to go home, eat and get some sleep. Drew doesn't want to - he doesn't know how Karl can continue to function. He tells Karl he loves her, and doesn't know what he'll do without her. He says he loves the way she wrinkles her nose, and the way she touches his hand when she wants to tell him something. Karl's finding it quite difficult to hear, but Drew goes off to have a shower and will be back soon. Karl is left looking quite upset.
No 30 where Toadie is Fabulous
Toadie tells the policewoman that when he told Brendan that Tess had gone to a nightclub with some mates, he completely lost it and got very angry, and drove off over a recycle bin. Toadie says that's all he knows, and then asks the policewoman if she's spoken to Brendan, and if Libby's still in intensive care.
The policewoman leaves.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Drew is watching over Libby at the hospital and she begins to wake up more. He tells her again that she's had an accident and is in hospital. She doesn't talk back, but Drew tells her she's been here for two days and the nurse comes over to see how she's doing. Drew says her mum and dad will be back soon, and that they got more wedding presents today...he doesn't know whether to open them now or wait until after the wedding. He also said he tried the kilt on, but he looks awful in it, so doesn't want to wear it any more.
The Scullys' where Take-Away is On The Menu
Lyn is asking Steph what she wants for dinner - and Michelle wants take-away, so Steph suggests Thai from the new place. Flick and Michelle join Joe in going to pick some up. Toadie comes over to see Steph, whilst Lyn goes off to change.
Toadie tells Steph that Dione told him that Libby's stable. Steph says that she would never forgive herself if Lib doesn't make a full recovery, but Toadie reassures her, and says that she's a great friend and needs to realise that.
The Bishops' where they are discussing Old Friends
Lou, Madge and Harold are discussing old friends, who loved who, and who they all ended up with. Madge said that at school she only had eyes for Harold, but that Lou was two-timing different girls for ages. Madge asks Harold if he remembers the school days, and he does, but he can't remember what happened in Tasmania; he wishes he could.
The Scullys' where Thai is Coming
Lyn and Steph tell Toadie to stay for take-away. Steph says that this incident has made her realise that you don't know what's going to happen to you, so she doesn't want to waste any more time with regrets. She asks Toadie if they can have their friendship back, and Toadie agrees.
Erinsborough Hospital where Libby lies
Tess comes to visit Brendan just as the police are leaving, and the policewoman tells Tess that her husband has been charged; they will take a statement when he goes to the station. Brendan tells Tess that he was charged with dangerous driving, and he can't believe it...Tess is surprised but Brendan tells her that the cops make it up as they go along. She asks him if he was driving dangerously, but he denies it, and says it will all work out for the best.
She's so gullible I want to hit her so it's best we jump to:
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