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Neighbours Episode 3537 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3537
Australian airdate: 23/05/00
UK airdate: 28/06/00
UK Gold: 22/06/05
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: T.Grant Fenn
Guests: Simone King: Denise Briskin
Andrew Porter: Andrew Hicks
Summary/Images by: Alan/Tracy C
- Toadie talks to Teresa about a 'friend' of his who's having girl trouble.
- Tad teases Paul about losing Simone.
- Sean tells Felicity that their relationship isn't working.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is after some alone time but Tad and Simone join her. They try to engage her in conversation (about going on a double date) but she isn't in the mood and leaves them to it.
Number 30
Steph and Toadie are playing cards and she is ranting off to him about how insane it is for Tess to go back with Brendan given that he's hit her. Toad tries to explain that love makes you do stupid things, telling her about his time with Charlie, but she points out that he eventually dumped her.
STEPH: How many times does a guy have to deck you before you forget about it?
TOADIE: I'm not going to argue with that.
Just at that they receive a visitor - Tess, who was returning Bob, but turns down the offer to stay and play cards.
Number 26
Flick is late home and Joe and Lyn are both worried she isn't home. The pair argue over how Joe treated Sean earlier and are now paying the consequences because they don't know where Flick is. Eventually he decides to go stretch his legs but Lyn knows he really means go looking for Flick.
Number 24
Paul isn't too amused at the volume Tad and Simone are playing their music at and in turn, they take the mickey out of him for being a 'parent' because he wanted an early night (so he can get up early to do some street riding).
Joe comes looking for Flick but she isn't there and Tad explains they saw her in TCS earlier but she left however isn't sure where she went to. He also told Joe that Flick was acting weird when they saw her.
Number 30
Toad ribs Steph for beating her at cards. She tells him that Lucy Love is going into retirement as it's not her because its "too Uni," and she isn't "a Uni kind of girl."
Lance arrives home and joins in with the card game, ignoring Toadie's attempt to get him to do some studying.
Number 24
The occupants receive another visitor - Flick. Paul explains that her dad came looking for her earlier and he was freaked out. She asks if they are friends (they are) and she then asks him for some help - borrowing $150 from him!
Commercial break later and Flick is explaining why she wants the money - she wants to get a bus to her aunt and uncles. Paul agrees to lend her the money but admits that he is worried about her. "I'll be fine," Flick reassures him with, she just needs time to sort things out and promises Paul she will call her parents. The boys veto her request to crash at #24 for the night. Simone suggests she goes home, pretends everything is okay and leaves tomorrow. Flick admits that it does make sense especially as she admits she doesn't know what to do.
Number 30
Lou calls to see if Toadie can do a shift at the pub but he turns it down on the pretence that he's got to study. Lance thought he said 'Lou' and Toadie quickly replies that it was a 'Louise' who called doing a phone survey.
Number 26
As Joe had no luck finding Flick, they debate calling the police when she arrives home. "We've been worried about you Flick," Lyn tells her daughter and Flick thinks they will be pleased to hear that her and Sean have split up. Lyn tries to console her daughter but she doesn't want that and even Joe adds in that he didn't want to see her upset. "Maybe Sean was too old for me?" Flick comments and Joe tries to justify his actions as protecting her, afterall he was nearly naked.
After Flick heads to her room, Joe admits that he thought she'd bite his head off and is suss as they rarely agree with each other! "Joe, she wasn't agreeing with you, she was not talking," Lyn explains and laments that Flick doesn't want to talk to them anymore.
Number 30
Lance denies he was sleeping (he was) as the trio continue to play cards. Toadie suggests he goes to bed but Lance is refusing to go.
Number 26 (next day)
Flick is up early and takes one last look at the house before heading out.
Ramsay Street
Flick makes her way down the street, ignoring Tess trying to talk to her.
Number 26
Lyn tells Joe that Flick is missing - Michelle said her bed was empty when she got up and her overnight bag is missing too.
Ramsay Street
Joe rushes out of the house and onto the street but there is no sign of Flick. He does spot Tad and Paul making their way to school but they haven't seen her. Tess comes over to say she saw Flick earlier, which she thought was odd, and ignored her when she called out. Joe pleads with the boys to tell him if they know where she is because it's serious.
Number 30
There is strife between the guys as both want to know why the other is acting weird!
Bus station
Joe catches Flick moments before she goes to board the bus. "Dad, you can't stop me," she tells him and he calmly explains that he just wants to talk to her. She thinks he is there to have a go and say how much she's stuffed up but he calmly tells Flick that he loves her.
Number 26
Steph reassures her mum that she did the right thing sending Joe to find Flick. Lyn fears though that they will simply end up fighting and Steph tries to say that it's between them but Lyn things she is being na´ve - if they can't sort things out, it will affect the whole family.
STEPH: Only if we let it.
LYN: Steph it will, we'll end up taking sides. It'll cause a lot of tension and unhappiness. We'll all suffer because that's what happens in a family.
Steph wishes that her sister was open and honest with him like she was. Lyn replies that Flick wants to be but she isn't like her other sisters.
LYN: If those two can't reach their own kind of understanding, this will affect the relationship for maybe forever.
Lyn wishes she wasn't thinking about that and Steph tries to reassure her that things will be okay.
Bus station
Flick tells Joe that he wrecked everything with Sean - he should have trusted her like he does her sisters, rather than treating her like a little child. "I was worried about you," Joe tries to tell her and was acting like a dad does. "I know what I'm doing," Flick pleads but he thinks otherwise - she doesn't always have the answers and neither does he.
FLICK: I do know some things, I know how I feel.
JOE: But I don't think you know how I feel, do you? And you cut me out, and you treat me like a half-wit lying to me all the time. I don't think you've got any idea how much that hurts me. Even when you were a little kid you wouldn't let me hold your hand crossing the street.
"So, I'm wrong again?" she asks and Joe replies no, and says to her that he loves her. Joe offers her an olive branch - they both probably don't understand each other half the time and perhaps just have to accept that.
JOE: There's one thing I do know - I love you more than anything in this whole wide world darling, I love you.
"So why are we always fighting then?" Flick acks and both admit they are sick of it.
The bus driver comes over to see if Flick is boarding and she replies that she isn't, and Flick goes to retrieve her bag from the hold.
The Coffee Shop
Steph and Tess bump into each other in TCS and the conversation is very strained between them before Steph leaves to go to work.
Tad heads to the counter to get drinks for Paul and Simone, while Paul is worried that if Flick finds out what he's done she will never talk to him again. Simone tries to get him to see the positives - with Sean out of the way, this is his chance to make a play for Flick. Paul thinks that's a non-starter and doesn't take kindly to the compliments Simone is giving him (that he's a great catch and all the girls think so too).
PAUL: Well why am I still single?
SIMONE: That's something you'll need to figure out yourself.
Tad returns with the drinks and Simone decides to leave! He harps on about how great Simone is and how you'd have to be stupid not to give up everything for a girl like her. Paul cracks and says Tad is right - she's unreal, she's perfect and he stuffed up.
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Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3537
Lyn Scully

Joe Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3537
Joe Scully, Felicity Scully

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