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Neighbours Episode 3524 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3524
Australian airdate: 4/5/2000
UK airdate: 9/6/2000
UK Gold: 14/6/2005
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Merridy Jackson: Suzy Cato
Milly Hoskins: Dora Kordakis
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Monochrome" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Geri talking to Mike Ellis Motors on her carphone about giving him free advertising
Libby telling Toadie that she's going to bring Geri down
Flick asks Simone to give her an alibi, but she says she doesn't want to lie for anyone.
Tad can't understand why Simone isn't talking to him - Flick was supposed to sort things out. Flick says she can't make Simone listen, but she'll keep trying as long as Tad continues to pretend to be her boyfriend. Tad says Flick's boyfriend must be really something, but he won't help her until Simone is back onside.
Joel is trying to ring Dione again but she's not there. He's not impressed to have backpackers living in his room.
Joel tells Lance that he's sure about Dione - more sure than about anything in his life. He wants her back.
The Pub
Lou is talking to Merridy about Louise missing school, but she says she's settled back in fine. Merridy tells Lou rather flirtily that they must catch up soon but he doesn't pick up on it. When Merridy has gone, Toadie tells Lou off and says that Merridy clearly fancies him!
Flick is trying to talk to Simone on the phone but she won't listen to her. Flick tells Tad that Simone doesn't want to know about her. Tad says Flick wasn't trying hard enough.
The Pub
Geri comes in and Libby is cold towards her. Geri tells Toadie that she's getting a great reaction from the listeners so she must be doing something right. When Geri has gone, Libby and Toadie fume. Suddenly Libby has an idea - the way to stop Geri is to expose her!
Joel is not happy that the backpackers have eaten their food - it's supposed to be self-catering! He goes off to try to get Dione on the phone again, but an Asian backpackers is using it(!)
The Pub
Libby rings Mike Ellis Motors and pretends to be Geri. She asks him if it's OK to have the car on weekends as well as during the week. Then she turns the conversation around to the plugs on the radio Geri has been giving him and apparently he's very happy with them. Mike asks her out as well, much to Libby's disgust! She makes a face and hangs up. Toadie and Libby go off to gather evidence of all the companies that Geri has had dealings with.
Lance and Joel are drawing up some ground rules for the backpackers staying there.
Toadie comes in and tells them in a panic that Lou is going to do an inspection tomorrow afternoon.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Flick is going to have another go with Simone on Tad's behalf but tells him not to get his hopes up.
Across the street, Lance and Toadie are waving some backpackers off and wonder how to get rid of the others before the inspection. Lance says they could put it on the rule list that backpackers have to leave during the day.
The guys don't know what to do - they can't throw the backpackers out because they need their money. Suddenly Lance says he'll do a deal - he'll get rid of the backpackers if Toadie and Joel clean the house. He'll also need Toadie's car. Toadie is reluctant, but Joel convinces him that it's the only plan they have.
The Coffee Shop
Flick and Harold are chatting and Harold says it's nice to see budding romance between Flick and Tad(!)
Tad comes in and Flick tells him that Simone didn't turn up. Tad is disappointed. He's also stressed that he hasn't heard from the Adoption Information people. He says the only way to get Simone back is to come clean to Joe that he and Flick aren't together. He goes off to do it.
The Coffee Shop
Merridy comes in and sees Lou and Lolly there. Lolly asks Merridy to come round to the house for a cup of tea(!) and Merridy accepts. They agree to meet at Lou's house in half an hour.
Outside the Pub
Lance is taking the backpackers on a very boring sightseeing tour of Erinsborough(!) They do not look impressed.
Lou is finishing up the inspection and says that everything looks in great shape. He is in a rush to see Merridy though so doesn't stay long. The blokes are confused, but really pleased - they're off the hook!
Lance has apparently left the backpackers at the pub to chill out. Joel and Lance sit down and revel in the peace and quiet(!)
Uni FM
Libby and Toadie have gathered information on all the plugs Geri has done by listening to old tapes of the show. Libby is going to write an article on it - but not in the Erinsborough News because Geri is going out with the editor. Apparently Libby has already pitched the story to Marguerite magazine, even though she hates them(!)
Lou is making shapes out of plasticene while Lou and Merridy have a cup of tea. They chat about single parenting and Merridy says he's doing a good job - Lolly talks about him all the time. Lou gets a bit nervous and goes to make another cup of tea.
Merridy follows Lou into the kitchen and says he's not the person she thought at all - she thought he was grouchy and an over-anxious parent, but she was wrong. Lou nervously offers her a biscuit.
Flick is insisting to Tad that she tried with Simone, but nothing worked. Tad is not impressed - the deal is still off, he meant what he said and is still going to tell Joe about Flick's boyfriend. He doesn't care what Joe says - Flick has brought it on herself and it's time to wipe the slate clean. Flick tries to say that Joe will throw her out(!) and that friends are supposed to do things for each other. Tad thinks he's done enough.
The phone goes at that moment and it's the adoption people. Apparently they have found his real mother. Tad looks shell-shocked.
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