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Neighbours Episode 3522 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3522
Australian airdate: 02/05/00
UK airdate: 07/06/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Connie O'Rourke - Val Jellay
Henry O'Rourke - Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Brendan Bell - Blair Venn
Renate Kurtz - Sarah Gooden
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Tess tells Libby and Steph that Brendan has changed, but they're not convinced
Toadie invites some swedish backpackers to stay at No 30
Lyn's parents discover the extent of Joe's financial problems
NO 26
Henry and Connie realise that Joe has been pretending to go to work. They offer to help, but Joe is very uncomfortable with the idea. Henry says 'maybe when we get those dividends' and taps his nose. Lyn realises there's something going on she doesn't know about. Henry reveals that he and Connie also have problems. Joe says that he'll take care of his own family, and storms out. Lyn says it seems everyone has been keeping up appearances, taps her eye and storms out after Joe.
As Toadie and Lance drag a mattress across to No 30, Lyn catches up with Joe. She wants him to come back and talk, but he's upset that her parents had to hear that he owes a worker money. He says he wants to be alone for a while and storms off.
NO 30
Toadie explains that the plan is to have Lance sleep on the mattress in his room, so they can rent Lance's room out. Then he wants to stock the cupboard for the 'continental breakfast' they've offered. "Tinned peaches, toast, juice and coffeee..easy bubs" The phone rings and Toadie tells the caller that they're full up. Lance is suprirsed but Toadie says as it was a bloke "and the whole point of this operation was to get chicks" LANCE "No the whole point of this operation was to pay the rent.
NO 26
Lyn explains what happened when the developer went under, how he now ownds the sub contractors and he's in terrific debt. Henry says it's not his fault, and he'd like to have a talk to him. He says he thinks he knows where he is. Lyn doesn't think he'll listen, but Henry says he just wants him to know he's got family, and they should stick together.
Steph jokes about the amount of holidays teachers get, and says she has a friend at work who's looking for a place, and she wondered if she could send her round. Tess says she's got Brendan coming over tonight. Lance comes in and they call him over. He asks them what's in a continental breakfast. They tell him and he's surprised there's no tinned peaches. "Thanks babes, you saved my bacon"
Joe finishes his drink and goes to leave as Henry comes in. He insists on buying him a drink, so he sits back down again.
NO 26
Lyn asks Connie if she and Henry are in financial trouble.She says they have had problems, but now he's sold his bike, they should be back on track soon. Lyn is devestated at this news, obviously the bike meant a lot to him. Connie says they'll be fine, but she's not very convincing.
NO 30
Lance and Toadie unpack the groceries, and talk about the continental breakfast. Toadie is surprised to hear there's no fruit involved. Lance wonders what will happen if Lou fionds out, since there are advertisements all over the neighbourhood. Toadie doesn't think he'll even read the adverts. Just then there's a knock at the door. Toadie says that it'll be a gorgeous backpacker, just begging to move in with them. Dream on, says Lance, as Toadie opens the door to....a beautiful young backpacker looking for a room.
Toadie and Lance show the backpacker into the kitchen. She immediately wants an English breakfast, and Toadie is only too happy to oblige. When she leaves to unpack, Lance points out they can't afford an English breakfast if they want to make a profit. Toadie says they have to be friendly for their first guest, as it'll help convince Lou that she's a friend from overseas. Lance points out neither of them have been overseas, but Toadie has his head in the clouds and flounces off to learn German.
Henry reveals to Joe the extent of his financial prohlems. Joe sympathises. Henry says that Lyn made a good choice when she picked him. Joe laughs and says he didn't think so at the time. Henry says he just never got around to telling him.
NO 30
Toadie tries to convince Lance that the backpacker idea is great, saying that since they're only here for a few days, it will be 'heaven, with no commitment'. The backpacker comes in dressed in only a towel, looking for a hairdryer. Toadie disappears to look for one, while Lance expresses surprise that hostels would provide a hairdryer.He also seems suspiscious of the backpacker.
NO 32
Steph is trying to teach Tess the finer points of poker, without much success. The door goes, and they're convinced it'll be Brendan, but it's Toadie. Steph takes him off to No 26 to borrow hers.
NO 30
Renate, The backpacker coems looking for Toadie with the hairdryer, but she gets a frosty reception from Lance, who thinks she's taking Toadie for a ride. She says she just expected some service. Lance tells her she's their first customer.Toadie comes in and gives her a hairdryer, and asks where she can go for dinner locally. Toadie tells her she can eat there. She calls him kind and generous, which Lance mocks as she leaves. Toadie tells him he can go out and leave Renate to him, as he thinks he has a chance, although Lance thinks she's playing him like a violin.
NO 32
Tess finishes putting her make up on, and answers the door to Brendan. She thought they where going out, but Brendan has brought some wine and plans to cook for her.
Later, Tess is sat at the table and calls to Brendan to offer some help in the kitchen. He comes in with a shepherd's pie, which is a reminder of their first date. She said she remembers that they didn't eat much of it.
NO 30
Steph helps the boys clean up, having stayed for dinner. Toadie tries to get her and Lance out of the way, but they won't go. Renate comes in and Steph asks her how long she's planning on staying. She likes the house, so she might stay a while. Lance points out the cost doesn't include dinner. Toadie says it's OK, but Renate agrees to pay more. Toadie asks her if she wants to go out, but she turns him down.
NO 32
Tess and Brendan are having a great time. They relax with some wine. Brendan brings up the subject of sleeping over if he's too drunk to drive, but Tess doesn't think it's a good idea. They agree they've had a great time, and Brendan says he's missed the good times.
No 30
Lance and Steph play poker with matches. Toadie tries to find a recipe for dinner. Renate comes out in a nightie looking for a radio. Toadie is smitten. Lance and Steph joke about what she's not been wearing and how it's obvious she's playing Toadie for everything she can get.
NO 32
Tess is watching outside the window where there's some noise. She opens the front door and Brendan comes and tells her the car won't start. She says she knows, she could hear. He says he needs to call a taxi and he'll come and get it in the morning. She suggests he stay the night and get Drew to look at it in the morning.
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