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Neighbours Episode 3506 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3506
Australian airdate: 10/04/00
UK airdate: 15/05/00
UK Gold: 01/06/05
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Magda Bliss: Marilyn O'Donnell
Cecile Bilss: Molly McCaffrey
Charlie Morgan: Greg Pandelidis
John Netherby: Paul Freeman
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Drew proposes to Libby and she accepts
- Michelle pushes Cecile over
Erinsborough High
Joe takes a seat beside Michelle in Susan's office. Susan tells him that the doctor at the hospital is pretty certain that Cecile's arm is broken. Michelle tells them that Cecile had a bottle of something that she was going to spray in her face, and admits that she pushed her. Susan says that whatever happened Cecile has been seriously hurt and it's best Michelle takes the rest of the day off. Joe can't believe it: Michelle was only defending herself and now she's the one being punished. Susan says it's a very serious matter. Michelle thinks they should just go. Susan promises to phone them to let them know what's going on.
Outside A Good Hair Day
Joe fills Lyn in on what happened at school. Lyn wants Michelle to stay with her at the salon, and she sends her in. Lyn asks Joe why she didn't tell them it was so bad.
Inside A Good Hair Day
Harold is trying to talk to Michelle and Lyn appears, saying Michelle is under the weather. Harold tells Lyn that Flick has been great at Grease Monkeys. Moving onto Michelle he admits to her that he's glad the guitar tuition is over with Paul - it seemed more chumminess to him than lessons.
Number 28
Libby has received a deluge of calls from Drew's relatives about the wedding. Drew says they just want them to set a date. The phone starts to ring - it's Auntie Minnie, from whom Drew takes a message. She's found a place for their honeymoon.
A Good Hair Day
Magda Bliss comes in with Cecile, whose arm is bandaged. She says she came to see Michelle - why has she been bullying Cecile? Lyn tells her to hang on while Michelle protests that it was the other way round. Madga shows them that the spray was only perfume and says it's very upsetting for them. She says if there's a hint of it again she's going to the police. Lyn hugs her daughter as Cecile and her mother leave.
The Coffee Shop
Drew's Auntie Janet has found a good reception place in Eden Hills which is in high demand. Luckily for them it isn't booked in 9 months. Libby is annoyed - it's up to them the where and when. Drew says he'd marry her wherever and whenever. He'll phone his Aunt Janet to say 9 months is too long but Libby protests that it's too soon - this is all moving a little fast for her.
A Good Hair Day
Lyn is now doing Libby's hair - funny how all the neighbours come in on the same day, isn't it? Lyn mentions the wedding but Libby says they don't have a date and that Drew wants it soon as possible. She, though, needs more time. Lyn isn't listening to her as she proposes hairstyles and make-up for her and the bridesmaids (which have yet to be chosen). Libby opens the Erinsborough News and finds she and Drew are in the 'Out and About' column written by Geri Hallet under the title 'Second Time Lucky! For hunky motor mechanic?'. Libby groans 'Not again', glossing over the terrible punctuation used by her rival.
Number 26
Joe muses to Lyn that he's never seen Michelle so miserable and Lyn's thinking about Magda Bliss. Karl comes to the door and tells Joe that he has some information about the boundaries. Lou has told him that he and Harold's boundaries being out means Joe will be the only one not having to give up land. Joe argues that that's what he's being saying. But that's not all - Karl went to the land registry office and found the whole street was out, which Joe must have known but wasn't going to tell anyone. Joe says that he's a man of few words. Lyn thanks him for sorting it out. Karl says Joe would have to think very carefully about the size of the unit he put on the land. Joe thanks him and Karl leaves. Lyn doesn't want to hear any more about it - after all this aggro Joe hasn't gained even an extra inch of land. And there are far more important issues in their family.
Number 28
Susan is on the phone to the president of the school council about Michelle's run in with Cecile. Karl comes back, happy with himself because of the land thing, which Libby is so over. He asks for some enthusiasm. Instead Libby tells him about talking to Lyn about the hair for the wedding. Karl wants nothing too expensive for the wedding - he's not made of money. Libby thought he was a prosperous land owner! Susan gets off the phone: she thinks that they might have to make an example of Michelle. "Another thing for the Scullys to be unhappy about," says Karl (rather low of him). Drew comes to the door with a rose for Libby as an apology. Karl laughs when Drew doesn't notice what Libby's had done to her hair.
Erinsborough Public Hall
Harold and Tad walk in to a meeting for adopted people tracing their birth parents. As they're ready to start Harold leaves.
Number 26
Joe won't let up on the land issue. Lyn gets off the phone and tells them they have a meeting with Susan at the school tomorrow morning. Flick is convinced Michelle will get off. The phone rings again but cuts off, and Joe's annoyed that the prank phone calls are persisting. Flick watches uneasily as Michelle tells him how to trace the number of the last call.
Erinsborough Public Hall
A man talks about his experiences as Tad listens on. He tells them how he was angry at his adoptive parents yet they took him back like nothing had happened when he failed to find his birth parents. He tells the assembled group to search for their birth parents carefully.
Number 26
Joe is asking the person on the other end if they follow the soccer. He hangs up and tells them that the guy keeps phoning their place as his best mate has just moved house, and his new number is almost the same. He sounded like a nice guy. "What a coincidence," says Flick. Lyn looks at Flick as if she knows something is up.
Lou's Place
Drew still wants to get married ASAP. He asks if there's a problem: Libby says there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Such as uni: she'd like to finish before they get married. That would be best for both of them, doesn't he think?
Number 24
Tad tells Harold about Charlie's story, how he thinks things haven't been the same since he went back to his adoptive parents. Harold tells him that he can still search for his parents and keep in touch with Coral and Barry and tells him that often the one bad thing has spoiled everything in family relationships. Tad thinks sometimes people do things that can't be forgiven. Harold wonders where they'd draw the line. Tad thinks they wouldn't be as dumb as Charlie.
Erinsborough High
Susan introduces the Scullys to John Netherby, the president of the school council. John says they are fortunate that the police haven't been called, but even if they haven't they can't drop it there. Susan says that Michelle's conflict with Cecile doesn't excuse her behaviour. It will be holidays soon, so the only option she has is to suspend Michelle until the end of the term. Joe asks what about Cecile; what about the egg in the hair, the vandalising on Michelle's bike. Susan says it's the only thing she could have done to prevent Cecile's parents pressing formal charges.
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