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Neighbours Episode 3501 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3501 (Drew Kirk proposes to Libby Kennedy)
Australian airdate: 03/04/00
UK airdate: 08/05/00
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Glenys Mordlake: Julie Day
- "Lie" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Miriam
The Kennedys'
Susan asks Karl what it's going to take for Joe and him to come to their senses, but Karl says he is behaving like a reasonable human being, whilst Joe's behaviour is indescribable. Susan tells him that she thinks he enjoys it, and it's having an effect on the cricket team. He needs to compromise. Libby needs her mum's help on a piece she's writing:
LIBBY: Um, mum - what do you think would be better here (she gestures to the PC screen)
KARL: Just a minute sweetheart, your mother hasn't finished berating me yet.
SUSAN: I'm not berating you, I'm...I'm lambasting you. What is it, darling?
Libby asks Susan what's more interesting:
a) two lovers get to the point of marrying but we never find out if they do or not.
b) they are married but something in the story makes you think it won't work.
It's 'Something for uni.' OK Lib. Whatever. Susan prefers, c) A happy ending.
KARL: I agree with your mother. (He goes into the bedroom)
SUSAN: He's sucking up now.
KARL: (reappearing) No I'm not! I just think people like to know things work out, that's all.
SUSAN: Oh is that right!?!
KARL: Where romance is concerned, yes. Not to do with Joe Scully.
(He goes into the bedroom and comes out - again)
KARL: I think you'll find it's "lamb-bay-sting," too.
Susan makes a very confused face.
No 22
Drew sits in the Jacuzzi, naked, unfortunately surrounded by bubbles. He sniggers at something he's reading, and then gets to the end, wondering where the last page is. He drops the pages all in the water and curses several times, loudly.
The Scullys'
Tad is making some toast whilst Flick is telling someone on the 'phone she probably can't come out because her dad's been really strict since she was sprung sneaking out to that nightclub. Joe and Lyn come home and Joe makes fun of Tad eating all their food.
Joe asks to speak to Flick and tries to tell her that he wants to talk and eventually just says: "mates?" They hug, and Joe says that he'd still like Flick to come and see The Rockets in concert again - he's not being soft, but it's The Rockets, and she might never get the chance again.
No 22
Libby comes up to Drew in the spa and asks how he is. She comments that it's sometimes nice to read when you're in the spa. Perhaps a romance. He says that romance is one way of describing it. She plucks a wet...page...out of the spa and asks "who's been downloading files from my computer, then?"
No 32
Tess and Anne are getting out CDs and lighting candles in their lounge, and they talk about Daniel moving in. Anne says it'll help pay the rent and she really doesn't mind. And is Tess ok with Daniel moving in if Anne ends up going to Dawber? Tess is *fine* with it, really! No, she's really *fine.*
No 22
Drew says the file wasn't private - it didn't have a password on it. It had a great title and a great first page on the screen, and he just really got into it. She asked why he didn't just ask to read it; she's worried he'll be laughing at her for it. But she asks Drew what he thought anyway.
Drew says it was steamy - he had no idea she thought those sort of things! Lib says she was emulating a 19th century prose that she happened to admire. And she never meant for anyone to read it, anyway. Drew says he just really had no idea that she was thinking all these sorts of romantic things before pulling her into the spa with him, fully clothed.
Lou's Place
Drew and Libby are in the pub, discussing the novel. They argue over one point. Drew noticed how much he and Libby are in it - the whole romantic spontaneity thing, and the way she describes the male character walking - that's how she describes himself walking. Lib denies all knowledge.
They say hello to Lyn and Joe as they come into the pub and go to the bar. Joe thought Flick would be more excited about the concert, but Lyn says that Flick is usually contained about her emotions - it might be a bit daggy to go to a concert with her dad.
Karl and Susan come into the pub and Karl enthusiastically greets both Joe and Lyn, before jovially commenting on Joe's speedy car washing. Lyn asks if they'd like to join them for dinner, and Susan agrees as long as Joe doesn't have a hose anywhere. (What?! That could sound dodgy for anyone who didn't see yesterday's ep.)
The Scullys'
Flick is complaining about how the concert will go - she thinks it's going to be awful, and she can't believe that she has to go. Tad suggests she tells her dad, but Flick says that she can't. The 'phone rings (for like, two rings) and Flick doesn't answer it, saying that it's been playing up. Tad says she's trying to look so casual - what's the whole two-ring secret signal all about?
Lou's Place
Karl is saying to Joe that he doesn't think that the team will come back. Lyn walks over to the table where Susan sits and comments that Joe and Karl have been talking for ages at the bar now!
SUSAN: You know, I think they'd secretly like to be best friends but are too scared of rejection to ask.
Back to the bar where Karl is saying he knows Joe wants to be in the finals, and Joe is saying he has principles. Joe tells Karl that his nice-guy act is just to keep the team together. Karl says so what if it is?
Cut to Lib and Drew at another table, Drew suggesting that maybe there's a reconciliation on the cards for Joe and Karl. Libby wants to get back to her book. Drew thinks that all she needs to do is complete the story and get it to a publisher and that's their house paid for! Libby wants to know why he's so eager for her to publish it - she's not a romance writer. She realises that he just wants to know how it ends. He really, really does.
Cut to Joe and Karl shaking hands.
Susan and Lyn are in shock - they want to know where they went right! Anne and Tess come in and Susan asks Anne if she's heard anything about Dawber - she hasn't, and she's not holding out hope as there were five people on the waiting list.
The Scullys'
Flick has told Tad about the two secret ring thing and he says he thought it was something like that. Like what?! I want to know! Let me in on the secret! Flick just asks him not to tell anyone. Joe and Lyn come home and Joe is saying he only gave in for the sake of the team.
Joe then hands Flick the two tickets to The Rockets - she doesn't want her old man hanging around, so she can take someone else, a mate or something. He goes to bed.
TAD: Two tickets to The Rockets - how lucky can you get?!
Flick feels bad about it.
The Kennedys'
Drew is looking over Flick's shoulder as she types. He keeps asking "is that the end?" No, she keeps telling him. He wants her to hurry up because the cricket's on soon. Libby admits that she doesn't know how it's going to finish. Drew has a suggestion:
'She turned to Drew (he's renamed the lead character) and she said "who needs luck, wishes, or this magic amulet that I stole from the sock drawer" - you should be typing this, I'm on fire here - "yes, one hundred times yes. I love you. I've always loved you. I was the fool to ever turn you down.'
LIBBY: So does she get to keep the magic amulet?
Libby types. Drew speaks again:
DREW: Then she cupped her hands behind his neck and said Drew...
LIB: Heath!
DREW: The things you ask and the places you choose to ask them...
He continues to make fun of her. Very sweet little scene.
The Scullys'
The next day, Flick is finishing breakfast and Tad comes over to pick her up - tells her to sell the tickets!
The Kennedys'
I wish they'd do something more than snooping together now.
Lib is telling her mum and dad about Drew re-writing the story last night. Libby blames Karl for letting Drew copy something on the computer. She goes to clean her teeth.
KARL: You know, if you wanted to make that file secret you could've put a password on it. (realises) AHA! DAD WINS ONE! Come back here so I can gloat! (Susan is laughing)
LIBBY: I'm not coming back out! Get that stupid look off your head!
KARL: Rats! Hey Lib - what are you wearing for this photo thing?!
SUSAN: Oh, she's too smart for that.
KARL: I still won. I'll treasure this moment forever. (pause) Have you read it?
SUSAN: ...n-n-no. I don't snoop. Have you?
KARL: N-no. I don't snoop either.
No 32
Hey - there's a call for Anne.
Somewhere in Erinsborough - but I don't know where
Drew and Libby are at the photography place and they meet Glenys. What theme would they like for the photo? Costumes? Props? And Lib thought it was just going to be an ordinary portrait.
The Coffee Shop
Tess and Anne come in and Anne tells Karl and Susan - yay! - that she got into Dawber. Karl kisses her (what is it with him and younger women?) and everyone's all very excited. She can go and be with Bill so soon! Susan asks if she'll have time to have dinner with them before she leaves. She says she will, and Karl says "gonna miss you, you know that." Shut up, Karl! Susan's right there! Anne says she'll miss them both too - they're like second parents to her. Susan gets all emotional and asks if she can just get Billy back here instead?! She says she hasn't told him yet.
Photography Place
Drew and Libby are dressed up in 19th century costumes, Libby as the bride from her book...I'm already guessing that the cliff hanger today is "Libby - will you marry me?" I'm very astute, me.
The photographer says she wants a 'proposal' shot, so she asks Drew to get on his knees - they both look fabulous! Drew gets onto one knee and the photographer clicks away and they do lots of shots.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Now, just that moment where you accept Drew's proposal.
DREW: Libby, will you marry me?
PHOTOGRAPHER: (realising the film has run out) Oh, that went quickly. Just take a little rest! I'll have to put in a new roll.
LIBBY: Come up. She didn't want us to hold that pose.
DREW: I know. (he doesn't move)
LIBBY: So - what are you doing?
DREW: I'm asking you to marry me.
LIBBY: What?!
DREW: I'm on my knee, asking you to marry me.
LIBBY: Drew! She'll be back in a minute...
DREW: I don't care. I'm not getting up. Libby, you know how much I love you. Marry me!
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