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Neighbours Episode 3489 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3489
Australian airdate: 16/3/00
UK airdate: 20/4/00
UK Gold: 19/05/05
Writer: Josephine Hardy
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Cecile Bliss: Molly McCaffrey
- "I Remember When 2" by The Steve Byrd Band
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Slot Car Racing" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Brendan calling round to Number 32 wanting to talk with Tess.
Michelle says hello to a group of her friends but they all ignore her.

Tad and Paul are arguing when Susan comes in to see where Tess is (she should be teaching them), as she isn't there. Paul tells her that she hasn't appeared yet and Tad informs her that Tess was out clubbing the previous night.
No. 32
Brendan wants to talk but Tess doesn't as she is enjoying life on her own. He tells her that he's given her the space she wanted, so he wants some of her time now. Tess relents and tells him to come back after school, but only to talk. Brendan leaves and Tess suddenly notices the time.
Tess comes running late into school and runs into Susan apologising for being late.
Grease Monkeys
Harold comes off the phone from Madge and he chats to Karl about how Grease Monkey's is going. Steph calls in and waves the white flag informing both of them that the land dispute is nothing to do with her, so can they not ignore her. Karl thanks her for the speech and asks her for a favour - some cricket coaching, which she agrees to give him.
Tad is reciting a ditty about Tess being out at a club, so when she enters the classroom she confirms that she was there and asks Tad to stop reciting it.

Paul, Tad and Flick go out to the playground for lunch and see some girls move away from Michelle leaving her sitting by herself. Flick goes over to speak to her about it but Michelle refuses to discuss it.

Tess apologises to Susan for being late and Susan lays down the law - phone if you are going to be late, preferably not due to being out at a club all night! Tess then tells her why she was late (Brendan appearing and that he is coming back to talk when she has finished at school). Going for a change of tact, Tess shows Susan the latest petition, which proves that Susan is popular as School Principal and that she and Daniel Fitzgerald have come up with a solution.
Grease Monkeys
Paul and Tad are pestering Harold about sponsoring the Extreme Sports but he isn't buying it, citing that it is too dangerous.
Tess has told Susan the plan - employing an administrator instead of a new teacher to do some of the work that Susan would normally do, and Susan is quite tempted.
Harold literally runs into Karl as he arrives to check on TCS. He asks Karl for his opinion on Extreme Sports, and he ends up confirming what Harold thinks of them already (that they are dangerous).
A group of girls approach Michelle at her locker, and Cecile carefully places an 'I'm a loser' sign onto the back of her jumper, and everyone starts laughing. Flick wonders why everyone is laughing and as Michelle passes them, Paul pulls the sign off.
No. 32
Tess is waiting apprehensively for Brendan to turn up, which he eventually does.
Steph is giving Karl some cricket coaching. Karl thinks she is going easy on him but she assures him that she isn't and tells him to stop stressing. Disaster strikes though when Karl throws a ball to Steph and she lands awkwardly, so Karl launches into doctor mode going to check her over.
No. 32
Brendan is trying to butter Tess up with idle comments to delay his departure. He tells her that he misses the "us" and how much longer does he need to keep on apologising for? Tess wants him to accept that it is over, but he can't as he is lost without her and that they should get back together! She dismisses this as he hasn't admitted that he's got a problem or sought help for it. Eventually she tells him to go, which he does so reluctantly, telling her that the ball is in her court, as she knows how he feels about her and kisses her on the cheek as he exits.
No. 26
Flick comes home wanting to know how Michelle is after what happened at school, but she tries to dismiss what happened, saying it was only a joke. Flick offers Michelle help if she needs it but Michelle tells her that everything will be fine tomorrow. Steph comes in limping and being supported by Karl. He assures her that is only sprained not broken and tells her how to treat it.
No. 24
Paul and Tad are subjecting Harold to watching an Extreme Sports video by as they think it will encourage his sponsorship of it. However, unlike them he isn't enjoying watching it and switches it off and refuses to sponsor it and bans Paul and Tad from watching the video too!
No. 28
Tess calls round with some wine to Susan's to tell her how the meeting with Brendan went. Karl comes out of the bedroom wanting to talk about bald men and their virility, whilst attempting to do an extremely bad Sean Connery impression!
Michelle arrives and spots a picture of Joe on her locker with the message 'Hi, I'm Joel, Michelle's best friend - NOT!!' written on it. As Michelle is ripping it down, Cecile comes up and eggs her.
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