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Neighbours Episode 3487 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3487
Australian airdate: 14/03/00
UK airdate: 18/04/00
UK Gold: 18/05/05
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Dione Bliss - Madeleine West
Damien Smith - John Ridley
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "The River Of The Soul" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lance takes the call from Damien and tells Joel he's about to right a wrong.
Lou's Place
Lou notices that Lance is tense. Damien appears and asks what's up. Lance suggests he get a drink first.
Number 32
Anne finishes a call to Bill: she calls him in the morning and he calls at night. Anne feels it's for so long, it's like he's been away for forever. She's trying to be practical though - there are plenty couples in their situation. Amy just wanted to know whether she was missing him like crazy, which she is. Amy suggests that they go to the pub to take their minds off things (she hasn't eaten enough already yet). She tells Anne about talking to Lance - he was pretty amazing. Anne thinks he's one of the good guys and he really loved her. They go to pick Lance up.
Lou's Place
Lou's on the phone to Harold - and hears about Joe's plans for the house. We cut back to Lance and Damien - Damo asks something which gets scrambled by cable demons. Lance says this is one of the hardest things he's had to do. Damo knows it's about Amy and thinks they're back together but Lance tells him they aren't. He wants to say something - he asks if Damien loves her. He does very much, unconditionally. Lance wants him to know why he's doing this - Amy loves Damien very much and he cares about Amy. Damien is confused how she still cares about him when she broke up with him. Lance says she was scared - not about commitment - but that once he knew that Amy was having Damien's baby that he would take off. Damien is shocked.
Number 30
The girls arrive and they say he might as well join them as Lance isn't there. When he hears they're going to the pub he asks if they could maybe be a bit more adventurous. Anne wants a quick meal. He suggests they stay at number 30 and rustle something up, but they don't want to. Amy asks where Lance was going, but he says he doesn't know. He tries to get them to go into town for a movie but they want to go to the pub and leave. He dashes to the phone.
Lou's Place
Lance has been going through hell wondering whether to tell Damien and Damien's thankful he did. He's stoked about the baby and wants to marry Amy even more. Amy had thought he was in love with the fun-loving Amy, Lance tells him. He's glad that he's okay about it. Damien thought Lance was glad he was out the picture but Lance knew how they both felt about each other. Damien knows that Lance still loves Amy. He isn't sure what to say, only thanks.
Number 30
Joel wills Lou to get off the phone.
Lou's Place
Lou hangs up, while Damien decides to go and see Amy. The phone rings as Lance shakes Damien's hand and wishes him good luck. Joel manages to get through to Lou and asks for Lance. Damien is just about to leave when Anne and Amy come in and see Lance with the phone to his ear and Damien having just left his table. Joel tells Lance that Anne and Amy are on their way - Lance tells him they've just arrived. 'Nice knowing you,' says Joel and Lance thanks him for trying. Amy says hi to Damien and he asks how she is. Almost crying she says she's ok and he says she should have told him - they have to talk. Amy says she's here with Anne but Anne says there's no one at her place and gives Damien the keys. Amy gives Lance a cold look.
Lou's Place
After a little break, Lance says Damien had a right to know. It would be different if they didn't still love each other. Anne hopes he hasn't made the situation worse. Lance thinks if they don't get it together they need their heads read.
Number 32
Amy walks into the darkened house and Damien flicks the lights on. Damien asks why she didn't tell him. Amy says he hates babies and he says she hates them on the flights too. She says it would be different if it was her own, and Damien thinks that's the same for him too. He's never been more serious - he couldn't be happier about it. He's been so miserable since they broke up. He asked her to marry him because he loved her and he wants to be with her even more now. She asks if he really means that and he asks what he needs to do to convince her. They hug.
Lou's Place
Steph and Joe come in and Lou asks if he's been doing any more plotting today - folks round here don't take too kindly to plans behind their backs. Joe says it's all above board and Lou says they won't take it lying down. Steph asks for two beers, just wanting a quiet game of pool.

Lance and Anne are still talking. She tells him about telling Amy about him being one of the good guys - now it's dawning on her just how great a person he really is. She takes his hand and cheesy tears of happiness are shed everywhere.
Number 32
Amy tells Damien that she spent every night thinking about the baby. She felt alone and she knows it's meant to be natural, but she's scared it will go wrong. Damien says everything will be fine but she wants to know how - she's had so many problems with her mum. Damien says they all love each other and it'll be the three of them together. How about they forget they ever broke up - go back a few weeks to the point where he asked her to marry him. Amy looks at him. He asks if he asked her to marry him, what would she say? Amy says she would say yes and kisses him (more tears of happiness are shed).
Number 30
Dione comes in, telling Joel that he wasn't returning her calls. He apologises and she says he doesn't need any excuses. She knows he's been avoiding her because she came on too strong the other day. He's says it's not that. She asks why they can't just go back to hanging out and having fun together. Joel says why not and offers her a drink. He smiles and walks out the room.
Number 32
Damien asks if Amy if she knows Lance is still in love with her - she says that's what makes it so hard. Anne comes in and Amy announces their engagement. Anne hugs them both - she's very pleased. They should drink to this.
Number 30
Joel and Dione are having a laugh when Lance arrives back, looking unhappy. He tells him that he doesn't want to talk about it and is going to bed. Joel says to Dione that Lance did something terribly noble that he probably regrets.
Ramsay Street
The next morning Lance collects the paper and watches Damien drive off in his car.

Lou gets into his car, turning up Johnny Silver's 'The River of The Soul' up real loud and reversing out of his driveway, a little too close to an Ozzie-Built ute. He knocks a wing mirror and it shatters. Steph sees it and yells after him, which Lou can't hear over Johnny's dulcet tones. Joe comes running after her, laughing sardonically and saying 'Great'.
Number 32
Amy and Anne are talking about Amy and Damien's trip to Fiji. Anne says it's so romantic and Amy feels very lucky everything's worked out.
Lou's Place
Lou is singing to himself in his 'pom-pom' fashion when there's a banging at the door. Joe storms in, telling him that if he thinks he's going to be intimidated over the land thing, he can forget it. Lou suggests psychiatric treatment. Joe won't be insulted - he says Steph saw him sideswipe his ute. Lou pleads ignorance. Joe says he deliberately did it - Steph saw. Lou says if it was true then Joe shouldn't have parked so close to his driveway. Joe tells him that he's going ahead with his plans and he can tell that to his 'high-flying doctor mate and his quiche-cooking mate.' This only makes him more determined.
Number 30
Dione appears at the pool, surprising Joel. She came over to see if he wanted to get together tonight, but he says he needs to think about it.

He asks her to come in - she thinks it's too cold.
Inside Amy comes in to see Lance, wanting to make a big apology. She didn't know how lucky she was and she knows she can never make it up to him. Tearfully she thanks him for changing her life. She was so angry yesterday and she was wrong. He's so honest and if she'd listened to him they would have avoided a lot of heartache. Lance asks about her and Damien and she tells him they're getting married. He congratulates her. Amy says they have him to thank for the rest of their lives. Lance just wants her to be happy. She thinks she's very lucky to have a friend like him and hugs him.
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