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Neighbours Episode 3483 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3483
Australian airdate: 08/03/00
UK airdate: 12/04/00
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Dione Bliss - Madeleine West
Carrie Clark - Vanessa Rossini
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "This Is My Heart" by Ashley Reeder
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Joel tells Lance that Dione wants to set Toadie up with Carrie, but in fact he's interested in her.
Bill, Anne, Amy, Lance and Toadie join hands at Luna Park
We see the gang's hands again. Bill says he hates to break the moment, but...he breaks the moment and the gang go off. Toadie says he wants to find Joel, who wants to 'have his cake and eat it too', leaving Lance smiling alone
Toadie and Joel meet by the gate. Joel reminds Toadie that Dione is bringing Carrie for his benefit. Toadie suggests making a play for Dione, to leave Carrie free for Joel (yes, yes, yes! - Bouncer). Joel says he doesn't want to complicate matters. Toadie says Joel wouldn't know complicated if it bit him on the bum. Carrie arrives alone and says that Dione must be running late. They decide to go in and leave her to find them. Joel and Carrie start walking in the gate, and Joel looks back to ask Toadie if he's coming. Toadie says 'why?' and Joel points at him as if to say 'you'll keep'. Toadie waits by the gate
Karl and Susan pull up outside Tess's and Susan gets out and invites Tess to join them gatecrashing Bill's going away at Luna Park.
Carrie is on the phnoe. When she gets off, she tells Joel that Dione has to work and can't get out of it.
Lance and Steph are on the dodgems, being watched by Libby and Drew. Bill and Anne come along. Anne is clutching a yellow fluffy chick. Libby wants one and Drew drags her off. Karl, Susan and Tess come along. Bill ribs Karl about his being sick on rides and Karl drags him off. Anne shows off the fluffy chick that Bill won for her. Toadie comes along and says Tess looks like she could appreciate a disco swing and waltzes off with her.
Toadie Lance and Tess hang out by the rollercoaster and notice Joel with Carrie. They all muck about and get on the rollercoaster. Joel and Carrie watch as it goes round, Joel trying to put his arm around Carrie and her trying to stare into his eyes. As the ride ends, Bill and Anne kiss, and agree they're having a great day.
NO 30
A pool party is in full swing, complete with non speaking extras. Toadie says to Bill that he always knew he'd be the first to off and do his own thing. Bill says he couldn't have asked for a better day, so Toadie says he can't have that, and chucks him in the pool. Up on the balcony, Libby asks Anne if she'll miss him. Anne asks if it's that obvious. Libby says it's funny, she's spent half her childhood wanting to throttle him, and now he's going.....
Down in the garden, Bill chases Toadie before running past Karl and Susan who comment on how real it's becoming, how in a way it's forever. Tess jumps in the pool and makes a big splash. Karl and Susan take it as a cue to lighten up. Karl says underneath her exterior lurks a true party animal.
Amy offers Lance a drink but he refuses, Bill comes out with a bucket of water. He threatens Anne and Libby with it before chasing Toadie with it, and throwing it over him. Anne finally cracks a smile, and Bill comes over and puts his arms around her. He says she hasn't said much all day. She says it hasn't been the time or place. He asks if she wants to go home, but she says she'll be fine. Tess suggests kicking on at the pub. Drew says he's not up for it, but Amy, Joel and Carrie are, along with Bill and Anne.
Toadie gets a round in on behalf of Lou. Amy tells Anne to cheer up, and that she just goes into nuetral party mood. Lance is still depressed. Karl goes to make a toast, but Susan makes it for him. Bill's speech is 'thank you everyone for coming and I'm going to miss you all'. He gets a round of applause.
Dione comes in looking for Joel. Toadie tells her he's at the house - so's Carrie.
NO 30
Joel discovers Carrie's into marine biology, and the planets and stars, she says. 'I'm a big believer that anything can happen once the planets are aligned - once they are, there's nothing you can do to fight it'. Joel changes the subject and says they should go to the pub. As they leave, they stop and Carrie thanks him for a great time. He brings up what she said about the planets aligning, and starts kissing her neck. He kisses her on the lips. She pauses and says 'This is all wrong' 'Yeah, I know' says Joel and they continue kissing.
When they stop kissing, Joel asks if it feels weird. She says it does and Lance walks in. it's obvious something has happened, but what he doesn't say, he asks if they're going to the pub and tells them Carrie's 'friend Dione's there'.
Toadie talks about schooldays and says there are still things that Susan didn't find out about. They decide the night has come to an end. Tess is disappointed, and wants to go to the Duke of Essex with Steph. Karl and Susan leave and Steph and Tess decide to invite Libby. They go to call her and Steph tells Tess she's a 'real surprise package'. Tess says she's ready to have some real fun. Bill and Anne thank Amy and say it couldn't have been easy for her with Lance there. Bill says how everything's changed again. Joel comes in with Carrie and Dione goes up to them and kisses him, saying she can't be angry at him 'with that face'. Joel says they were just cleaning and Dione says 'I know, I believe you'.
NO 32
Bill and Anne arrive home, glad to be all alone. They start kissing but feel awkward. Bill wants to ring Greg and tell him he's changed his mind. He doesn't know why they're putting themselves through this. Anne says he's doing it because he can't be happy with her till he's happy with himself. Anne says they just have to look at the long term. They say how fun the day was. Anne starts crying and says how they'll be friends forever and they'll stay in touch, but it hardly ever happens. Bill says it will for them, and Anne says she knows, they're different. He kisses her and wipes a tear away from her cheek.
NO 28
Karl, Susan and Bill lark about trying to close his case. Susan says if they can't close it, he'll just have to stay. When they finally get it closed, a car horn sounds outside. Bill tells them there'll be no big emotional scenes at the airport, if they have anything to say, now's the time.
SUSAN: Great, I'm meant to condense a life time of devoted love into a 30 second soundbite.
BILL: Well, mum, you're not an English teacher for nothing.
She gives him a hug and he says he'll still need both of them. Karl says they love him and they all hug.
Anne comes in and they hug. They haven't said goodbye yet. He says he loves her more than anything, always has, always will, they just have to get through this seperation thing. They kiss.
Karl and Toadie lift Bill's bag into the back of Toadie's car. Drew remarks that Libby and Tess aren't back yet. Lance tells Bill he can't come to the airport and says goodbye. Bill tells him to look after Anne. Joel says he's not coming and leaves too. Tess, and a mystery rider, Libby and Steph pull up on bikes and Libby says they would have been home hours ago if it wasn't for Teresa. Libby runs up to Bill and hugs him. Tess comes up and shakes his hand. Toadie and Amy come up to him and Toadie says 'I guess you better do it huh?' and guides him toward the car. Bill takes one last look back at No 28. Next shot the car pulls off with Bill waving out of the back window. Steph, Lance, Joel and Tess wave them off.
NO 30
Joel makes toast as Lance comes in. Joel remarks how lucky Bill is, he could use an escape route like that himself. Lance says he noticed how cosy he and Carrie got and advises him not to be dishonest to Dione, as he knows what it's like to be on the receiving end.
NO 32
Anne and Toadie come in and Anne thanks him for helping out. Toadie offers to stay around and help with 'post Bill trauma' but she says she wants to tidy up and he leaves. Anne picks up a couple of things and finds the chick behind a cushion. She sits down and looks at it and begins to cry.
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