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Neighbours Episode 3465 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3465
Australian airdate: 11/02/00
UK airdate: 17/03/00
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: David Myles
Guests: Greg Mast: Roy Thompson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Steph winning the cricket match by hitting a six.
Joe typing tape along his boundary line which he claims crosses Karl's property.
Lyn comes in followed by Joe and Karl. Lyn is upset that they've been shouting at each other in the street. Joe tells Karl that he's got 46cm of his land and he wants it back. Karl says that it's a very thin strip and there's no point bickering over it. But Joe obstinately says that he wants his land.
Karl comes in and rants to Susan about the boundary. Susan says it seems a bit much and Karl shouts that Joe is a MORON!!
Lou and Harold are having a cup of tea. Harold is looking a bit depressed and says he's apprehensive about the contractual negotiations for Grease Monkeys. Paul suggests that Harold wears shades! Lou says that he knows the owner of Grease Monkeys and he will try to give Harold a sob story. Paul asks if there are any other buyers but Harold hasn't heard about any other buyers. Lou says even if there isn't someone else, the seller might tell Harold there is to get him rattled!
Karl is still ranting about the boundary and Susan is trying to appease him. Karl says there's more to this than the boundary - Joe might want to put up a block of flats(!!)
Harold comments that Tad has been in the bathroom for ages. Paul says he's studying in there(!) Paul tells Harold that he asked his teacher about self-defence and apparently judo is a good one for older people. Paul wants to take the class too, much to Harold's delight. Harold says they should keep it secret though so they don't look stupid.
Susan is telling Joe very calmly that moving the fence will mean they lose all their plants along it. Lyn says they won't do anything until they've talked it over and Susan suggests that they arrange a meeting. Joe doesn't look too chuffed about this and Susan suggests tomorrow.
When Susan has gone, Lyn wants Joe to tell her what's going on. Joe tells her to have faith!
Karl is still going on about the boundary and Susan tells him they're having a meeting tomorrow. Karl isn't too chuffed and says it makes them look like pushovers(!)
Karl tells Susan that Billy has got a meeting with Greg Masters about doing an apprenticeship.
Flick goes into Michelle's tree house and finds a shrine to Paul!
In the house, Joe is insisting that he needs the land. Lyn can't be bothered though and goes off to work.
Paul comes in and asks Flick to watch a video with him. Michelle wants to watch it too, but Paul says it's a 15 certificate so she can't. Flick takes Paul off to his place and smirks at Michelle as she leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn and Harold are making plans for the food for the opening of the salon.
At a table, Bill is showing Greg Masters his portfolio. He says he is looking for an apprenticeship or a junior partnership. Greg says he works solo, much to Bill's disappointment. However, he does say that Bill's work is quite good and advises him to keep going.
Michelle's Tree House
Michelle is casting a love spell(!) to draw Paul to her. She seals the spell inside a glass bottle.
Lyn sees smoke rising from the tree house.
Flick and Paul are watching the video and it turns out to be a bit raunchy.
Michelle's shrine has gone on fire(!) but Lyn has helped her to put it out. She admits that she was making a lovespell. Lyn tries not to laugh but says if Paul comes to her it should be because he wants to, not because he has to. She says Michelle should just get to know him first and her time will come when she's older.
Lyn laughs and says that when she saw the smoke she thought it was Joe having a secret cigarette!
Susan is on the phone arranging a meeting with Joe for four o'clock. Karl is not impressed.
Lou calls round and they tell him about the boundary dispute. Lou says that possession is nine-tenths of the law(!) Karl tells him that he suspects that Joe will put up a block of flats(!) Lou takes Karl at his word and becomes very worried. Susan is incredulous as she watches them bounce off each other.
Paul tries to make a bit of a move on Flick but she isn't impressed that he doesn't like the film. She says he has no passion(!)
Garden of the Scullys
Joe overhears Karl and Lou talking about their suspicions about Joe. Karl says that Joe is a greedy mongrel. Joe takes a cigarette out of a packet and looks at it.
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