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Neighbours Episode 3463 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3463
Australian airdate: 09/02/00
UK airdate: 15/03/00
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Geri Hallett - Isabella Dunwill
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Breathing Through My Eyes" by Skunkhour
Summary/Images by: Pete
Susan overhears Anne and Amy arguing
Lance shows Anne the photoboard he made for Amy
No 30
Anne says the photoboard is more than Amy deserves. Lance says she'd probably prefer diamonds, and Anne says he'd probably give them to her if he could, which he agrees with. He asks her if it'll do the trick - remind her of how lucky they are to have each other, and of 'all the biggies'. Anne just smiles.
No 26
Joe and the girls are getting ready for the day. Steph demands to know where her runners are and blames Flick. Flick says she doesn't understand why. Steph reminds her of her jumper, and Flick still denies all knowledge of what happened to it. Jeff rings and threatens to quit the cricket team, but Joe refuses to be blackmailed. Flick and Shell leave for school. Lou comes to the door and demands that Joe remove a 'bobcat' or digger that's blocking his driveway.
Joe and Lou argue about the bobcat, before he finally agrees to move it. Paul, Flick, Steph and Shell come along and Lou mentions the birdwatching to them. Flick says that Lou's always getting on at Joe and it's getting up her nose. The boys say Lou's OK and they leave. Over the road, Libby looks at the paper, and she's obviously not happy.
No 28
Libby comes in with the paper, and shows Susan what she's mad at. Geri has stolen her byline and Libby only gets a mention as a co-reporter Libby says she wrote and organised the story, and Geri just provided some rumour mongering. Libby says she's going to have to find some way to deal with her. Susan says yes, she is. Libby asks if Bill's up and Susan says he's up and gone to a seminar on wood. Libby exclaims why can't her life be as uncomplicated as his.
No 26
Joe is on the phone complaining to the guy who dropped off the bobcat that his neighbours are giving him a hard time because of him. While he's on the phone he fondles a packet of cigarettes and continues fondling them as he finishes. Steph comes in and shouts at him to put them down as he's doing really well giving up. Joe says he's stressed and has to have a vice. He follows her into the kitchen and tells her she should try dealing with Lou 'before your second cup of coffee'. Steph mentions Jeff Greenwood as well and says she knows he wants Joe to drop her from the squad.
No 32
Bill sneaks into the house and creeps up on Anne making her jump. He invites her to go to the seminar but she has a lot of work to do. He asks if she'll be finished in time for lunch, but she says she doesn't know. Bill thinks Anne is mad at him, but she says she just has things on her mind. He presses him further and she says it's something and nothing and she can't talk about it. She changes the subject to Uni and says she's really worried about it. Bill says she'll be fine and the offer of lunch is still good. He goes to leave but asks if the thing she's not talking about is anything to do with them, and she reassures him it isn't. He gets the idea it's about someone they know though.
No 26
Joe and Steph argue about the cricket team. Steph thinks they'll be sunk if Jeff leaves for another team. She thinks she should step down. Joe refuses to let her saying she's good at the game, and he can't let the team walk all over him.
Paul, Flick and Tad come out of a lesson discussing justice and tolerance in the world and Lou Carpenter, and they plan some revenge, while Shell goes through Paul's bag and steals something.
Libby whinges to Drew about Geri coming in to the paper without any experience and because she's going out with the editor, she's 'Lois Lane' Drew says she shouldn't have bagged Geri out to her boyfriend and should have been more tactful. Libby is annoyed and feels that Drew is defending Geri. He says he just thinks there could be more than one side to the story. She wants him to be on her side, to get as mad as her. He says she needs him to be completely calm and rational or she'd be off the planet. Libby says she just wants her out of her hair and jokes about putting sugar in her petrol tank. Geri comes up behind her and overehears her.
Joe and Lou argue about the cricket team. Joe points out it was his idea to have a girl on the team, for publicity. Lou says this was before there was a mass walkout. Psul, Tad and Flick talk about how they're going to trick Lou. Bill and Lance come in and talk about Anne, who hasn't turned up for lunch. Bill asks if Lance knows what's wrong. He says that Amy was funny for a couple weeks but now she's come good, it's his turn to suffer. He says she's worried about someone else, someone they know.
Paul, Tad and Flick put the fake Helmeted Honey Eater in the tree outside Lou's. They hide behind the hedge and Flick knocks on the door so Lou comes out. Tad whistles like a bird which attracts Lou's attention. He notices the bird in the tree, then notices the three of them hiding behind the hedge.
Libby says she's worked hard to get where she is, why can't Geri? Geri says she can't believe Libby. She feels she got where she is because she's good at what she does 'and we all know what that is' says Libby. The girls square up to one another as Geri brings up the subject of Mike. Drew calls timeout, and says before they start sptting and scratching, they can get out of his workplace.
Lou pretends to take pictures of the bird and grabs the hose and soaks Flick, Tad and Paul.
No 32
Anne asks Bill how the seminar went. Bill says it was great and he'd give anything to train with the guy at his base in Queensland, but he doesn't take apprentices. Anne feels he's being unfair 'after you guilt-tripped me about Dawber'. Bill says he's not planning to run off. Anne calms down and apologises. Bill asks if this has anything to do with Amy. Anne asks what he's on about. He says that Lance told him after her crises, now it was Anne's turn. Anne says he doesn't know what he's talking about.
No 26
Lou laughs about Paul, Tad and Flick trying to scam a scammer, and Joe says he warned Flick off Tad. Lou says he's not a bad lad, and Joe takes offence at Lou constantly telling him how to raise his kids. Lou wants to do it again though with regard to the cricket team. He's heard Jeff and a few of the lads talking about pulling out because he's keeping Steph on the team. Joe says it wasn't her fault they lost the match, she's a good player and she's not jut keeping her on out of nepotism. Lou thinks it's a high price to pay if the others leave. Steph hears most of the conversation and comes out and says she knew this was going to happen. Lou says they have an important match coming up and most of the team won't play if Steph does, so for the good of the team, she needs to give it some thought.
Later in the kitchen, Steph asks Joe if it's her decision whether she plays or not. She says she hates putting the whole neighbourhood offside, and she knows he just loves t stir. She decides to play. Flick comes in soaking wet. Joe says he's heard about what happened, but as he's not angry, Paul and Tad come out of hiding also wet. "at least Mr Carpenter has a sense of humour about these things' says Flick. 'Ah, but that could change' says Steph.
Drew let's Geri take her car home and pay next week. Libby says he's fallen for her charm again. Libby says that she's not going on her overseas trip anymore as she can't trust Geri not to steal her job while she's gone. Drew can't believe it. Libby thinks this is better than him being indifferent, and she'd like him onside. Drew says he'd like to be but while she's acting 'like a paranoid 5-year-old, I really am indifferent'.
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