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Neighbours Episode 3283 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3283
Australian airdate: 14/4/99
UK airdate: BBC: 28/6/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Vincenzo Coletti: Tasos Petousis
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance tells Anne that Amy is making a move by inviting him to her cousin's wedding.
Anne tells Amy not to lead Lance on.
Amy tells Lance that she's going out with Damian.
Lance and Amy are back from the wedding. Amy is raving about how romantic it was. Amy says it's a pity her parents couldn't meet Damian. Lance realises that Amy asked Damian to the wedding first. He says goodnight and goes into the house.
Italian Restaurant
Anne has finished clearing up. Vicenzo is happy with her progress - she has done quite well tonight. Vicenzo offers Anne a coffee but she is so tired she wants to go home. Vicenzo says he's not doing very well with the book-keeping - he hates it. Anne says that her step-father is an accountant and she could set up a meeting if he wanted.
Ruth comes out in her pyjamas to find Lance sitting in the living room, very depressed. Ruth tells him that Harold phoned earlier - he might have some gardening work for Lance.
Anne comes in and tells them that her waitressing evening went well. Anne asks Lance how the wedding went. He said Amy caught the bouquet. He stalks off to bed.
Martins, the following morning
Lance is still depressed. Anne asks Lance about Amy and Damian. She tells him to stop acting like he doesn't care. Lance is fed up that he is a consolation prize for when her boyfriend can't make it. Lance tells Anne that she should have told him about Amy and Damian and then stalks out.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is taking Harold through the finer points of being a flight attendant. Lance comes in. He asks Harold about the gardening work. He asks Lance to do some work on his allotment. Lance agrees. Amy is pleased - she says it's his first real client. Amy offers Lance a lift to the allotment, but he declines, saying he'll walk there.
Anne tells Phil that Vicenzo is going to ring him about doing the books at the restaurant. Ruth answers the phone and talks irritably to the person on the other end. She agrees to meet them in fifteen minutes.
The Allotment
Harold is showing Lance around his allotment. He is irritable with Harold who keeps going off on tangents.
Phil is wondering where Ruth has run off to. Amy asks Anne if she wants to come with her to see Pinhead. Amy mentions that Lance has gone to work on Harold's allotment. Amy said he was a bit grumpy. She says he was cool about her and Damian.
The Allotment
Lance is hacking a new patch for Harold. He is very irritable.
The Pub
Ruth comes in to see Phil eating lunch. He asks her where she went off to earlier in such a rush. Ruth says it was an emergency client. Phil isn't pleased. Ruth says Graham Pinders wanted to talk to her because she and Susan were first on the scene of his accident. There hasn't been any improvement in Pinhead's condition.
Phil says they can go to the movies this afternoon but Ruth says she has a few things to do.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is raving about how all their lives have changed so much in such a short time. Amy says she and Lance has worked out really well - they've stayed really good friends. Anne says that sometimes people are too scared to say that they don't want to be just friends. Amy is confused.
The Allotment
Lance is still working. Harold is being pernickety. Lance accidentally hits a water pipe. Harold is not pleased. Lance apologises for being irritable with Harold, and says he has to go and sort something out. He leaves Harold with his finger in the hole in the pipe!
Phil and Vicenzo are drawing up a contract for bookkeeping. Vicenzo is pleased that the bookkeeping is off his hands.
When Vicenzo has gone, Anne asks Phil for a finder's fee! Anne asks why Ruth left so quickly this morning. Phil says she went to meet Graham Pinders. Anne is surprised - Graham Pinders was at the hospital when she visited. Phil looks confused.
The Coffee Shop
Lance has called Amy to meet him. Lance tells Amy he's had enough of being at her beck and call. Amy says she thought that everything was fine between them. Lance says he's sick of being her friend and that he deserves better. He tells her he doesn't want her sort of friendship. Amy gets up and leaves.
Anne is putting together a compilation tape for Pinhead. Phil asks Anne if she talked to Graham Pinders. Anne says she did a bit - both parents are too scared to leave the hospital in case Pinhead regains consciousness.
A telephone box
Lance rings up someone called Chris. He asks him to put a bet on for him.
Ruth comes in. Phil is frosty with her. Ruth says she's sorry for how the day worked out and that they could go out for dinner. Phil says he'd like her to tell him the truth about what she's been doing all day. He wants to know why she's been lying to him.
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