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Neighbours Episode 3262 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3262
Australian airdate: 16/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 28/5/99
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: David Myles
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amy nagging Lance about having a girl in Mildura.
Lance telling Amy his love life has nothing to do with her.
Uni FM
Lance admits that he met a girl called Julia when he was fruit-picking but there was nothing in it. Lance says it's none of Amy's business. Amy insists she doesn't care.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is stressed out at the Coffee Shop. She is nervous about the upcoming selection for the basketball team.
Tad comes in. He exchanges glances with Paul who looks quite angry with him.
Anne shows Bill a brochure of the hall of residence she is going to. She is nervous about leaving. Bill gives her a framed picture of them together. Anne says she doesn't know if she can go through with the move.
The Coffee Shop
Madge tackles Paul about his anger at Tad. She tells him to go and sort it out with him. At that moment Paul's father rings so he's off the hook.
Lance and Bill are talking about the jelly wrestling. They talk about Anne leaving. Bill asks Lance what happened at the fruit picking because he's been wandering round with a spring in his step. Lance tells him he met a woman and Bill gets very excited(!) and drags all the details out of him.
The Coffee Shop
Paul's dad has organised a trip on a tuna boat for them. Madge hasn't forgotten about his feud with Tad, however, and sends him over.
Paul asks Tad what he wants to order. Tad wants to know why Paul has been ignoring him. Paul says he doesn't like a mate getting between him and his girlfriend. Tad tells him not to be so stupid. Tad says he's glad their friendship is over and storms out.
Paul is sulking about Tad. Madge says to try to see it from Tad's point of view. Madge says Tad has no family in Erinsborough except Toadie and Paul was his only friend.
Anne is playing on her new laptop which has a 3.2Gb hard drive - the very latest thing(!). Anne asks Lance if it's OK to invite Amy to her goodbye dinner. He says it's fine. Lance gives Anne a pen as a goodbye present. Anne says she wants him to go to Gamblers' Anonymous while she's away. Lance says he's been to a meeting and it went OK. He reckons he has a habit, not an addiction.
Paul comes over to see Tad. They are prickly with each other then sit down together and eat cereal. Tad apologises for how he acted before. Also they should forget the whole thing with Jade.
Lance, Amy, Bill and Anne are setting the table for Anne's goodbye dinner. Bill asks Amy what she has to do on the airline hostess course. Amy says she'll be able to go and see Anne a lot when she flies to Queensland for her job.
Madge comes in singing - the Grey Growlers won their match. Tad says even Madge has a more interesting life than him. He doesn't know what he's going to do in the holidays. Paul says he could go home for a while. Tad says he can't - his parents are working. Paul says he'll have to make his own arrangements.
Anne is opening a present from Amy - a silver photo frame. Phil gives Anne a cheque to help her on her way. Ruth proposes a toast to Anne and Amy starts crying. Bill makes a little speech too and Amy cries even more.
Outside the Martins
Bill and Anne are sitting on the steps. Bill asks Anne to promise him a short goodbye at the airport.
The Airport
Phil, Ruth and the gang are at the airport and Amy is taking polaroids. Amy is sad that the gang of four are splitting up. Amy tells Anne that she read in a magazine that you only get one soulmate in life. She asks Anne if she believes that. The guys come back and they laugh over the Polaroid photos.
Madge, Paul and Harold are discussing the Grey Growlers' match. Madge says she's not feuding with Portia - Portia is wrong and she's right! Madge asks how things are going with Tad. Paul says they've made up. Madge says she can't keep up!
The Airport
Anne's flight is being called. She says goodbye to Phil and Ruth, then to Amy and Lance, and finally very sadly to Bill. She goes through the gate, crying.
Tad comes round. He thanks Paul for his help yesterday - he's sorted out his holiday problems. He says he's coming with Paul to Port Lincoln to see his dad! Paul does not look chuffed.
The Airport
Bill sees Anne's plane taking off. He looks shattered.
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