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Neighbours Episode 3161 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3161
Australian airdate: 07/09/98
UK airdate: 07/01/99
UK Gold: 17/09/04
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Mike Healy – Andrew Blackman
Sasha Healy – Chelsa Driessen
Sally Upton – Sally Davis
Nancy Franklin – Kay Keighery
Summary/Images by: Graham
Karl telling Susan that he just wants them to be happy. Susan retorting that she wants them to be happy too, only it won't be him calling all the shots.
No. 28
Karl insists:
KARL: I can accept change.
SUSAN: Good.
KARL: But to move from one alleged dictatorship to another isn't very good, is it?
SUSAN (looking astonished): I'm sorry? You think it's a *dictatorship* now?
KARL: *I'm* sorry you thought it was *before*.
SUSAN: I didn't say that.
KARL: You implied it.
SUSAN (snaps): It's not what I meant.
KARL (more calmly): What I'm trying to say to you is I feel like a stranger in my own home.
SUSAN (mutters): Why? Because it's a different bed and a few things have been moved around?
KARL (retorts): No. Everything contributes a little. It's not just the trivial things; it's the whole *feel* of the place.
SUSAN: Well only *time* can fix that.
KARL: Yeah, time and effort.
SUSAN (her voice growing in volume): Yes, and effort - and I'm doing my best to try and make this work.
KARL: Well so am I.
SUSAN (yells): You can't expect to just pick up where we left off.
KARL: I just don't see why not.
SUSAN (rants): Oh Karl, that is just not reasonable. Apart from what you might think or what you might *want* to think, things *have* changed; things *are* different.
KARL: *I* am the same person, right? *You* are the same person.
SUSAN (snaps): No. No, that's it: I am *not*.
Karl stares at her. After a few moments' silence, Susan says more calmly:
SUSAN: Look, we have resolved that we want to try and make this work - but we have to accept that it won't be easy. But we do have one common denominator.
KARL: If you're talking about the kids, I don't know if that's enough—
SUSAN (snaps): No, no, no, I'm not talking about the kids.
She goes on more softly:
SUSAN: If we really love each other, then I believe that with time and hard work and patience, we've got a good chance of coming out of this in one piece - which is more than I can say for the vase!
KARL (muses with a smile): Had to get that in, didn't you!
No. 26
Amy is in the kitchen with Anne, looking at the guidelines for the speaking competition and commenting that they're so easy; it's going to be such a buzz - and she could go on to the State finals. Anne remarks that it's hardly fair on Julie-Anne, who worked pretty hard on the speech and then got appendicitis. Amy shrugs:
AMY: She wouldn't have won. Her speech just has no pizzazz.
The two of them go and sit down on the couch. Amy adds that Julie-Anne's speech is well written, but *she's* going to have to put a lot more life into it.
No. 28
It's evening-time and Susan emerges from her bedroom, all dressed up. Karl is sitting on the couch and Libby is standing by the kitchen counter. Karl smiles at Susan:
KARL: Wow! Don't you look something!
SUSAN (beams): You're just saying that!
KARL: No I'm not. How unlucky can a man get? The two women in his life both looking gorgeous and I'm stuck at home with a galah!
Susan insists that there'll be other theatre fundraisers. She then turns to Libby and asks when Mike's picking her up. Libby replies that he'll be there in a few minutes. Susan then probes:
SUSAN: You, um, you met his daughter yet?
LIBBY: Not yet, no.
SUSAN: What's he told you about her?
LIBBY: Nothing much - except she's eight, cute, clever. All the sort of things you *expect* a doting father to say.
Susan then comments that she still doesn't know why Libby kept all this a secret. Libby just retorts that the time wasn't right; and she wanted to make sure it was going somewhere. She then demands:
LIBBY: Why does his having a family worry you that much?
SUSAN: It's hardly an ideal set-up, Lib. If he was divorced, it would be different, but he's just separated—
LIBBY: He's told me it's over. I believe him.
Susan points out that there's a small child involved; she's just saying that it's a very different situation to two people meeting and starting from scratch. Karl chips in to ask when Mike's getting a divorce.
LIBBY (mutters): When does it *matter*?
SUSAN (frowns): I'd have thought it's a major issue.
LIBBY: Yes it is - and I will raise it when the time's right. Right now, I'm happy just to have his company. We're still feeling our way.
Karl asks his daughter to please be cautious. Libby just sighs that she's going to wait for Mike outside. She heads out. Susan gives Karl a kiss and says she'd better go too. She adds that there's a caramel slice in the fridge to ease his pain!
No. 30
Toadie hangs up the 'phone and mutters that that's all he needs. Sarah asks who it was. Toadie replies that it was Sally, the programme co-ordinator: she told him he needs to find a new guest speaker for tomorrow's show. As the two of them go and sit down in the lounge room, Sarah asks if that's so difficult.
TOADIE: Well *yeah*. The topic is 'Coping with Student Stress' and I had a really good person to talk about it. It's going to be really hard to find a replacement.
Sarah comments that it would be nice to do something with a bit of fun to it; who wants to be reminded about stress? Toadie sighs that his idea bank's running low - and who's he going to get at this time of night?
SARAH: There must be *loads* of people out there who want to have their say. I mean, look at Harold's Trivia Spot: there must be more like *him*.
Toadie suddenly laughs that Sarah could do a beauty segment: people could ring up and ask for beauty advice; she could make it daggy; have a giggle.
SARAH (indignantly): I don't *want* a giggle.
TOADIE: There *is* that big matter of being owed a big favour...
SARAH (blankly): *What* favour?
TOADIE: I didn't spend the day in a wheelchair for nothing, Sez...
SARAH (sighs): OK - I'll think about it.
TOADIE (beams): See, I knew you'd come around!
Lou's Place
Mike is sitting with Libby, telling her about a student who's always trying to make him look like an idiot. Libby points out that he's not much older than some of the students, so maybe they can't cope with that very well.
MIKE: I hope *you're* not threatened by me?
LIBBY: No chance!
MIKE: Not even just a little bit?!
Mike then asks:
MIKE: Would you feel threatened if... if I suggested that you might like to meet my daughter?
LIBBY: Not even then. When?
Mike suggests tomorrow.
LIBBY: She going to hate me?
MIKE: Oh yeah - probably!
No. 28
The next morning, Susan is looking out the front window. She dashes over to the table as Karl comes in, ranting:
KARL: I don't believe it. I just do *not* believe it.
SUSAN: Sell it. Sell it. It *is* only a car.
KARL (angrily): Drew serviced that car only a few days ago.
Karl then sighs that he really needed to get to the surgery early this morning, as he has a new receptionist starting.
SUSAN: *You bought* the stupid thing.
KARL (curtly): You don't have to remind me. What I *do* need is a lift to work, if you don't mind.
SUSAN (pointedly): Oh, be my guest. *My* car is very plain, it's very unremarkable, but do you know what?
KARL (rolling his eyes!): I bet it's reliable, is it?
SUSAN: It's *so* reliable. When I turn the key, the engine starts. It's amazing! You might like to try it!
With that, the two them head out, still bickering!
Coffee Shop
Amy is sitting with Anne, asking her if Bill has said anything about coming back to school. Anne replies that she doesn't want to pressure him; he's really down about it. Amy points out that he'd have all his friends around him.
ANNE: Yeah, but coming back twice after leaving... how would *you* like it?
Anne then asks Amy if she ended up using much of Julie-Anne's speech in *her* speech. Amy, however, replies that the more she read it, the more she realised that what *she* wanted to do was better. She adds that she's going to show it to Mrs. K: she'll love it.
Reception area at the surgery
Karl finishes showing the new receptionist round, and then apologises for having been late this morning, explaining that he had car trouble. He points out the computer and then offers the receptionist a muffin. He adds:
KARL: I brought them in to show what a nice bloke I am. That way, when I lose a file and turn into a raging lunatic, you'll forgive me!
RECEPTIONIST (looking bemused): And how often will *that* happen?
KARL (muses): Conservative estimate...: twice a week!
Uni FM studio
Toadie is on-air, Sarah sitting next to him. He takes a call from a Tanya and asks her what body parts she has a problem with.
TANYA: My ears - listening to your demeaning rubbish! This is the Nineties, fella: don't you think you should be recognising women for who we are, instead of perpetuating the myth that we're just objects? I mean, we haven't worked for the last three decades, redefining ourselves in society, just to have some clown like you try to destroy all we've fought for.
TOADIE: I'm talking about guys here too, you know?
Sarah sits there smirking as Tanya goes on angrily:
TANYA: Well no one wants to be talked about like some disconnected bag of flesh. And that so-called 'expert' you've got on there should take a good look at herself and get a life.
Sarah's face drops! She looks at Toadie as he says to Tanya:
TOADIE: Listen up, babe, we're just having a bit of fun!
TANYA (furiously): Don't call me 'babe', you sexist jerk.
TOADIE (warns): Hey...
TANYA (taunts): Did I *offend* you? Oh, you can call *me* names but you can't stand it when anyone else calls *you* names. All I'm trying to say is that by putting the emphasis on image - face image and body image - you deny women the right to have brains.
TOADIE (rolling his eyes): Get a grip!
Sally, the programme co-ordinator, comes in as Toadie suggests they play a song while they wait for their mudpacks to set. Sally tells Toadie that she's been fielding a stack of calls out there. Toadie beams at her that the ratings are going to sky-rocket!
Erinsborough High
Amy is standing in front of Susan, in her office, concluding her speech:
AMY: 'And finally, if you have any problems, do what *I* do: go and pig out. It'll make the world of difference.'
She then asks Susan what she thinks. Susan replies diplomatically:
SUSAN: It's very entertaining...
AMY (beaming): So you liked it?
SUSAN (hesitantly): Yes... but I do think that there's a bit of room for improvement.
Susan then tells Amy that it's fine to use the personal anecdotal approach, but you have to have facts to back up your argument. Amy insists that they *are* all facts; *personal* facts; it's always good to speak from experience.
SUSAN: But my point is that you really don't *have* very much experience. Did you read Julie-Anne's speech? She did a lot of research.
Amy replies that she nearly fell asleep reading it! Susan then suggests to Amy that she go through her speech with Anne: use Julie-Anne's speech as a guide and come up with a compromise. She adds that Anne has a very good eye for composition.
AMY (looking put-out): It *is* supposed to be *my* speech.
SUSAN: That doesn't mean you can't get some help if you need it.
Amy sighs heavily as she thanks Susan for her advice.
A playground
Libby is leaning against a tree when Mike comes along with a little girl. As he gives Libby a kiss, the girl stands there looking less than impressed. Libby looks down at her and comments with a smile:
LIBBY: This must be Sasha.
Sasha, however, just stares at Libby and then runs over to the play equipment. Mike and Libby join her by the swings and Libby asks Sasha if she'd like a push. Sasha retorts that she can push herself. She then runs over to the roundabout. Mike catches her as she leaps off, and he says to her:
MIKE: Why don't you tell Libby what you told me in the car, eh? About school yesterday.
LIBBY (smiling at Sasha): Was it something good?
Sasha just ignores her, though, and runs over to another area of the playground. Libby sighs at Mike:
LIBBY: Is it my two heads?
MIKE: Yeah, probably, but *I* got used to them!
He then adds more seriously:
MIKE: You're the first woman Sasha's seen me kiss apart from Victoria, and she's probably just a little confused at the moment.
Karl has a small radio on on his desk and is listening to Sarah talking on Uni FM about waxing her legs. The door suddenly opens and the receptionist comes in. She apologises for interrupting.
KARL (quickly): That's all right. I was just listening to a friend on the radio.
RECEPTIONIST: Beauty tips?!
KARL: Yeah! It's a close friend of the family. Is there a problem?
The receptionist explains that she's looking for a file, but when she tries to enter the file code on the computer it comes up with a message saying 'Illegal Operation'. Karl heads out to have a look. He selects a menu item - and the computer crashes! The receptionist, looking pensive, says:
RECEPTIONIST: This isn't one of those times when you turn into a raging lunatic, is it?
KARL (coolly): Yeah... I'm trying to restrain myself, given that it's your first day.
RECEPTIONIST: Who set the system up? Get *them* in here.
Karl stands there looking worried.
Uni FM studio
Toadie is saying:
TOADIE: Well that's it for our beauty segment. I hope we've managed to smooth away those wrinkles and keep all those hairs silky smooth!
He then starts playing a record. Sarah sighs at him that she's so glad that's over: as far as *she's* concerned, she's paid her debt in full. Sally comes in and thanks her, saying she was controversial but terrific. Sarah mused that she didn't expect to get such a slamming. Changing the subject, Sally then says;
SALLY: While you were on air, by the way, a Dr. Karl Kennedy 'phoned and he said he wanted you to go to the surgery as soon as possible, if that makes any sense. Thanks again.
TOADIE: Who? Me or Sarah?
SALLY: Which one of you knows him?
TOADIE: Both of us.
SAL (shrugs): I can't remember. He said it was a message for the people doing the beauty segment.
With that, Sally leaves the studio. Toadie tells Sarah that *he* can't go, as he's got too much work to do for tomorrow's show. Looking apprehensive, Sarah says:
SARAH: *I'll* go. It can't be anything too important, can it...?
Erinsborough High gym
Anne and Amy are talking as other girls play sports around them. Anne is asking Amy how she went with Mrs. Kennedy.
AMY: She loved it. Thought it was very entertaining!
ANNE: Hey, great! Might even make the State finals yet!
AMY: Yeah, well, that's what I'm aiming for!
At that moment, Susan comes in and apologises to Anne for giving her extra work. Anne looks at her blankly. Susan clarifies:
SUSAN: Giving Amy some advice about the speech. I'm sure you'll be able to help make it a bit more relevant.
ANNE: Right...
SUSAN: I wouldn't have suggested it, only you two work so well together. It would be great if Erinsborough could win at least the Regional Round Shield.
ANNE: Yeah, of course.
With that, Susan walks off again. Amy smiles at Anne weakly.
Reception area at the surgery
Karl is standing with the new receptionist, trying to figure out what's wrong with the computer, when Sarah walks in. Looking slightly worried about her being there, Karl introduces her to the receptionist, Nancy. Sarah then looks at the computer and remarks that it's crashed. Nancy explains that she was looking for an old file - for Mr. Jackson. Sarah asks if they've checked the paper files under 'M' for 'Moved'. Looking at Karl, she adds:
SARAH: Don't blame *me* - it was Marlene that implemented your filing system.
KARL (sighs): That would be right. I should have known it would be something stupid!
A patient comes in and Karl asks Sarah and Nancy if he can leave them to it. As he heads into the consulting room, he and Sarah look at each other.
Coffee Shop
Mike and Sasha are sitting at a table. Libby joins them and puts a bowl down in front of Sasha, smiling:
LIBBY: I hope you like chocolate!
SASHA (retorts): No, I don't.
MIKE (insists): Yes you do - it's your favourite. And Libby bought it specially for you.
SASHA (pouts): I don't want it. It *isn't* my favourite; it's only my *second* favourite: butterscotch is my favourite.
Mike warns Sasha that it isn't polite to say no when somebody offers you a gift. He asks her what she says. She turns to Libby and mutters:
SASHA: Thank you.
She then heads over to the jukebox. Mike apologises to Libby, saying Sasha is usually such a great kid: so full of life, and polite. Libby insists that she understands how it must be for her; she'd probably have been exactly the same at her age. Mike stands up and asks Libby if he can meet her at the pub later. He then heads towards the door with Sasha, telling Libby as he does so that she can have the ice cream! Libby sits there and sighs heavily.
Reception area at the surgery
Sarah has solved the problem with the computer. As Karl emerges from the consulting room, Nancy tells him that she's going to get the file into an express postbag. She heads out, leaving Karl to comment to Sarah:
KARL: It would have been a tad embarrassing to have to tell a doctor in South Australia I'd lost a file. I hope you didn't have anything else on...?
SARAH: No, no, I was just helping Toadie out at the radio station. His guest didn't turn up.
Sarah then folds her arms and remarks:
SARAH: I thought you only listened to Uni FM when Harold's Trivia Segment was on?
KARL (shrugs): Oh well... I was just flicking through the dial and heard your voice. Took me by surprise.
SARAH: Yeah, well, Toadie conned me into it. Believe me, it'll be the last time.
KARL: Well, listen, thanks very much for coming in - you certainly saved the day.
With that, Karl starts guiding Sarah to the door.
SARAH (looking put out): I hope I'm not holding you up...?
KARL: What do you mean?
SARAH: You're virtually shoving me out the door...
KARL (sighs): I'm sorry. I'll be frank: my car broke down this morning. Susan gave me a lift to work; I'm expecting her any minute to pick me up.
SARAH (pointedly): I see. Look, I came here as your friend, Karl, nothing more - but obviously I've served my purpose and now you're showing me the door. It's not the way you treat friends, in my book.
KARL: I didn't mean it to look like that.
SARAH: Well it *did*.
At that moment, the main door opens and Susan walks in. As she realises Karl and Sarah are alone together, the expression that crosses her face can only be described as thunderous...
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Karl Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3161
Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3161
Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont

Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy

Nancy Franklin, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Nancy Franklin, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3161
Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont

Mike Healy, Sasha Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Mike Healy, Sasha Healy, Libby Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 3161

Sally Upton, Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3161
Sally Upton, Toadie Rebecchi, Sarah Beaumont

Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3161
Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy, Amy Greenwood

Mike Healy, Sasha Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Mike Healy, Sasha Healy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3161
Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3161
Susan Kennedy

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