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Neighbours Episode 3153 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3153
Australian airdate: 26/08/98
UK airdate: 28/12/98
UK Gold: 11/09/04
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Graham
Amy telling Lance that she needs to find something different for her folio.
Ruth's old ring flying into the lake at Lassiter's.
Lassiter's lake
Amy, looking worried, asks Lance and Anne if they saw where the ring landed.
LANCE (sarcastically): Yes, Amy: in the water.
Anne suggests that someone had better go and get it - and both girls look at Lance!
LANCE (aghast): Come on...! No way!
Lance then snaps that Anne borrowed the ring and lost the ring, so *she*I get can get in the water and find it. Anne, however, asks him angrily if he wants her to wreck her mum's *clothes* as well.
AMY (to Lance): It's only water. Surely a big, strong man like yourself isn't afraid to get a little bit wet?
LANCE: This is a *cesspool*! Do you know how many times I've walked past and seen Toadie spitting in it?
ANNE: We're not asking you to dive right in; the ring can't have gone *that* far.
AMY: That's right - and we can't afford to waste any more time.
Anne sighs at Lance that she knows it was her fault, and if he finds the ring she'll do almost anything for him. Lance hesitates. He then sits down reluctantly and takes off his shoes and socks, saying as he does so that he prays to God that he doesn't get a disease. He dips his foot in the water and recoils quickly, crying:
LANCE: Forget *that*! It's like Antarctica in there!
AMY: You've got to give your body time to adjust.
LANCE: No, no, no, no. *You've* got to come up with another plan. There's no way I'm getting in *there* again.
No. 26
Hannah is sitting on the couch, looking at the newspaper. Ruth joins her and asks her if she's bored.
HANNAH (sighs): There isn't a lot to *do* when you've got the dreaded 'g' word hanging over your head...
RUTH: How would you feel if I told you 'g' stood for 'go out and have a good time'?!
HANNAH (excitedly): What? I'm not grounded anymore?
Ruth smiles that she and Philip had a talk last night: Hannah confessed to the crime and she's done her time. Hannah beams that that's unreal! Ruth then notices the suitcase of her old clothes on the floor. Hannah tells her that Anne and Amy had it out. Ruth looks at some of the clothes and, picking up a pink kaftan, muses:
RUTH: Talk about having a decade of your life flash before you in a moment!
Hannah asks if *she* can have a look. She then holds up a pair of green satin flares and exclaims:
HANNAH: You *wore* this?
RUTH (giggles): Noice!
Lassiter's lake
Lance has found a large stick and is standing on the jetty, poking it into the water to try and find the ring. Anne, however, warns him that they could stir up the water and make the ring harder to find. Amy looks on and takes photos of them, much to Lance's annoyance. She then asks:
AMY: What would Toadie do in this situation?
ANNE (quickly): No, we can't lie! The fact that we didn't ask in the first place is bad enough—
LANCE: No, no: the fact that *you* didn't ask in the first place...
Amy suggests that if they're resourceful and they work as a team she's sure they can find the ring without Ruth ever knowing that it's gone.
LANCE: And I suppose you have some magnificent foolproof plan, have you?
AMY: As a matter of fact, I do!
Lou's Place
Joel and Drew are sitting at the bar, talking about getting together to watch an old-triathlon marathon on cable. They agree to watch it at Drew's place. Across the pub, Philip is sitting eating at one of the tables, while Lou sits next to him and says glumly:
LOU: Talk about noise pollution: I thought those protestors would *never* take a lunch break.
Philip comments that he seems to remember a younger, more civic-minded Lou Carpenter leading the vanguard against the freeway once.
LOU (grumpily): That was different.
LOU: It just was!
Lou then sighs that he's worried all this hullaballoo will scare Keith Nichols off; he's been leaving messages for him for two days and Nichols hasn't got back once. Philip suggests that he sit tight, do nothing, wait for Keith to contact him and, above all else, stay cool.
No. 26
Anne, Amy and Lance are standing outside the front door of No. 26, planning their next move. Amy says she'll divert Ruth's attention. Lance says that, while Ruth's mind is elsewhere, he'll dig around for some gumboots. Amy adds that they'll then go to No. 30 and pick up a pool scraper. With that, they head inside - to find Ruth dressed in some of her Seventies clothes, and Hannah laughing at her! Ruth smiles at the kids:
RUTH: Hey, what do you think?!
AMY: Groovy, Mrs. Wilkinson!
RUTH: It's a bit smaller than I remember: it must have shrunk - all those years in the suitcase!
Ruth then looks at the outfit Anne's wearing and laughs that she wouldn't want to try and squeeze into *that* one again. She adds:
RUTH: Aren't you a bit old to be playing dress-ups?!
AMY: Anne was just modelling for me - I needed some more shots for my assignment.
Hannah asks if she can tag along, explaining that she got early release from her grounding. With that, the four kids head out, Lance managing to sneak some gumboots with them!
Lou's Place
Madge and Harold are leading another protest outside the pub, chanting 'Dump the club, keep the pub'. Lou peers out through the door and mutters:
LOU: I'll dump the lot of *you*.
He then heads back inside and joins Philip, Drew and Joel at the bar, snapping at them:
LOU: This has gone on long enough. Apart from anything else, it's raging hypocrisy: when was the last time that Harold Bishop had a good word to say about a pub? Now he wants to save *this* one.
Philip comments that he thought Lou was going to keep his cool. Lou, however, retorts that it's too bad: he can't wait for a decision any longer. As he goes to the 'phone, he adds:
LOU: If I don't get an answer from Keith, that bunch of troublemakers out there is going to scare away the last ounce of business I've got to sell.
Lou gets through on the 'phone and says:
LOU: Keith, it's Lou... Lou Carpenter: don't tell me you've forgotten already.
He listens and then says quickly:
LOU: No, no, no, Keith; come on, mate, let's talk about this.
Keith Nichols has hung up on him, though. Lou turns to the others and snaps:
LOU: He's pulled out of the deal, thanks to Madge and her merry bunch of wowsers out there.
Philip smiles that at least now Lou can tell Harold and his mob to move on. Lou, however, retorts that he's not going to concede defeat. Philip adds that Lou still has his health and his happiness - and Lou and Madge were just standing up for something they believed in.
LOU (angrily): Well forgive me if that comes as little consolation.
DREW: Lou - do you want me to let them know?
LOU: No, no. Thanks anyway, mate. [Through gritted teeth] *I'll* do it.
Coffee Shop
A short time later, Harold leads the protestors into the Coffee Shop and declares that it's coffee on the house for everyone! Madge smiles that she'll never forget the look on Lou's face! Hannah comes in and grabs Paul, telling him that she needs his help down by the lake. Philip comes in and Harold asks him delightedly if he's heard the wonderful news.
PHILIP: I think that rather depends on your perspective. I've just been with Lou: he's not too happy.
MADGE (dismissively): Oh, he'll get over it.
PHILIP: I'm not sure about that: I think he saw the sale as a nest-egg. Anyway, I'm not trying to take sides; I just thought I should let you know that he's feeling pretty down - so if you're thinking of popping champagne, perhaps you could keep the noise down a bit?
Lassiter's lake
Lance and Anne are both in the lake, wearing gumboots and using pool scrapers to search for the ring. Amy takes photos as Hannah and Paul watch. Anne asks Hannah if she's sure Ruth didn't say anything about the ring.
HANNAH: Positive - although she did go on about how everything in the box had sentimental value; I think that would go double for jewellery.
PAUL (rolling his eyes): As if you're going to find a tiny little ring in all this water...
LANCE (sarcastically): Thank you, Paul, just what we need right now: some positive thinking.
Hannah and Paul start combing through the junk that Anne and Lance have pulled from the lake. Amy continues taking photos of Lance and Anne in the water, commenting as she does so:
AMY: This is much better than the dress-up theme: bit of mystery... bit of suspense...
LANCE (grimly): Bit of hypothermia...!
Anne says she thinks they could do with more manpower in the water, to speed the process up a bit. She and Lance climb out of the water as Amy continues snapping them!
No. 26
Philip is looking through some old photos from Ruth's Seventies collection and smiles that they're good. He suggests they get a new album to put them in.
RUTH: On one condition: you throw in some of yours and then we burn the lot!
Lassiter's lake
Lance and Anne are back in the water. Hannah is standing on the jetty, using the pool scraper to search for the ring. Lance finds a golf ball in the water and throws it to Paul, who's built up quite a collection! A bird suddenly squawks and a moment later, Lance cries:
LANCE: I just got pooped on!
Everyone bursts out laughing! Amy continues taking photos. Lance glares at her and snaps:
LANCE: Are you actually going to *help* us today, or are you just going to sit there taking photos?
AMY: How can I stop when you keep giving me these great angst-ridden shots?!
LANCE (snaps): That's it - I'm out of here. So far today I've been submerged in freezing cold water, attacked from above, and now I'm being stalked by the paparazzi. I'm out of here.
ANNE: Me too. We could do this all night and we still wouldn't find that ring.
AMY: What are you going to say to your mum?
ANNE: What I should have told her in the first place: the truth.
LANCE: Well just make sure you tell her—
ANNE (pointedly): Yes, I will make sure she realises it was all *my* fault...
Paul asks what they'll do with the stuff they dredged from the lake. Hannah tells him that it won't take long to cart it over to the dumpster. Lance bends down and picks up a large old spring. He suddenly gasps in amazement as he finds the ring trapped in the dirt surrounding the spring. Amy takes a final photo of everyone's amazed, smiling faces!
No. 22
Joel and Drew are sitting on the couch, watching the old triathlon recordings. Drew comments that he wouldn't mind taking part in one - and it would be good to beat Joel!
JOEL: Yeah, right! I'd see the doc about that short-term memory loss of yours! Last time we went head-to-head I *creamed* you!
DREW: Luck!
Joel then suggests that Drew could check out his ad in the paper for his services as a personal trainer. Drew replies that he saw it - but he can't afford it.
JOEL: Who said anything about cash? If you can hack the pace, I'd be happy to have someone to train with.
Drew shakes Joel's hand and smiles that he's got himself a deal.
No. 24
As Harold and Madge head into the kitchen, Harold says in concern:
HAROLD: You really don't think that we *have* ruined Lou's life, do you?
MADGE: No, of course not. Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if right now he isn't sticking needles into a pair of dolls with our names on them...!
HAROLD: But surely, in time, he'd realise that what we did was for the good of the community?
Harold then sighs that he hates this...
MADGE: Come on, Harold: we've had a bad relationship with Lou before this, but it's always patched itself up.
HAROLD: Just the same, I'd feel a lot better if we could bury the hatchet in some way. We could go over and have a nice friendly game of Scrabble or something.
MADGE (groans): Oh, do me a favour!
Madge then suggests sarcastically that she could bake Lou a cake! Harold, a smile crossing his face, replies earnestly:
HAROLD: Yes... yes, 'cos that always works with *me*!
No. 22
Drew hands Joel a packet of chips. Joel suggests that they should invite Lib over. Drew remarks that he thought sport made her sick! Joel replies that he's trying to change her attitude. He then goes on:
JOEL: She's nice, though.
DREW: Yeah, sure - she's one of the best.
JOEL: You, um, met this guy she's going out with?
DREW: Yeah, Mike: the media lecturer. He's a nice guy; she really likes him.
JOEL (looking disappointed): Good for her...
No. 26
Philip is sitting with Ruth on the couch. She's looking at some of *his* old photos and she giggles:
RUTH: You were in a club called 'The Nude Barbecuer's Society'?!
PHILIP: We were a big hit in orientation week!
Philip adds that they never actually *went* nude; someone just thought it was a good idea for pulling chicks! The front door opens at that moment and the kids all troop in. Ruth asks how the photo session went.
AMY: Great! I even managed to get some action shots!
Philip asks why they have boots with them. Anne, however, changes the subject quickly and asks what Phil and Ruth are up to. Ruth explains that Phil had the wonderful idea of putting all their old photos into new albums. She shows Philip and the kids one particular photo, of her wearing a pantsuit, and then says:
RUTH: Check out the ring! I always used to wear it with that outfit, for some reason.
PHILIP: You still got it?
RUTH: Yeah... it's in my jewellery box, I think. I haven't seen it for ages; I might go and get it.
Ruth goes to stand up, but Anne says quickly:
ANNE: No! No, that's cool - I'll get it for you!
Anne hands off to the bedrooms, and then comes back a few seconds later and hands the formerly-missing ring to Ruth. Ruth asks everyone what they think of it.
AMY: It's like a precious jewel in the bottom of an ocean...!
Ramsay Street
Paul is collecting the mail from the box outside No. 24 when Lou comes along and asks him if he can help with a favour. Paul nods that he will. Lou then hands Paul one end of a tape measure and asks him to take it from the driveway of No. 22 to the far fence of No. 24, right on the boundary. As Paul does so, he asks what the deal is.
LOU: Nothing for you to worry about, son.
Paul reaches the boundary and Lou then measures the distance. He looks pleased with himself.
No. 22
Drew is watching Lou's activities from the window, and he mutters to himself:
DREW: What are you up to? Weird... very, very weird.
He then sits back down on the couch with Joel, who asks:
JOEL: How long has Libby been seeing this Mike guy?
DREW: Not long - and her parents don't know about it either, yet, so keep it under your hat.
JOEL: So maybe she's not that serious about him, then...?
DREW (a grin crossing his face): Maybe there's *another* reason why you're asking all these questions...?!
JOEL: I'm allowed to be interested!
DREW: Sure!
JOEL: So, I'm interested!
Drew realises:
DREW: You've got a crush on Libby!
Joel asks him 'innocently' what makes him think that.
DREW: It wouldn't be because you talk about her every five minutes, or that you're dying to find out about this Mike guy... or the fact that your face is turning a bright shade of red as we speak...?!
JOEL (sighs): I didn't think it was that obvious. Say anything and you're dead.
Drew assures him that he won't say anything.
JOEL: I sure didn't expect it; it's just one of those things that creeps up on you: one minute you're mates and the next minute you're—
DREW: You're not?
JOEL: It's like looking at a totally different person, and you just want to go on looking. You know what I mean?
Drew asks Joel if he's told Libby how he feels.
JOEL: What's the point?
DREW: It might be an idea to *leave* it that way.
JOEL: You reckon I should give up?
DREW: Look at it like a triathlon, where you've got three major obstacles to overcome. One is: you're living under the same roof.
JOEL: That could be an advantage.
DREW: But not when you consider number two: the heads of the household are trying to put their marriage back together. And number three: the girl you're after has just started seeing someone else!
JOEL: So the race could be over before it's begun?
DREW: It could be asking for trouble.
Joel sighs that he guesses Drew is right.
No. 26
Amy, Lance, Hannah and Anne are in the kitchen, cleaning up, and Anne comments that that was too close: she can't believe they got away with it. Hannah adds that Ruth really *loves* that ring. In the lounge room, Ruth is placing the old photos into a new album, saying to Philip as she does so that what's missing is a family portrait: one of all of them together. Philip comments that that sounds good. He then calls to Amy and asks if she has any film left in her camera. The kids all join them from the kitchen and Amy replies that she has quite a few. Philip tells the kids to go and make themselves presentable for a family portrait.
LANCE: We had a whole lot of family shots at the *wedding*.
HANNAH: Yeah, but come on: there wasn't a single photo where not one of us wasn't looking like a geek!
AMY (indignantly): They were *arty*.
Anne asks where they should sit. Ruth, however, says:
RUTH: Oh no, not here; somewhere more picturesque.
Lassiter's lake
A while later, the Martins, Wilkinsons and Amy are trooping towards the lake at Lassiter's, Lance commenting to Anne and Amy:
LANCE: Anyone else getting really bad déjà vu?
ANNE: This is very, very bizarre!
Everyone stops on the jetty, and Lance remarks to his mother that he still doesn't comprehend why she wants the photo taken there.
RUTH: I thought it would be a nice contrast; you know: the formal wedding photos with the casual family outing.
ANNE (laughs): This is not a casual family outing; it's a very *silly* family outing.
Amy tells everyone to get in position and, on the count of three, say 'Nude barbecuer's club'! She takes the photo. Philip then suggests:
PHILIP: Come on, let's do something *really silly*!
LANCE: As opposed to what we're doing right now?!
Everyone pulls strange poses! Ruth flings her arms out - and her old ring flies off her hand and into the lake!
PHILIP (looking concerned): What happened?
RUTH: I just threw my arm in the air and it went in the lake.
PHILIP: Do you want us to fetch it?
RUTH: Don't be silly! C'est la vie.
LANCE (looking aghast): C'est la vie?
RUTH: Yeah, well, I liked the ring and everything, but it only cost me five bucks. Hardly worth jumping in the lake for!
The kids all look at each other, rolling their eyes!
No. 24
Harold and Madge are finishing off making a cake when there's a knock on the front door. Paul answers it and Lou comes in. Harold smiles at him that they were just about to pop over. Madge shows Lou the cake and says:
MADGE: A very inadequate peace offering. No hard feelings?
HAROLD: Oh, come on: Lou knows how to let bygones be bygones. And I must say, Lou, I'm very impressed with you coming around like this: shows great strength of character.
Lou, however, retorts:
LOU: No, actually, Harold, I've just come round to claim what is rightfully mine. I'm talking about this [he whips out a sheaf of papers]; I trust you've got a copy of yours?
MADGE: The title deed to the house? Yes.
LOU: That's correct, yes, yes. You see, *I* should have a fifteen-metre frontage on my property - but I've only got fourteen. Now, *you* should have fourteen, but I've checked and you have fifteen. I've also checked the neighbour the other side: their surveyor's peg is quite visible... their title deeds are in order... so there's no doubt about it: you have one metre of my property and I *want it back*!
Harold and Madge look at each other in disbelief!
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Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3153
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3153
Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin

Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3153
Ruth Wilkinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3153
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3153
Lou Carpenter

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3153
Philip Martin

Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3153
Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3153
Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Hannah Martin

Drew Kirk, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3153
Drew Kirk, Joel Samuels

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3153
Madge Bishop

Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Amy Greenwood, Ruth Wilson, Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3153
Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Amy Greenwood, Ruth Wilson, Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Paul McClain

 in Neighbours Episode 3153

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3153
Lou Carpenter

Bonnie, Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3153
Bonnie, Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3153
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

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