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Neighbours Episode 3143 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3143
Australian airdate: 12/08/98
UK airdate: 11/12/98
UK Gold: 04/09/04
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Hilary Grant: Olivia Hamnett
Mark Sindon: Marc Stafford
Steve Bisconi: Jodie Leigh
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: David
- Hilary hopes that Harold would be a gold contributor at the charity fundraiser.
- Madge tells Harold he won't be the first person to fall for Hilary's methods of money extraction.
- Hilary warns Harold not to go back on his word, so he agrees to contribute.
Number 26
Lance and Amy run in from the rain. Hannah asks them if they've seen Mark. Amy guesses he's been kicked out of school. Lance has heard rumours that he was in the coffee shop with his girlfriend when he should have been in class. Hannah says she hasn't seen him, but Amy tells her they mean his ex- girlfriend, maybe they're an item again. Hannah says that can't be true. Amy tells Hannah to speak to Mrs Kennedy, but Hannah can't as she's grounded. She tells them to forget it and she goes to her room.
The Coffee Shop
Madge tells Harold that Hilary tried to make her look like an idiot in that meeting last week.
MADGE: Harold, charity should be driven by good will, not deception and certainly not by a quest for personal glory.
HAROLD: I'm not after personal glory.
MADGE: Not you. Her! She uses that fundraiser of the year title to get her on committees, on guest lists and god knows how many charity events. All she cares about is being at the best parties.
Madge calls Hilary a blackmailing, unprincipled social climber. Madge thinks people should give what they can afford and not be made to feel inadequate because they don't give as much as the next person, it's another form of snobbery. Harold hadn't thought of it like that, and tells Madge she's right. Madge asks when he's going to tell Hilary he won't give her the donation. Harold says she'll be around later, so Madge tells Harold to sort her out. Harold nods.
Number 28
Toadie and Drew walk inside, Toadie is glad that it has stopped raining. Drew has fixed Toadie's car battery after Toadie left the lights on after he left the car. Toadie asks if Lou is serious about chucking everything in and heading up north. Drew says he is, especially as he'll be a granddad soon. Toadie asks why Lou has been cranky, Drew says he was high as a kite when he returned from Queensland but he's been in a lousy mood ever since. Drew suggests it's because everyone is acting like they can't wait for Lou to go. Drew wonders if anyone has told Lou they'd miss him.
TOADIE: So you think that he's waiting for us to say how much we're going to miss him.
DREW: Maybe.
TOADIE: Man, how complicated can one guy get?
The Coffee Shop
Harold looks out the door and sees Hilary approaching. He tells Madge that he doesn't want her inflaming the situation. Harold welcomes Hilary inside. Harold tells Hilary that he can't make the donation like he thought, but he'd be happy to go back to $100. Madge asks Harold how he can be so mean, she's sure he can do better than that. She tells Hilary to let her think about it and then she'll let Hilary know how much. Madge leads Hilary out the door, telling Hilary to wait for them to call her. She waves Hilary goodbye, before closing the door and saying 'good riddance.' Harold asks Madge what she's up to. Madge says she's had the most brilliant idea, but she won't tell Harold what it is. She tells Harold it will be poetic justice.
Lou's Place
Hilary is telling Lou how generous Harold and the coffee shop have been. Lou asks how much Harold is donating, Hilary says she can't divulge that information, but hints that Harold has a 'heart of gold.' Hilary says that as Lou is a past mayor, it would make a lovely story if he made a donation too. She says that the press are very interested and have been giving the charity fundraiser a lot of publicity. Lou says now is a bad time, but agrees to match Harold's donation. Hilary says if he writes a cheque for $500 then she'll tell the press all about it. Lou's jaw drops when he hears how large the donation is.
Number 28
Hannah and Amy visit Susan, and ask what happened with Mark. Susan says she can't discuss that with her. Susan says he broke school rules and is paying the price with quite a few detentions. She tells her that Mark is probably explaining himself to his parents right now, but she can't give more information than that.
Number 26
Amy tells Hannah it isn't the end of the world. Hannah just wants to know what is going on. Amy tells Hannah that she only had one date with the guy, she should give up as he sounds like a creep. Hannah says it was more than one date, something was really starting to happen. Amy says Amanda went out with him for over a year, she's the one who has a right to be upset. Hannah thought they'd split up.
AMY: Breaking up is a powerful weapon. When all else fails you split up with a guy, and if that doesn't get him to do what you want, nothing will.
LANCE: So that's how it works.
AMY: Not us Lance, other people.
HANNAH: That sucks.
AMY: I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but the sooner you learn to accept that, the sooner you can start breaking their hearts instead.
HANNAH: Well I don't want to break anyone's heart.
AMY: When it comes to relationships, it's the survival of the fittest.
LANCE: Well hang on a second, I...
AMY: Shhhh!
HANNAH: I still can't believe he'd cheat on me like that.
Lou's Place
Harold spots Lou's badge for being a gold level donor, commenting that it's very generous. Lou wonders where Harold's badge is, as Hilary led him to believe Harold had donated $500. Harold says Hilary wanted him to, but Madge wouldn't hear of it. Lou is furious, and calls Hilary a con artist.
Number 24
Amy and Hannah ask Madge if she saw Mark earlier. She did see Mark earlier, with a girl. She only overheard them discussing what flavour milk shake they were having, but the two of them didn't seem to be arguing, and they weren't getting amorous. All Madge can say is they looked serious and then a teacher from her school came along and they all left together. Hannah hasn't been able to find them since.
Lou's Place
Lou brings Karl a beer and thanks him for coming in as he wants to make an appointment for a check- up. He tells Karl he's thinking of selling up.
KARL: Why the sudden decision?
LOU: Oh you know, there comes a time when every guy wants to be with his family.
KARL: Yeah, tell me about it.
LOU: Oh Karl, I'm so sorry.
KARL: It's alright. At least your family want to see you. You're a lucky man, no need to apologise about that.
Meanwhile Drew approaches Toadie, asking how the car is going and whether they can talk about payment. Toadie offers Drew all the free nuts he could eat and says he'll even throw in a beer. Toadie says he's been thinking about Lou and has an idea, something so good it even brought a tear to his own eye. The old misery guts won't know what's hit him.
Number 26
Phil and Lance finish playing computer games, Phil rejoicing as it was his first game. Amy looks bored watching, and then suggests she and Lance go late night shopping. Lance suggests they go for a run. Amy wants for them to get pizza and a video, but Lance declines and goes to look out his running gear. Amy tells Phil its weird, usually they want to do the same thing but now he seems to want to do exactly the opposite.
PHIL: Well seeing that you asked, it seems to me he usually just does what you want to do.
AMY: Well usually he doesn't care.
PHIL: Well maybe he does, sometimes we just give in to keep the peace.
AMY: I'm not that bossy, am I?
Phil says Lance is easy going, and Amy always knows what she wants. Phil says it's sometimes good to know what the other person wants to do.
Number 24
Madge gets off the phone to her friend, Lyn, who works in the mayor's office. Madge tells Harold the more she hears about Hilary, the more she despises her. Lyn says that over the last few years, their champion donator has donated nothing, not one cent. It sounds very hypocritical. Madge says this makes her even more determined. She says their resident do- gooder is about to get her comeuppance. She asks Harold if he's coming to the pub, it's all in a good cause and Toadie insisted.
Number 26
Lance is stretching for his run. He asks Amy if they could order two small pizzas rather than a large one, as he usually prefers a different topping from her. Amy wonders why he didn't say so before. Lance didn't want to rock the boat, but now he's realised saying what he wants won't do that, it's just saying what he wants. Amy suggests she tries the pizza topping he likes. They decide on the film to watch, and she decides to go with Lance's choice to watch 'Con Air.' Lance is thrilled, but Amy seems hesitant.
Lou's Place
Lou comes out his office and is surprised to see the pub full of people, including Toadie, Harold, Madge, Susan, Drew and Phil. Phil starts making a speech, thanking Toadie for organising this. He says Lou's planning on leaving and they've all wished him well, but they've realised they want to say something else to him. Phil counts down and then everyone shouts out 'Lou, don't go!' As Lou starts smiling, Phil says that was pathetic and tells the crowd they can do better. Again, they shout out 'Lou, don't go!'
PHIL: We're sorry Lou, we just got carried away with being supportive but on reflection, we'd much rather be selfish. We'd like you to stay with us, what do you say?
LOU: Oh I honestly don't know what to say.
TOADIE: You could say 'free drinks for everyone.'
LOU: Don't get carried away Toadie.
MADGE: Scrooge!
Lou tells everyone he had been thinking of retiring to Queensland and moving closer to his daughter Lauren. Karl arrives, and nods to Susan. Lou says it will be a tough decision. Toadie says if Lou does decide to sell up, can he put a clause in the contract so he can keep his job.
Madge takes Lou aside to talk about Hilary. Lou tells her about being conned to make a gold donation. Madge has a plan to get her, but she needs Lou's help. Lou lets out an evil cackle.
Number 26
Mark arrives at the door asking to see Hannah. Phil lets him in. Phil tells Lance to make himself scarce. Hannah is angry at Mark for wagging school to see his girlfriend. Mark says he and Amanda split up ages ago. He says she had been hassling her to take her back, but he said no and he didn't want Amanda wrecking things for them. Mark apologises to Hannah, especially for giving her the wrong idea about Amanda. He asks if they can keep going out together, but wants it to be official. He suggests they go out tonight to celebrate. Hannah can't because she's grounded. Mark's grounded too.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Hilary he's organised a photoshoot for his donating the cheque to charity and wants Hilary to be in the photo. Harold and Madge come out from around the corner and join them for the photo, they have a cheque too to make a donation. Lou says the article will be about local identities making $500 pledges. Madge asks where Hilary's cheque is.
HILARY: My cheque?
LOU: Oh come on Hilary, can't be in the photograph otherwise.
HILARY: Well I really don't think that I should be...
LOU: Well can you imagine the article, what would the editor say? I can see it now. 'Champion fundraiser turns out to be penny pincher!'
MADGE: Oh you wouldn't dream of not matching our donation, would you?
HILARY: No of course not.
Hilary takes out her chequebook and writes a cheque for $50. Madge points out that Hilary left a 0 off, so Hilary reluctantly amends her cheque. The four of them pose for the photo holding their cheques, Hilary struggles to hide her annoyance, while Madge and Lou look delighted.
Number 28
Karl gets a call from Susan. Susan says Libby went up to Carrington Bend yesterday to go horse riding. She was with a group, and apparently she had trouble with her saddle so she stopped to adjust it, but she never caught up with the group again and they can't find her. There's been no sign of Libby, and later on her horse came back and she wasn't with it. Susan says Carrington Bend is four hours away, but she gave Libby her car. Susan plans to hire a car and go up there, but Karl says it'll take too much time, he'll pick her up in his car.
Ramsay Street
Susan is surprised to see Karl's car doesn't have a roof, as apparently the latch is broken. They drive off together.
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Amy Greenwood, Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3143
Amy Greenwood, Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3143
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3143
Toadie Rebecchi, Drew Kirk

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Hilary Grant in Neighbours Episode 3143
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Hilary Grant

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3143
Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Amy Greenwood, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3143
Susan Kennedy, Amy Greenwood, Hannah Martin

Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3143
Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Amy Greenwood

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3143
Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3143
Lou Carpenter

Amy Greenwood, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3143
Amy Greenwood, Hannah Martin

Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3143
Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3143
Drew Kirk, Toadie Rebecchi

Philip Martin, Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3143
Philip Martin, Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3143
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3143
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3143
Amy Greenwood

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3143
Philip Martin

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Drew Kirk, Toadie Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3143
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Drew Kirk, Toadie Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter

Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3143
Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Philip Martin, Mark Sindon, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3143
Philip Martin, Mark Sindon, Lance Wilkinson

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3143
Hannah Martin

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Hilary Grant, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3143
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Hilary Grant, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3143
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3143
Susan Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 3143

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