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Neighbours Episode 3125 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3125
Australian airdate: 17/07/98
UK airdate: 17/11/98
Writer: Sheila Sibley
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Karen Oldman Pia Miranda
John Marshall Ben Baker
Marcie Marshall Fionna Thomson
Summary/Images by: Holing
- Susan is angry that Libby has written an article about their family problems
Number 26
Phil and Ruth are preparing things for the garage sale.
PHIL: You realise you can never leave me now. You'll have to buy a new blender, a new toaster, a new jaffle iron...
RUTH: A new husband...
PHIL: Don't even think about it.
They try to encourage Hannah to contribute something but she's unwilling to part with her things. She also asks them to respect the KEEP OUT sign that she has on her door before leaving. Phil laughs about how Hannah seems to be a little old to be going through the 'sign' phase but Ruth acknowledges that privacy wasn't an issue for Hannah until they moved in and the house became full of people.
Number 28
Susan is still fuming about the article but Billy tries to reassure her that Libby wouldn't publicly humiliate them like that. Susan is unsure because Libby is very angry at Karl, but Billy doesn't believe that Libby would publish the article no matter how angry she said she was.
Number 24
Madge is digging up some of Harold's old vinyls to give to Toad and Karen while Harold is digging around in his room. Madge advises the youngsters to leave with the loot before Harold sees them! Harold comes out empty- handed, unable to bear parting with his things and Madge pretends that she did the same. They're still worried about Paul so when Harold suggests that they browse the garage sale, Madge declines as she would prefer to stay home by the phone.
Number 26
Toadie and Karen have come over to snare some more vinyls, this time from Ruth. She sells them a stack of them.
HANNAH: What's going on?
RUTH: I'm not sure; Toadie just bought all our old records.
HANNAH: Hmm, must have found a way to make money from them.
Ruth tries to make peace with Hannah after hassling her earlier about her messy room. Hannah doesn't want Ruth to mother her and Ruth acknowledges that, but Ruth would still like them to somehow find a way to live as a family. Hannah is noncommittal.
Number 28
Billy is at the table with a mug and a paper when Libby walks out of her room. Billy warns her to stay out of Susan's way and grills her about the article. Despite reassuring Susan that Libby wouldn't have printed the article, Billy questions Libby on whether it was her intention and she's offended that he would think that she would print it. She angrily storms to the door in her satin pyjamas to talk to Susan.
BILLY: Libby.
LIBBY: What?
BILLY: There's a garage sale going on out there, don't you think you're a little underdressed?
Ramsay Street
All the cheap vinyls that Toadie picked up are now in a box which Toadie intends to sell individually for much more than he bought them for.
TOADIE: There's no shame in making a profit.
KAREN: There's no shame in Jarrod Rebecchi, either.
Meanwhile over at Ruth's stand, Susan has her eye on something. Ruth tells her to just take it but Susan says that would defy the whole purpose of the garage sale! They offer to trade children - Susan wants to put Libby up and Ruth wants to put Hannah up! Susan confides in Ruth about her anger at Lib's article. Ruth can't imagine Libby betraying her family - there must be some mistake.
Lou's Pub
Karl is drinking orange juice all on his lonesome until Phil sits with him. Karl is in despair; the thought of being single terrifies him and he begs Phil to talk to Susan. Karl starts rambling about how desperate he is but Phil just keeps telling him what he's told him all along: he needs to be patient. Karl tries a different tact - if Phil can't convince Susan of anything, could he try to convince Billy to hear Karl out?
Ramsay Street
The garage sale is in full swing and Toad's making some cash. Karen buys some of Sarah's designer clothes for cheap and Toadie does the same for some of the men's clothes that Karen has put out that belonged to a guy she shared her house with, Greg. Billy comments on how terrible the vinyl collection is when Phil draws him aside for a chat. They head off to number 26 while Libby asks Susan for a word and they head off to number 28.
A couple of newlyweds come around looking at the small household appliances that Ruth has out and she offers them a special price for the whole lot.
Number 28
Lib and Susan walk in, equally angry at each other. Susan is unforgiving that Libby would write a "juicy" tale based on their lives and Libby is not happy that her mother would think that she would publish it.
Number 26
A more civilised talk is going on here, as Phil tries to explain to Billy how Karl is feeling. Without wanting to take sides, he merely suggests that Billy meet up with Karl.
Ramsay Street
Hannah brings out a doll and a bear that her mum gave her. She flippantly says that she doesn't need it anymore but after she's gone, Ruth puts it aside. Susan returns with a coffee and comments on how worn out she is by everything. Meanwhile at Toadie's stand, he finds a card from Greg to Karen. He goes all jealous boyfriend when he finds out that Greg wasn't just a housemate but an ex- boyfriend and accuses Karen of flaunting it under his nose.
Hannah comes by and is disappointed that all her stuff has sold, even her doll Molly. She sadly goes back to find what else she can put up for sale. Ruth glances over at the "newlyweds" who cheaply bought her kitchen appliances...loading everything into a van with the sign 'John's Trash & Treasure Market'. Ruth runs over and calls them con artists but they say that "All is fair in love and war...and garage sales".
Number 24
It looks like Paul has been located and Harold and Madge are over the moon. He is found, he is safe and Harold and Madge hug it out.
Number 28
After a little cool- off time, Libby and Susan apologise and hug. The article was Lib's way of distancing herself from the situation and making sense of it, and wasn't intended for any readers. Personal involvement aside, Lib wants to know what Susan thought of her writing. Susan honestly says that it was touching and it was true.
SUSAN: I liked the part where you said "I wish I could tell my mother that..."
LIBBY: "...no love is ever wasted".
SUSAN: Yeah. It reminded me of how much love your dad and I had.
Lou's Pub
Just as Karl is about to walk out the door, he bumps into Billy who has reluctantly come to awkwardly chat with his father. Billy makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk about Susan, but Karl almost instantly launches into how lonely he feels without Susan. Karl doesn't really know how to word what he wants to say.
KARL: I find it highly embarrassing explaining my shortcomings to my own son.
BILLY: Yeah, me too.
Karl tries explaining his situation with Sarah - there was an attraction and they tried to be sensible, but it got messy. Billy makes it clear to Karl that he would like to be friends with him, but if Karl is using Billy to get to Susan, it's "not on".
Number 26
Ruth is still angry about rorted by the "newlyweds" because it was wrong on principle. Hannah looks a little down at selling her old toys but she's instantly brightened when she finds her doll Molly on her bed. She hugs Phil, thinking he bought Molly and "saved" her, but when Phil says that it wasn't his doing, Hannah realises that it was Ruth and awkwardly, but gratefully, thanks her.
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