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Neighbours Episode 3078 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3078
Australian airdate: 13/05/98
UK airdate: 11/09/98
UK Gold: 21/07/04
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: David Myles
Guests: Joel Samuels: Daniel MacPherson
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Ned Belcher: Jim Alexander
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Kim is attracted to Sarah, but she doesn't seem as keen.
- Karl tells Sarah off for being late for work. She tells him he's being too hard on her.
- Lily tells Anne that a developer is planning to build a dodgy development next to her house.
- Anne asks Libby to do a story about the dodgy development.
Billy is swimming laps. Caitlin turns up, but a bit later. She isn't happy that Billy has started swimming without her. Billy says that Caitlin has been late three times. Caitlin ignores him and dives into the water to start doing her own laps.
Kim is reading an article from the paper to Sarah. He is interrupted by Karl and patient who wants a follow- up appointment.
When the patient has gone, Karl asks Sarah for a word.
The Inner Office
Karl tells Sarah off for being casual about her job again, and says she must meet her friends outside working hours. Sarah thinks Karl is being hard on her again. It seems that Karl is more upset that Kim is sniffing around Sarah, though he doesn't say so.
Libby is researching the development company. Apparently they haven't followed procedures at all. Susan says maybe she should start thinking about dinner - perhaps they could have a barbecue. She asks Libby how she can raise $50,000 to upgrade the school's equipment(!)
Billy comes in from training and goes off for a shower.
Sarah comes in to tell Karl that his next patient will be late. Things are a bit awkward between them. Sarah apologises for being unprofessional, and Karl apologises for going over the top.
SARAH: Look, I've been giving things a bit of thought, and...I feel awkward here, we both do, Karl!
KARL: No, I don't feel...
SARAH: I just think it's better for both of us if I work somewhere else. I guess what I'm saying is, I want to hand in my resignation.
KARL: Sarah, you don't...
But he is interrupted by the telephone ringing. Sarah answers it - it's Susan. Karl tells her that a barbecue tonight will be fine.
A stranger knocks on the door.
SUSAN: Billy, can you answer that, I'm on the phone! Billy!
Susan opens the door just as the stranger is about to knock again.
STRANGER: Hi! You must be Mrs Kennedy!
Susan looks at his surf board.
SUSAN: Er...yes...
JOEL: I'm Joel. Sorry, I was going to call from the airport, but all the phones were busy.
SUSAN: Er...right...Joel. Are you a friend of Billy's?
JOEL: No, I'm a friend of Mal's. Sorry, isn't Mal Kennedy your son?
SUSAN: Er, yes...but Mal's in England.
JOEL: Oh, I know, yeah, that's where I met him. I guess you haven't got his letter, then?
SUSAN: Er, his letter? Is he alright?
JOEL: Yes, it's just that he said he was going to write and let you know...um, about my staying.
Susan raises her eyebrows.
SUSAN: Staying?! Here?
JOEL: Yeah, that was the idea. He said there'd be no problem. I guess you haven't heard from him, then?
Susan just looks at him(!)
Caitlin is in a bad mood and tells Nick that yes, she's done her history essay and referenced it. She heads off to do some more homework. Nick says that maybe she should ease up a bit on the swimming, as she needs rest too.
He tells her that Josh rang and wants her to ring him.
Joel is bringing his stuff in and explaining that he's from Tasmania, but was in England to compete in a triathlon competition. She invites him to sit down and have a drink. Apparently Joel hung out with Mal and Catherine in England quite a bit. He offers to find somewhere else to stay - he could call his coach at the Erinsborough Pool. Susan knows his coach (Simon) as he trains Billy too. Susan says it's fine for him to stay with them.
Karl stiffly offers Sarah a lift home, but she's going to meet Kim at the pub. He asks her to reconsider her resignation, and the location of her work is convenient to home and uni for her.
KARL: Sarah...can't we just go back to square one like we were before?
SARAH: Do you need me to explain to you why that's impossible? I was attracted to you so much initially because you were older and more mature...and now I can see you're just like a little boy.
KARL: ...I really don't want you to go.
SARAH: I'll give it some more thought.
Karl invites Sarah and Kim to a family barbecue tonight - perhaps they can try to be friends. Sarah says she'll ask Kim about it.
Caitlin is studying. She's in a good mood after her phonecall to Josh - he wants her to fill in her application to the Institute of Sport. Nick asks if she's talked to their parents about finishing school, but Caitlin says if she gets in to the Institute, she's going.
Sarah and Kim come in. They've decided to go to the barbecue at No.28. Caitlin asks Kim for his opinion about the Institute of Sport and he says he'd be chuffed if one of his students got in.
Coffee Shop
Caitlin is excitedly telling Billy about the Institute of Sport. She is going to work really hard to get in. Billy tells her that he's declaring himself a girl- free zone for the rest of this year. Caitlin asks him if he wants to take a bet on it. Billy invites her to their barbecue.
Karl is moaning that they don't know anything about Joel, and they need to verify his story with Mal. Sarah comes in to get some napkins and Karl asks her if she's given any more thought to resigning.
Billy comes in, excited by the barbecue, while Libby shows Joel the CD collection. She advises him not to put the bagpipe collection on.
Just then, Mal rings and Libby tells him the Joel Samuels is there. Susan grabs the phone and it turns out that Joel's story is true. Chaos rains in the house with Billy tipping crisps on the floor. Apparently Mal hasn't found a job yet.
Nick is watching TV when Caitlin comes out wearing her swimming costume under her clothes. She makes a quick exit out of the back door.
Everyone is washing up after the barbecue and they are all in a very good mood (except Karl). Billy asks Joel about his triathlons. He tells him about Caitlin trying to get in to the Institute of Sport. Joel says swimming is his weakest sport, so he'll have to train hard. He asks Billy if he fancies doing triathlons, and Billy laughs.
Nick tells Caitlin off for swimming laps in their own pool, saying she needs to rest.
Billy comes round and is amazed that Caitlin has been swimming in the dark. He tells her about Joel and his triathlon.
Swimming Pool, the following morming
Caitlin is swimming laps with Billy. They reach the end of the pool and Billy introduces Caitlin to Joel.
Susan is typing something on the computer. Karl is making a shopping list. Libby comes out and asks Susan if she can use the computer for her article about the development. Susan moans about the broken computers at the school - they need to raise money quick.
Outside the pool
Joel has spoken to Simon. He's got his list for cross- training and Caitlin isn't on it. Joel tells her awkwardly that Simon said he didn't want Caitlin cross- training...because he thinks she's "got a fair way to go".
CAITLIN: I don't believe this is happening. I'm a loser, and my own coach doesn't even have the guts to tell me.
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