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Neighbours Episode 3052 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3052
Australian airdate: 07/04/98
UK airdate: 05/08/98
UK Gold:01/07/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Miss Graves: Kylie Moppert
Mark Billings: Adam Zwar
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: David
- Caitlin and Billy go skinny dipping.
- Billy breaks up with Anne.
- Susan jokes that Karl and Sarah are having an affair.
Karl doesn't like Susan slinging accusations around, but Susan explains it was a joke. Karl is overly defensive and immediately goes through to reception and tells Sarah that he won't be able to help her with her studies. Susan protests and apologises to Sarah, it isn't a problem and she wants Karl to help her. She doesn't want Karl to change things due to a stupid misunderstanding.
Number 22
Darren hugs Lolly and explains that he has to go away. Lou says she doesn't realise what is going on.
LOU: It's never easy to pick up and start again. But you will, I have every confidence in you. And it's not as though you won't be in constant touch because of little one here.
DARREN: Thanks Lou.
LOU: No, thank you. I had to start out all over again a while ago and you helped me. In the same way you'll find others to help you. I'll gladly volunteer to be one of them if you need me.
DARREN: You've been good to me. Better than you needed to be. When I arrived back the first time I borrowed $20 off the fridge, I don't know if I ever paid you back for it.
LOU: Oh many many times. I think of you as a son Darren, I always will.
Darren and Lou hug. Lou offers to walk Darren out, but Darren tells Lou to stay with Lolly. He asks him to explain to her that he didn't want to go. He says he'll call. He takes his bag and leaves. Once out the door, Lou says sadly 'see you mate.'
Number 28
Libby is feeding Dahl when Susan returns home. Libby asks if she's alright, Susan says 'not really' but it isn't important and asks how Libby is. She asks if she's upset about Darren, Libby says she will be once he's gone. Susan explains that Darren has gone, she just saw Darren put his bags in his ute and drive off. Libby thinks Darren must have been doing some last minute things, he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye. Susan thought he said goodbye a couple of days ago, but Libby would have expected him to come over before he leaves. Libby goes to check with Lou. Susan goes to sit on the couch and finds some lip liner.
The Coffee Shop
Billy and Caitlin arrive. Caitlin says hi to Anne, who swiftly leaves. Caitlin scolds Billy for not saying hi to Anne and inviting her to join them.
CAITLIN: You can't ignore her forever.
BILLY: I just felt a little... awkward...
CAITLIN: Like a bit of a wimp, yeah, I agree.
Billy asks to drop it, but Caitlin insists he go after her as Anne looked so upset.
Number 28
Libby tells Susan she's right, Darren is gone. Susan asks if she's upset, but Libby angrily says she couldn't care less, but she can't believe he'd go like that after they'd been together so long. Susan asks Libby if the lip liner is hers, but it isn't so she says she'll ask Sarah. Libby starts crying, thinking about all these things she and Darren would have done together. Susan suggests Libby take a break a few days.
SUSAN: What about Angie? Angie and Stonie would put you up no worries.
LIBBY: Yeah right, and get roped in to waiting tables at the diner.
SUSAN: It wouldn't hurt, hard work is the best cure for a broken heart.
LIBBY: Is that right?
SUSAN: No, but it's a good distraction. What about Grampa Tom, he'd love to see you.
LIBBY: I guess. Do you think Dad would go mad if I go on my scooter?
SUSAN: Yeah of course he would. We can handle him.
Sarah is packing her desk at the end of her shift. Karl wishes Sarah didn't leave her desk so tidy. That way when Harold came in after lunch he would have to tidy the desk which would give him less time to come up with those initiatives of his. Sarah asks if they should reschedule their study session later. Karl says it is okay, Susan won't mind as he was only overreacting to something.
KARL: Give me about half an hour to unwind after an afternoon with Harold and we'll get started.
Libby arrives and asks for a minute with Karl. In his office, Karl asks Libby how Susan is, Libby says fine and wonders why wouldn't she be? Libby explains that Darren has gone and she's decided to go away for a few days to Grampa Tom's.
KARL: How are you going to get there? (Libby is silent.) Oh Lib, no, not the scooter!
LIBBY: Mum said it would be alright.
KARL: Oh, you will drive carefully.
LIBBY: No dad, I'm going to drive as recklessly as humanly possible.
Karl tries to lecture Libby on how to drive safely, then asks if she has enough money. She says no and takes some money from his wallet, thanking him.
Erinsborough High
Miss Graves reminds the class that their assignments are due tomorrow and there will be no extensions. As the class leaves, she asks Billy to stay behind. She tells him she'll go through his essay with a fine toothcomb and if she sees one word which looks like it has been recycled from last year then she'll come down on him like a tonne of bricks.
Billy leaves and joins Caitlin and Anne who are waiting for him in the corridor. Caitlin says she thought they needed to talk and goes to the coffee shop. Billy apologises to Caitlin, he knows how the skinny dipping would have seemed suss and her reaction wasn't as over the top as he first thought. He still thinks they should have a break. Anne is surprised he doesn't have anything else to say and leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Billy joins Caitlin for lunch. He tells Caitlin what happened, and he doesn't know why he bothered. Anne arrives and walks right past both of them without making eye contact. Billy wants to take their food to the lake, but Caitlin doesn't want to make it seem like she's taking sides. She won't ignore Anne whenever they're in the same room. Billy leaves and Anne goes over to Caitlin to talk about Billy.
CAITLIN: I'm not getting into this.
ANNE: Into what?
CAITLIN: If you and Billy want to slag each other off then that's fine but leave me out of it okay.
Number 30
Susan knocks at the door and Sarah lets her in. Susan wants to assure Sarah that she doesn't mind her and Karl spending time together, it's fine with her. She assures Sarah that Karl got it wrong when he thought she was upset. Susan asks if the lip liner she found down the back of the couch was Sarah's and it was. Susan is happy the mystery is solved and tells Sarah she'll see her later.
Number 32
Susan explains to Ruth about how Karl always has something organised with Sarah. Susan explains she made a joke about them having an affair and Karl had a fit.
SUSAN: Oh you know what he's like, he tries but he's a shocking old conservative.
RUTH (impersonating Karl): Susan, I am outraged!
SUSAN: He sounded just like that, you should have seen his face.
RUTH: It probably never even occurred to him that his actions could be misconstrued.
SUSAN (laughing): Either that or he's got a guilty conscience.
RUTH: Surely not.
SUSAN: No way, he's completely transparent. I'd know.
RUTH: The only thing you do have to worry about is if he starts sending you flowers for no reason, dead giveaway.
The Coffee Shop
Billy arrives for a drink. Anne approaches and says she doesn't understand him, he had said the only reason they broke up was she didn't trust him, but then he said he understood why she was jealous. If they're both partly to blame, why does it have to end like this? Anne realises he doesn't want to get back together again. Billy doesn't think they've been happy together and they maybe shouldn't have got back together after the last time they broke up. He accuses her of always suspecting him and waiting for something to go wrong and when she is about to say how difficult it is to trust him, he tells her off for starting on about it again. She says she doesn't know what she ever saw in him.
Karl arrives home, apologising for being late. He's brought her some flowers. Susan bursts out laughing, telling him it's because of something Ruth said before. She thanks Karl. Karl apologises for being an eedjit before. She kisses him and goes to put the flowers in water. They wonder where Libby is right now. They start thinking about cooking dinner when Sarah arrives for her study session. Karl apologises he's running a bit late. Susan tells Sarah it's okay to get started, they won't even know she's here.
On the Road
Libby is on her scooter and pulls up on the side of the road to read a map. She looks at two possible paths up ahead and then drives along one of them.
Number 28
Karl is reading over one of Sarah's essays, Sarah thinks it looks clumsy. Karl says the medical facts are spot on, so it must be a grammatical thing. Susan apologises for eavesdropping, but they're in very close proximity to an English teacher and she'd be happy to have a look. Susan looks at it and says Sarah's just got mixed up with her tenses. Billy walks in and without saying anything goes straight to his room. Susan says Billy has no manners.
Country Pub/Number 28
Libby is at a payphone and calls Susan. Susan asks if she's at Grampa Tom's yet. Libby says everything is so pretty and she keeps stopping to look at things so she is only about half way there. She's already phone Grampa Tom about not being able to make it before dark, so she's found a pub and will stay here tonight.
KARL: A pub, she's not drinking is she?
SUSAN: It's just your dad, he thinks you're going to get plastered!
KARL: I never said that sweetie!
Libby assures them she'll have a meal and get an early night and then drive off early in the morning. Susan asks how she's feeling. Libby says she's feeling good, getting away has been great and she's glad Susan talked her into it.
The Coffee Shop
Billy and Caitlin return from training, passing Ruth. Ruth tells Billy that Anne is pretty upset about what happened. She says that Billy should have told Anne that he didn't have genuine feelings for her instead of stringing her along. Billy didn't mean to, and Ruth understands that it'll be difficult for everyone. Caitlin and Billy leave.
Country Pub
A guy (Mark) tries to chat Libby up at the bar, telling her that this town is one of Australia's best kept secrets. He offers to show her around, but she walks away from him. The guy follows her to another table outside. Darren appears and overhears Libby telling the guy she's not interested, but the guy keeps asking. Darren tells the guy to leave Libby alone.
MARK: I was only trying to be polite.
DARREN: Yeah well, I'll write to the council, they'll probably put up a plaque for you.
The guy leaves.
LIBBY: What are you doing here?
DARREN: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
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Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3052
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont

Darren Stark, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3052
Darren Stark, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 3052
Lou Carpenter, Darren Stark

Dahl, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Dahl, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Caitlin Atkins, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3052
Billy Kennedy, Caitlin Atkins, Anne Wilkinson

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3052
Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Mrs. Graves in Neighbours Episode 3052
Mrs. Graves

Anne Wilkinson, Caitlin Atkins, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Anne Wilkinson, Caitlin Atkins, Billy Kennedy

Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3052
Caitlin Atkins

Susan Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3052
Susan Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont

Ruth Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Ruth Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3052
Anne Wilkinson

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Sarah Beaumont, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Sarah Beaumont, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 3052
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sarah Beaumont

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Caitlin Atkins, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Caitlin Atkins, Billy Kennedy

Mark Billings, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Mark Billings, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3052
Libby Kennedy

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