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Neighbours Episode 3045 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3045
Australian airdate: 27/03/98
UK airdate: 27/07/98
UK Gold: 22/06/04
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Drew Kirk: Dan Paris
Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Brian Jones: Joshua Wojniusz
Minister: Michael Roland
Rowena: Marie Goddard
John: Rodney Joyce
Bonnie, Dahl and Junkyard Dog: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: David
- Billy tells Libby all the evidence that points to Ruth and Phil getting married. Libby thinks he's been watching too many soapies.
- Ruth shows Anne the wedding cake she's just collected.
- Anne tells Hannah that it looks like Ruth and Phil might be eloping on their weekend trip away.
- Darren asks Libby to help each other through their break up. Libby agrees for him to come over tonight if he thinks it'll help.
- Shannon and Darren find Brian on top of a car on the other side of a wire fence, while a dog barks at him.
Darren leaps the fence and rushes to Brian's rescue, while Shannon shouts at the dog to stay away from him. The dog rushes over to Shannon and barks at her, allowing Darren to grab Brian and get him to safety. The dog bites Darren as he escapes, but they manage to get to the other side of the fence, as Shannon hugs Brian.
Number 28
Libby moans. Billy asks her what's wrong.
BILLY: Come on there's something bugging you. Is it your haircut?
LIBBY: No it's not my haircut thank you.
Libby notices she has written a whole paragraph in capitals. Karl enters the room as Billy asks why Libby's 'in a pig of a mood.' She says she isn't and tells him to go away. Billy leaves Libby to 'wallow in her own misery.' Karl tells Libby that Billy is only trying to help, and there's bound to be an explanation why Darren hasn't turned up.
LIBBY: Yeah sure, maybe he's at the pub, he's with some girl or maybe he's just forgot.
KARL: You've done a whole paragraph in caps.
LIBBY: Yes dad, I know.
Karl says Darren could have been caught in traffic or been in an accident. He asks Libby how long she's going to put up with this, this isn't the first time Darren has let her down and it won't be the last. He asks how long she'll let Darren put her through this angst, and he hates the fact that Darren makes her unhappy. Libby says she isn't unhappy, she's angry, and she'll have it out with Darren in her own way.
Number 32
Lance, Anne and Hannah discuss Ruth and Phil's decision to elope. Lance thinks they should tell Ruth they know what she's doing and try to get a lift with her. Anne says they've already tried that but she doesn't want them to know. They think Ruth probably doesn't want to tell them after how upset Lance was when their dad got re- married and they probably want to get married without a fuss. Anne says she's checked where they are going and they plan to get a bus then a train then a bus to get there, they'll need to get up early to be there on time.
Ruth arrives and they all stop talking. Ruth worries because they've all gone quiet and wonders what is going on. Hannah and Anne say it's nothing but Lance asks Ruth if she's decided when she and Phil are getting married. Ruth tells them to stop stressing, when they do marry it will be with minimal fuss, so there's no reason to worry about it. She promises them it will be a hassle- free wedding, for all concerned. Ruth leaves. Anne says the only way they can prove that the wedding isn't a hassle is to turn up. They agree to get up early to catch the bus.
LANCE: I'm not going to miss my own mum's wedding, if that is what it is.
Number 28
Libby tells Karl she's heading out with the boys tonight. Karl asks her if he's been too hard on Billy, and if Billy's repeating Year 12 just to please him. Libby says he's been hard on all the kids. Karl thinks that, because of Billy's dyslexia, it isn't so much that he's nagged him too much but he's underrated him.
LIBBY: Oh what, so he didn't get his fair share of nagging, is that it?
KARL: I didn't mean it like that. I don't make it my mission in life to nag you kids, you know that.
LIBBY: Really? Could have fooled me.
Libby tells Karl not to stress. Billy is a lot tougher than people give him credit for. Libby tells Karl to chill out and have a good night. As Libby leaves, Darren knocks at the door. Darren has arrived with flowers and tries to explain. Libby cuts him off, telling him she isn't that stupid, and he should go to be with Shannon. Libby leaves.
Karl has bandaged up Darren's leg, saying he's had his tetanus booster so he'll be alright.
DARREN: Thanks Karl.
KARL: It's alright, I'll do anything for champers. And Susan will love the flowers, even though Libby didn't.
Karl thinks Libby will be more understanding when she knows what held him up. Karl doesn't think Libby will want to go out with Darren again. As Karl pours himself a glass of champagne, he tells Darren he knows he's been a little hard on him, but he understands Darren very well.
KARL: I don't think you're ready for Libby. She's a remarkable person.
DARREN: And I'm not?
KARL: Do you want me to be honest?
KARL: No, I don't think you are remarkable. I think you're a battler. I think you're a good, honest, hardworking bloke who expects a fair deal. But when you make a mistake, you expect more than a fair deal and Libby's already given you that once. So I don't think she's going to be as forgiving this time round.
DARREN: Wow, you're really something else, aren't you? You sit there and you judge everyone, and you judge me. I don't think you've got that right Karl.
KARL: No, I don't have that right. That's one of my failings. But you see, I'm not remarkable either.
DARREN: Yeah, well I'm not going to give up on Libby.
As Darren leaves he asks Karl to tell Libby he was asking for her. Karl tells him to ask her himself. Darren pauses for a moment before leaving.
Number 32
It's early in the morning, sunrise. Phil comes around to Ruth's, commenting on how early it is. Ruth says Rowena rang again last night to ask about the dress. They take the dress, wedding cake and gift out to the car, giggling as they head out. As soon as they leave, Lance and Anne rush out to the window to look as they get into the car. They note that Ruth will probably get changed into her wedding dress in the back of the church, which isn't that romantic. Anne says she's going to go for a shower and then they'll pick up Hannah afterwards. Lance looks out the window.
LANCE: There they go off to get married, just like that. Unbelievable.
Number 28
Libby joins Karl and Billy for breakfast. Karl asks about what time she got in this morning. Libby says it was after half 4, Martin took her home, but assures Karl he didn't stay, he called himself a taxi. Libby opens the fridge and asks if Karl drank her champagne. Karl says she ran away before Darren gave it to her, and it was given to him for services rendered. He explains that he had to attend to Darren's injuries, which backs up the story about why Darren was late.
Number 22
Darren reapplies his bandages, having explained to Libby that he was rescuing a boy from a dog. She apologises for not believing him. Darren says he's learnt his lesson about lying to her, he just wishes he learnt it earlier. Libby doesn't understand Darren, one minute he is as low as any man can go and the next he's off being a hero. Darren asks if she forgives him for being late. Libby does forgive him, and agrees to stay for a coffee.
Bus Station
Lance, Hannah and Anne are all dressed up for the wedding. Lance complains about wearing some stupid clothes at a stupid bus stop, waiting to go to his own mum's wedding. Hannah can't believe her dad is getting married without her.
LANCE: Go on say it.
ANNE: Say what?
LANCE: How I made such a big deal about dad's wedding, how I hated the idea of him remarrying and how mum obviously thinks that I feel the same way about her, which is why she's off in the country somewhere getting married without us.
ANNE: Well I wasn't going to say that but yes, you're probably right, that's probably why she's doing it.
LANCE: See. Couldn't help yourself, could you?
The bus arrives. Hannah says it doesn't matter why they're doing it, but they're getting married and she wants to be there. Anne hopes it isn't too late.
Lou's Place
Lou shows Ben some test- tubes he got from a Science teacher friend of his, he's going to serve shooters in them. Ben asks Lou what he knows about Andrew Kirk, who he saw at his garage, doing his jobs. Lou said he hired Andrew on a small wage, and they keep the profits. Ben is annoyed that Lou went behind his back.
BEN: So talk to me about it.
LOU: I should have. I thought I'd caused you enough headaches. Ha ha ha! That's a coma joke.
Lou offers to get Andrew so they can sit down and have a talk.
In The Country
Lance, Anne and Hannah run towards the church.
ANNE: Hurry up, we're going to miss it!
LANCE: I can't help it, every time I run, my zip comes undone!
ANNE: Nobody's gonna care.
LANCE: I don't know much about weddings, but I know it's not great form to show up with your fly undone.
They note that the wedding's already started.
As the minister begins the service, Hannah, Anne and Lance rush in telling them to stop the wedding. The couple turn around and the kids realise they are not Phil and Ruth, who are sitting with the rest of the wedding guests. The kids stand looking awkward.
Church - Exterior
As we hear organ music from inside the church, the kids stand with Phil and Ruth outside and explain that they thought Phil and Ruth were eloping. Ruth can't believe they thought they'd get married without telling them. They tell them there's a wedding going on, so they should get back inside, but tell the kids not to say a word.
As the group enter, the organist stops playing. Everyone turns to watch as Phil, Ruth and the kids awkwardly re- enter the church and sit back down.
MINISTER: Assuming there are no other objections to Rowena and John getting married, then let us begin... again!
Ruth and Hannah look to each other and smile.
Lou's Place
Lou, Drew (still being called Andrew) and Ben sit down to discuss how it'll work with Drew there while Ben is recovering, as they can only afford one mechanic. Ben thinks that means that Drew is only temporary, but Drew says Lou offered him a permanent job. Ben says he's ready to come back next week. Ben warns Drew that Lou will do anything for a buck. As they discuss it, Lou says he can guarantee Drew's wage whether there is work there or not, out of his own pocket.
Number 22
Lou and Lolly return home and say hi to Libby and Darren. Darren asks her to let him know when she's made a decision, but he doesn't want to rush her. After Libby leaves, Lou is pleased that it sounds like there's a ray of hope. Lou tells Darren a story about Anneka from Amsterdam. He asked her to marry him and it was too early, he was too young and wanted other things. In the end he ended up hurting her, and it hurt him even more. He wishes he met her when he was 30.
LOU: Why am I talking about Anneka?
DARREN: We were talking about me being forgiven.
LOU: Oh yeah that's right. I was just thinking how lucky you are that you met Libby when you did. At that age when you're ready to make a commitment. And that's probably why she's thinking about letting you off the hook. And that's cause for celebration sunshine.
Darren looks uncertain.
Number 30 Pool
Billy and Caitlin are in the swimming pool. Caitlin asks what would happen if they woke up tomorrow and the whole world was gone except for here. Billy hates weird hypotheticals. Caitlin tells him to play along, they could have vegies from Harold's and they could eat Billy's sheep. Billy asks if Josh knows she's into these hypothetical disaster situations. Billy asks if they would be the last two people in this scenario, she asks if he wants them to be. They then play- fight each other for a bag of crisps.
Number 28
Karl tells Libby that he's off now. As he leaves, Darren arrives hoping to see Libby. Darren tells Libby that he has something else to say to her.
DARREN: Being with you has been the most important thing in my life. And you deserve so much Libby, and I can't give it to you. I've tried, I really have you know and I can't promise you that I'm not going to muck up again. I wish I could. You deserve someone who can give you that promise but I can't. This is why I have to go.
LIBBY (upset): You're going?
DARREN: I don't want to hurt you anymore Lib. The only way I can be certain of not doing that is if I leave Erinsborough for good.
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Darren Stark, Brian Jones, Shannon Jones in Neighbours Episode 3045
Darren Stark, Brian Jones, Shannon Jones

Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3045
Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3045
Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson

Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3045
Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 3045
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Karl Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 3045
Karl Kennedy, Darren Stark

Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3045
Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin

Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3045
Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3045
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3045
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3045
Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Anne Wilkinson

Ben Atkins, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3045
Ben Atkins, Lou Carpenter

Rowena (1998), Minister, John in Neighbours Episode 3045
Rowena (1998), Minister, John

Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3045
Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3045
Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3045
Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Minister in Neighbours Episode 3045
Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Minister

Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3045
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson, Anne Wilkinson

Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3045
Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk

Lou Carpenter, Ben Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3045
Lou Carpenter, Ben Atkins

Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 3045
Lou Carpenter, Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 3045
Darren Stark

Billy Kennedy, Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 3045
Billy Kennedy, Caitlin Atkins

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 3045
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3045
Libby Kennedy

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