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Neighbours Episode 3043 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3043
Australian airdate: 25/03/98
UK airdate: 23/07/1998
UK Gold: 18/06/04
Writer: Gabrielle Robinson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- A girl (Karen) says she's obsessed with one of the radio's DJs (Toadie)
- Karen sees Nick in the booth and thinks that he's Toadie.
- Karen rings the radio station and says that Toadie is really cute.
- Karl tells Madge that she might need more surgery on her eye.
- Karl wants to check out a mole on Sarah's back. She looks uncomfortable about undressing in front of him.
Sarah awkwardly lifts her top for Karl to have a look. In the outer office, Harold has just come in. He goes into the inner office and surprises Karl and Sarah, shutting the door again in his shock.
Karl goes out to look for Harold, but he's gone.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is nervous about meeting Karen. Nick tells him to relax. When Toadie is at the counter, Karen comes in and introduces herself him. She thinks Nick is Toadie.
Lance is ranting at Amy for spending Jeff's money on clothes. He asks her to take them back, but she says they were on sale and she won't be able to get a refund.
Ben comes in and sympathises with Lance, but says Lance is wrapped around her little finger.
Coffee Shop
Toadie has introduced himself to Karen as "Jarrod". (I believe I detect a Cyrano de Bergerac storyline coming on). She tells "Toadie" aka Nick that she'd like to meet up with him again. She kisses him on the cheek and Nick looks pleased.
Nick asks Toadie what the heck is going on. Toadie explains that Nick is going to pretend to be him visually, while Toadie speaks to her on the phone. Maybe she'll come round to the real Toadie's appearance when she gets to know him better over the phone. Nick thinks it's a terrible plan(!)
Sarah is worried that Harold thinks she and Karl are having an affair. Karl says he'll sort things with Harold.
Lance is setting up the table football. Ben can't think how Lace is going to collect the money - there's no coin slot in the table! Lance says he can't afford to have the table converted - Amy has spent it all!
Ramsay Street
Karl parks outside No.24 so he can go in and see Harold. Susan sees him and asks him what's going on.
Susan is laughing her head off at the incident in the surgery (apparently Karl was photographing it to check for melanoma). Karl is not impressed at her hilarity and says that Sarah is very embarrassed. Susan starts laughing again and says that Karl could sell the photos on the Internet(!)
Nick and Toadie are listening to CDs. Toadie is looking for a song for Karen. He decides to call her.
Karen answers the phone and says she'll definitely be listening to today's show. She suggests that she and Toadie go to the cinema tonight. Toadie tries to put her off, but Karen is insistent - 7pm outside The Palace.
When Toadie puts the phone down, he begs Nick to take Karen to the movies for him. He reluctantly agrees.
Harold won't let Karl in, ranting that Karl is having an affair.
KARL: Do you honestly think that I would take photographs of Sarah for anything other than medical reasons?!
Karl shows him his back catalogue of polaroids of patients' moles(!) He explains that he takes photos to keep a record of their appearance and any changes over time. Harold is contrite.
No.32 (evening)
Lanc and Ben are playing table football - loudly. Ruth asks Lance pointedly if he has any "secrets". Lance admits that Jeff has invested and Ruth says she knows - Jeff told her on the phone. Ruth says at least they'll be able to get the football table out of the living room. Lance explains about the coin slot which will cost $200. He forced to explain that Amy spent it on clothes, but they'll get a refund quick. Ruth rolls her eyes.
Nick arrives home from the movies and says he's had a great night. Toadie is pleased, and Nick says that Karen is fantastic. She's one of the nicest girls he's ever been out with. Toadie is not pleased that Nick is moving in on his girl, especially when Nick says he's going to ask her out again - as himself this time(!)
Harold pops round to apologise to Karl and gives him a bottle of wine. Susan tells Harold that it's an "honest mistake" - she still looks very amused. In conversation, Harold tells Susan about him finding a letter from Sarah to Matt that was very romantic, and he thought she'd written it to Karl. Susan laughs. Harold says he must be so worried about Madge that he's not thinking straight(!)
When Harold has gone, Karl laughs. Susan is still a bit confused about why Harold thought the letter was from Karl.
Toadie says he's going to ring Karen tomorrow, explain who he is, and ask her out on a date himself! Nick says he's sure Karen will choose him(!)
Sarah is confused. Toadie explains about the Cyrano de Bergerac angle. Sarah is appalled and tells Toadie that he and Nick are crazy.
TOADIE: You don't know what it's like to really like someone, but be too afraid to tell them because...you think that they don't like you.
SARAH: I think I can imagine.
Toadie looks rather down and tells Sarah that his life is a mess.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Harold and Madge drive up. Madge's eyes are covered and she feels her way out of the car. Harold helps her up the stairs to the house.
Paul greets Madge and he and Harold help her over to the sofa. Madge is very glad to be home. Harold says he and Paul will handle everything. However, it's not certain that Madge will be able to see even once the patches are off.
Coffee Shop
Lance tells Amy that Ruth is going to kill him. Amy says she's not taking the clothes back and orders two chocolate milkshakes. Suddenly she takes some money out of her pocket - she has already been to get a refund. Lance is pleased. She has something to tell him though - she did keep one top - a teensy weensy one.
Karl tells Sarah that he's cleared things up with Harold, but that he mentioned the letter to Susan. Luckily, Susan thought nothing of it.
Sarah tells Karl about the Toadie/Nick/Karen triangle. She says pointedly that it's always best to be honest about your feelings.
Toadie is on the phone to Karen. She tells him that he's very funny on the phone, but he wasn't too funny last night. Toadie says it was just first date nerves. Karen suggests they get to know each other over the phone first, then they can go out on another date when they feel more comfortable. Toadie is delighted!
After he puts the phone down, Toadie tells Nick that Karen thought he was a bit dull last night. He's going to talk to her on the phone, and be careful how he "plays his cards" from now on.
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