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Neighbours Episode 3020 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3020
Australian airdate: 20/02/98
UK airdate: 17/06/98
UK Gold: 18/05/04
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Brian Jones: Joshua Wojniusz
Dr Shepherd: Drew Tingwell
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Paul stuffing the papers down the drain.
Carol telling Lou that she was scared of committing to him and Lolly.
Josh telling Caitlin that they're a couple; them kissing.
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin and Josh are pleased to be together, and Josh admits that he doesn't want to go home, but he has to. Lance comes in and sees them together. He sits next to Cait and asks how the date went. Caitlin says it's love with a capital L!
Number 22
Harold can't believe what happened with the papers! How can it turn into such a catastrophe?! Hannah suggests she leave. Harold are not happy with Paul, and Harry says he'll have to contact the water board and sort this out. Lou suggests Harry wait a while - the water board might charge him! Lou says they can't prove what Paul did. But Harold thinks this is a moral thing: they will own up and suffer the consequences.
The Swimming Pool
Caitlin hops in the pool and Billy asks about her date with Josh. Caitlin tells him, and makes him promise not to say anything to anyone. Simon tells them to get on with their training, and asks Josh to help Cait with her turns. She's thrilled, of course!
Josh gets in the pool with Caitlin.
Number 22
Carol arrives to see Lou, who is covered in yoghurt - from Lolly, one presumes! She thinks it's endearing! He invites her in, but she can't stay - she just wanted to ask him to lunch at the pub. She wanders off.
The Swimming Pool
Josh compliments Caitlin on her stroke, and Simon thinks that Josh can teach her a lot. He has NO idea! Caitlin suddenly remembers that Josh is only around for four weeks, and is suddenly crushed.
Erinsborough Hospital
Madge is disappointed in Paul over the paper incident. The water board will send them a bill for the repair and clean up; Madge is cross, and Paul is upset that he's cost them so much. Madge thinks he should contribute something, and he says he'll try and think of what he can do.
The Bishops try to reassure Paul, and tell him they'll get through it.
The Coffee Shop
Josh is asking Caitlin what's wrong, and she admits that she's upset over the fact that Josh is only here for four weeks. She's a holiday romance, and she doesn't want to be that. He tells her to meet him this afternoon after school, before she flounces out.
Toadie and Shannon arrive, and he's briefing her on the life of a DJ. He's disappointed that she didn't listen to his gig, but she explains that with Brian, she can't stay awake at night to listen. Toadie's really tired, and Shannon's worried that he won't cope with the radio station AND uni work.
Erinsborough Hospital
The doctor is discharging Madge today, and tells Harry that he's the talk of the staff canteen after his little drugs escapade the day before! Harold tells his wife he feels he's let her down whilst she's been in hospital; he screwed up with Paul - he's just a silly fool. Madge tells him not to worry, because they will do the right thing by Paul.
The Coffee Shop
Billy is drinking a juice, and overhears Hannah and Paul talking about the papers down the drain. Billy asks Paul if he would get a real paper round from the newsagents - that could raise some money to contribute. Billy says he could put in a good word for Paul because he used to do the round himself. Paul is grateful.
Lou's Place
Lou and Carol are finishing their lunch, and Carol has to go as she has clients in the afternoon. Carol tells Lou that she can relax so easily with him, and Lou hopes that they can continue to enjoy each other's company into the future. Phil appears, and he needs to talk to Lou urgently - Louise has had a fall in the back garden and is at Karl's surgery with a cut knee. Lou gets up to leave and tells Carol he'll call her.
Number 22
Toadie is playing with Brian, and puts him down so he can chat with Shannon. Shannon thinks he's great with kids. Toadie tells her he has something to ask her - he wants to ask her out on a date to the uni ball, and he's being very awkward about it. Shannon would love to, and Toadie is surprised. Lou comes home with Louise and her bandaged knee, and Toadie offers to look after her for him.
Toadie and Shannon talk kids, whilst Brian and Louise play.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harry and Paul have come to collect Madge, and Paul has news: he has a job with the newsagents so he can pay back the money.
PAUL: I have a job delivering papers.
MADGE: You HAD a job delivering papers; we just weren't too happy about where you were delivering them.
Paul tells them he'll stick with it, and he's borrowing Billy's bike to do it. He wants to help pay the water board. Harold thinks it shows a lot of courage. They leave the hospital to go home.
Lou's Place
Lou thanks Phil for looking after Louise earlier. Phil asks about Carol and what's happening there. Lou says she reminds him a little of Cheryl, and as if on cue, Carol appears. She now has time this afternoon if Lou is still free? And he is.
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin arrives to see Josh to take him to training. Josh doesn't want to go to training; he wants to talk. He raises the holiday romance issue, and says that if they really feel something for each other, then it can work. He admits that because she's an athlete, she understands the pressure, the early nights, the eating habits... He tells her that if they train hard enough, then she could get to the Institute as well. Then they could be together. Young love, eh?
Number 22
Toadie can't believe that he has a date to the uni call with a woman! Shannon finds that funny. Toadie tells her that she's a nice girl, and he wants to take her; Shannon thinks he's a nice guy, too. She's looking forward to going out with him. Toadie is thrilled, and moves in to kiss her... But that wasn't what Shannon meant, and she's cross that it wasn't enough for him to just be friends...
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