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Neighbours Episode 2999 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2999
Australian airdate: 22/01/98
UK airdate: 19/05/98
UK Gold: 19/04/04
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Lance telling Amy he won't go ballroom dancing with her.
Karl kissing Sarah at the surgery.
Sarah telling Karl to forget the kiss.
Madge nearly collapsing and making Paul promise not to tell Harold.
Karl's Surgery
Sarah is tidying up Karl's office, and Karl tells her to go as he has to paperwork to get on with. Sarah tells him not to ignore her, something he's been doing since their kiss. Karl tells her he has to ignore it - it's the best way, and he wants to get things back on an even keel by remembering that they work together. Sarah challenges the way he feels, but he says it's the only way to go forward.
Number 24
Paul is chatting to Harry - and tells him that he's really worried about Madge. Harold wants to know - what's wrong? Paul tells him that she nearly collapsed and went funny, and made Paul promise not to tell Harry.
Number 32
Amy and Lance are kissing on the sofa, and Amy tells Lance how much she loves being alone with him, and wonders what they'll do for the rest of the night? She has an idea - something sexy and exciting - the film 'Strictly Ballroom'! She thinks it's a great movie, but Lance really doesn't want to watch it; of course, he gives in, because it's Amy...!
Amy tells Lance she loves him when he's grumpy.
Number 24
Madge comes out from having had a shower, and Harold presents her with a meal, whilst Paul watches television. Harry can't stop staring at Madge which annoys her, and he admits that he knows about her nearly collapsing earlier. Harry says he's really worried, but Madge says that after her day and a headache, she's now fine. She just needed a good rest which she's now had.
Number 28
Susan has cooked breakfast for Karl and is feeding him up so that he can cope until her return at the weekend. Karl tells her that he's going to miss her so much, although she thinks it might be fun...how great will the weekends be when they *are* together!? Karl thinks that two days out of seven is a lousy percentage.
Susan thinks of another way of looking at this - she could pretend to be seeing him on the sly, being the one who has the affair with him at the weekends whilst he gets on with his life during the week. She admits that she will miss him, too, more than he knows, but taking this job is something she just has to do.
Number 22
Amy comes over to see Toadie - she needs a huge favour. Lance won't go ballroom dancing with her, and she needs a way to get him interested, so she wants Toadie to tell Lance that he'll partner her. Toadie refuses, he needs to keep his reputation intact. Amy begs and begs, and eventually Toadie concedes, but as it's a big ask, he needs to get something back - 4 CDs of his choice, perhaps? Amy agrees, and Toadie will convince Lance that it's hot to go ballroom dancing.
Karl's Surgery
Karl is hassling Sarah over some work that she hasn't done, and Harold arrives to see Karl. He compliments the way Sarah is looking before going into Karl's office. Harry tells Karl that he's worried about Madge, and Madge won't tell him what's wrong with her. Apparently she nearly collapsed and had a funny turn, and then made Paul promise not to tell anyone. Karl suggests that Harold shouldn't jump to conclusions, and Madge should come in for a check up.
Harry thought that Karl could have a word with her, but Karl declines - it has to be Madge's decision to come in, or he can't do anything about it.
Number 32
Toadie turns up to collect Amy to take her to the ballroom dancing club. Toadie sells it very well, but Lance calls his bluff - now Amy has Toadie to go, she'll be able to leave him alone! By Toadie's reaction, Lance realises that it was a set up, and Toadie asks Amy if he'll still get the CDs before he leaves.
Lance can't believe that Amy is bribing Toadie and being so underhanded by it all. Amy tells Lance that he needs to be more adventurous, and strops off to find someone who will enjoy partnering her.
Number 24
Paul apologises to Madge for dobbing her in, but says he was so worried about her. Madge doesn't mind, and reminds him that she's fine, but just then Harold comes in and announces that he spoke to Karl about her funny turn. Madge is very indignant that he went to the doctor on her behalf.
Karl's Surgery
Sarah will be going home unless Karl needs anything else, but just then Susan turns up. Would Karl like to go somewhere special for dinner tonight? Karl suggests the French restaurant that they had their anniversary at, and Susan comments that he's spoiling her. Karl tells Sarah to go home as he takes Susan into his office.
He tells her that she deserves a nice restaurant, and they kiss in the doorway as Sarah walks out.
Number 24
Paul is fiddling with his guitar and Madge wants to know what's wrong - she thinks that Paul's hiding something from her. She tells him to spill the beans, and he admits that he's worried about her. His mum used to tell him that she was alright, too, and then she got sicker and sicker and died. Madge tells him that that won't be happening to her - at the worst she has a touch of flu.
Number 28
Karl returns home with a huge bunch of roses for Susan, who emerges from her bedroom in a little black number looking rather gorgeous. Karl tells her how beautiful she looks, and Susie comments that if she didn't know better she'd think that Karl had been up to something, the way he's been so nice to her. Karl still can't believe her dress - he loves it - and it's going to feel like she's away forever this week.
KARL: You, Mrs Kennedy, are the most beautiful woman in the world. With or without your dress.
SUSAN: Well we'd better not pursue that train of thought - of course, we can later.
Karl goes to get his jacket and tells his wife that every man will be jealous when they see him with her in that restaurant, and Susan can't believe all these romantic compliments - she should have taken a job away from home years ago!
Number 22
Toadie and Lance are counting the takings from the juke box, and they seem to have done well again. Until they see the marked washers - Toadie was collecting evidence to see if Lou was using them to play the box, and he has been! Lance can't believe it - surely that's illegal? And he can't believe that Lou would do that, so Toadie tells him that he and Lance will go and see Lou about it tomorrow.
Number 24
Madge clearly isn't feeling well in the kitchen, but goes to speak to Harry and Paul in the sitting room anyway. Given that they've been so worried about her, she has decided to see Karl tomorrow, anyway, just to put their minds at rest - she's only doing it for them.
Number 32
Lance offers to cook Amy some breakfast, but she's not in the mood, and is actually in a pretty miserable one. She's stroppy because she didn't have a partner at the ballroom dancing club, and she wants Lance to go. Again, he tells her that he's just not interested. Toadie is at the door for Lance, so they can go and see Lou about the washers in the juke box. Lance isn't mad on doing this, but Toadie tells him that they and Hannah are in it together.
Karl's Surgery
Sarah comes into Karl's office and asks for another word with him. Karl reminds her that they are employer and employee, and she has a problem with that. She knows they're both putting on an act, and it's making things worse, so Karl tells her that they need to get back to the way that things were. Sarah doesn't think it's that easy - she doesn't want to lose his friendship. Karl tells her she won't - just as Susan walks in. Susie tells Karl that she's going shopping, and would he like anything while she's out? She thought they could have a quiet night in as it's their last night together.
But Karl's not having any of that - he'd like to give her a proper send off with friends, to make her last night special. Susan says she'll get supplies and invites Sarah along, too. Sarah says she'd love to come, but doesn't look best pleased...
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