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Neighbours Episode 2997 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2997
Australian airdate: 20/01/1998
UK airdate: 15/05/1998
UK Gold:15/04/2004
Writer: Leanne James
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Dr. Shepherd: Drew Tingwell
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Summary/Images by: Shona/Shona
Libby finds she has failed all her exams and tells Darren she doesn't want to repeat the year.
Lou says to Darren that Libby seems very keen to have a leash round his neck.
Ben crashes his car and the doctor tells Phil and Ruth that he's breathing alone but he'd like to see more sign of returning consciousness.
Billy and Caitlin kiss; Anne tells Caitlin she won't get Billy without a fight.
Ramsay Street
Ruth is fretting about not phoning Anne. Phil reassures her that she probably has her own key and has let herself in to the house. Ruth is stillanxious and he gets her to breath deeply.
Just then Anne comes out of number 32, demanding to know where they've been. Phil tells her about Ben and that he's presently in a coma. Ruth apologises again about not calling her and Anne tearfully gives her a hug. Phil urges them to keep positive before popping home to change his clothes. Ruth wonders if Caitlin knows -it would be best if it was heard from her. Anne tells her about their fight over Billy.
Number 22
Lou reads over an article about the crash, sighs and drops the paper. Darren tells him that it wasn't his fault. Lou says he was pushing him, but Darren says Ben was as keen as he was. Toadie appears and Lou thanks him for staying with Lance last night. Lou can't sleep - he has too much on his mind. And besides he has to get down to the racetrack. When he leaves the table Toadie takes his seat and he and Darren squabble a little before Lou tells them to cut it out. Libby arrives and Darren tells him to go and get a shower, to which Toadie says he will and suggests Darren go and get a better mood. Libby wonders why everything has to happen at once - her editor has called and they are going to have a meeting. She thinks she's going to be fired but he tells her not to be so paranoid. Darren offers her a lift - he'll be going to the real estate agency.
Number 28
Susan comes in and runs over to Billy and congratulates him on his win. She notices he's downbeat and he tells her that Sydney was a complete mess. Susan asks about Anne going up to see him and Billy confesses about the kiss with Caitlin and Anne turning up that minute. He asks why it always has to happen to him - and she tells him it's growing up. She warns him about not pushing it with either one of them at the moment and begins to tell him about the accident.
Number 32
Billy goes over and tells Anne he's sorry about Ben. Anne says her mum is telling Caitlin. He tries to broach the subject of Sydney but she tells him not to start - has he any idea how Caitlin is feeling right now? She tells him he's done enough when he offers to help her. Just then Phil, Ruth and Caitlin pull up outside.
Outside Number 32
Caitlin is upset and Ruth reassures her that there may be better news at the hospital. Anne goes with them, sitting beside Caitlin as Bill stands and watches them go.
They all sit together in a quiet ward. Anne says to Caitlin that Ben will be okay - he's tough. Caitlin thanks her. The doctor arrives and tells them that there's been no improvement. However he takes them to see him, telling them not to be alarmed by his appearance. Ben has a large bandage round his head, and an oxygen mask on. Caitlin walks over to his bed, asking if he'll get better. The doctor says it's too soon to know what recovery he'll make. She asks if he'll make one at all. He says that's all he knows at the moment. Ruth says it's difficult but they have to wait. Caitlin starts to cry and Ruth comforts her as Phil and Anne go to wait outside. Caitlin asks what'll happen to her if he dies. Ruth tells her not to think like that andpulls her into a hug.
Number 22
Libby wonders what's keeping Darren so long. Toadie is playing with Louise and thinks himself a superior playmate to Darren, who can't draw pictures to save his life. Darren appears and Libby tells him that she's been offered a permanent job at the paper, part-time. It's better than freelancing. Darren says the real estate agent was rapt with the house and it looks like they'll clean up big time. He thinks he'll put the profit back into the business. She suggests he could get a place of his own. But he's more interested ingetting a four wheel drive.
Caitlin takes Ben's hand and talks to him - telling him to wake up. Just then the curtain is pulled back, with a man telling the doctor that he wouldn't have known hadn't it been for the paper. Caitlin goes to be with the others, telling the doctor they'll just be outside if there's any news. The doctor leaves the man with Ben. The man says to Ben that they finally meet and like this.
Number 22
Libby thinks going on holiday would be blowing the money. Lou comes in and Darren tells him about the house. Libby thinks he should invest in another property and he never thinks about the future - Darren thinks that's rich as she's just quit uni. Toadie thinks they sound like an old couple. Lou asks for a chance of a quiet snooze and Darren apologises. Libby goes to see Billy with Toadie, thinking that every time she tries to talk to Darren, he just hassles her about uni. She wants him to accept it. But he thinks she's a bit impulsive and she thinks the same about him. He says he's just having ideas - thinking before he acts. She sighs and tells him 'Whatever', beforeleaving.
Number 28
Toadie asks about Sydney and Billy finds he knew Anne was going - he was just trying to help out. Billy is angry. Toadie just wanted to sort out their stupid fight - is it sorted? Billy says it's the exact the opposite, telling him he could have phoned! Toadie tells him to stop blaming everyone else.
Number 22
Lou comes down from his snooze - he's just remembered about the shift at the pub. Darren says he'll ring someone to cover it. Lou's had trouble winding down - he keeps thinking about Ben. As he looks over the value for the house he comments on it being 'a nice little earner' and Darren thinks maybe he should have kept quiet. Lou knows the problem is Libby - when she starts talking future plans it means marriage and kids.
Number 28
Susan isn't happy about the Erinsborough News post - it isn't even a cadet-ship. Libby says a degree doesn't guarantee a job. Susan says dropping out of uni after a year doesn't look crash hot either. Libby is sticking to it - it isn't an impulsive decision. Susan relents and asks about her new priorities. Being happy, says Libby and she wasn't happy there. Susan asks if she would be happy had she passed and Libby becomes angry, convinced she only wants her to go to uni. Susan says it will take some time to get used to. Libby mentions the house deal, and Susan wonders where she comes in on this. Libby cites the possibility of buying a house together. Susan wondersif Darren knows this.
Number 32
Billy comes over to ask for updates on Ben. Anne lets him in, and Billy offers his company. Anne tells him that he really hurt her - he told her he wasn't interested in Caitlin. Billy tells her he was depressed about their fight. He decides to go, knowing he's only going to upset her. He tells her he's sorry and that he loves her and makes for the door. She tells him not to go and he turns around, hopeful. Anne says she wishes it hadn't happened, but can't pretend it never happened. She isn't sure that she can trust him.
Number 22
Libby apologises to Darren about being in a foul mood that morning. She's been doing some thinking. He brings up the Range Rover and she says that she's thinking about the future. He asks why they have to think of that- why not just let it happen? She mentions the choices they have to make - he doesn't want to live with Lou for the rest of his life, does he? They should take the next step while they have the money for a deposit. 'What's all this 'we' stuff?' asks Darren, irritated. She asks if they are a couple and he says yes. She asks then what's wrong with getting a house. They did get back together for a reason, didn't they?
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Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2997
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2997
Anne Wilkinson

Lou Carpenter, Ben Atkins in Neighbours Episode 2997
Lou Carpenter, Ben Atkins

Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2997
Toadie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Darren Stark

Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2997
Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Caitlin Atkins in Neighbours Episode 2997
Anne Wilkinson, Caitlin Atkins

Ben Atkins in Neighbours Episode 2997
Ben Atkins

Geoff Burke in Neighbours Episode 2997
Geoff Burke

Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2997
Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson

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