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Neighbours Episode 2983 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2983
Australian airdate: 12/11/97
UK airdate: 27/04/98
UK Gold: 24/03/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mandi Rodgers: Sabina Lokic
James Bowen: Joel Marrocco
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Caitlin has a great night with James. She hardly spoke to Billy all night.
- Susan and Karl are looking for Toadie - Lance says he's gone to his Physics exam.
- Susan and Karl find Toadie at the school gym, asleep.
Billy and Anne come in to find the house empty. Anne invites him to come to a movie tonight - James has given her some tickets.
Susan and Karl come in and ask Billy how his exam was. Toadie crawls in and comments that the exam was pretty easy. Billy ignores him. Karl rounds on Toadie and demands an explanation.
Coffee Shop
Caitlin is telling her mate Mandi that she likes James and was really serious about Billy anyway(!) She advises Mandi to ask Madge about staying with her.
When Madge brings their order over, Caitlin starts a conversation about how the place must feel empty now Claire has gone back. Madge says it's great having the place to themselves for a change(!)
When Madge has gone, Caitlin says they'll have to talk to Harold.
Caitlin and Mandi have offered to clean the leaves out of Harold's pool. Harold thanks her, but they'll have to ask Lou for the pool apparatus which Lou keeps in his shed. Caitlin starts a conversation again about how quiet it must be without Claire around the place. Harold admits things are a little bit quiet and he did like Claire. But he can't talk anymore as he's off to band practice.
Susan tells Toadie that they think of him as part of the family, and he has to face up to his responsibilities.
SUSAN: You're an intelligent boy, Toadie. You have the chance of a terrific future ahead of you.
KARL: It's up to you.
TOADIE: Nah, it's just too hard, I think I'll just leave.
Karl and Susan sigh.
KARL: Have you listened to one word we've said?!
Susan tries to get Billy to help them, but he says that he doesn't care if Toadie runs away - the sooner the better(!)
James and Caitlin kiss and he says he'll pick her up later. When he's gone, Caitlin promises to tell Mandi everything about the movie night tomorrow.
Ramsay Street
Billy accidentally hits James's car with his ball. James comes out and asks Billy how he and Anne are. Anne comes over at that moment and she asks James to pick up her movie tickets for her. He says he will and then drop them back.
When James has driven off, Billy tells Anne that he doesn't want to hang out with James tonight. Toadie comes over and asks Billy for a kick of the ball, but he refuses, saying they're not friends.
BILLY: Look, my parents have put up with a lot from you, OK, all they wanted was a little bit of honesty! But you weren't only dishonest with yourself, you made me look like a liar as well!
TOADIE: I'm sorry, mate.
BILLY: No, mates just don't do that to mates, OK? For all I know, this could just be another big act as well.
TOADIE: No, it's not.
BILLY: So you say. I don't trust you anymore, Toad.
TOADIE: But we're friends!
BILLY: Well, maybe our friendship's just gone past its use- by date. Go find some other sucker.
He walks away.
James tells Caitlin that the Teen Girl people want him to go to the movie with Anne. Caitlin is disappointed.
Anne answers the door to James. He tells her there's been a slight mix- up.
Harold tells Madge that they could take on some more foster kids as there's a lot of need out there. Madge sighs. Harold says they could choose someone who was "mutually acceptable". Madge reluctantly says it might be possible in that unlikely event.
James tells Anne and Billy that the Teen Girl people want to take photos of them together. Anne tells him point blank that she won't do it. Surprisingly, Billy pipes up and says that maybe she should go with James - it's a one- off, and it's for work.
Toadie is playing loud music in his room while Karl and Susan wash up and talk about him. Karl says that they have no influence over Toadie - he's finished school now. Toadie pokes his head out of his room and hears Karl admitting to Susan that he will miss Toadie. Toadie looks touched.
Billy pops round to see Caitlin, as they're both at a loose end tonight. They talk about Billy's exams and Caitlin offers to celebrate with him - maybe they could go and see a different movie. Billy agrees.
Billy and Caitlin are walking along talking about James. Caitlin asks if Billy is jealous(!) Billy doesn't think James is Caitlin's type. Caitlin has a dig at Anne going off on Billy's exam night. She puts her arm around Billy.
BILLY: Look, I really don't think this is a good idea.
CAITLIN: Billy...
BILLY: No, Caitlin, I've told you - just friends.
CAITLIN:(pause) Whatever.
There is another pause.
BILLY:(pulling away) I mean it.
CAITLIN: Billy...it's not me you have to convince. Come on. You can come to the movies with me and have a bit of a risk. Or you can have a nice little celebration for one. It's your choice.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Caitlin are back from the movie. Billy invites Caitlin to stay out a bit longer, but Caitlin says she has to get up early to train.
Just then, Anne and James come in. They're surprised to see BIlly and Caitlin there. Anne is not pleased to see Billy with Caitlin. Caitlin invites them all back to her place, but Anne prefers to stay with Billy.
When they've gone, Anne asks Billy what's going on and he sarcastically tells her that he's allowed to go out as well as her (er, wasn't it you that persuaded her to go, Billy?!) He insists that he and Caitlin are just friends and Anne doesn't really believe him. Billy stalks off.
Caitlin and James are getting cosy on the sofa, but Caitlin avoids his kiss saying she's a bit tired and wants to go to bed. James says he won't pressure her and gives her a hug instead.
No.28, the following morning
Toadie tells Karl and Susan over breakfast that he has a few things to pack. Karl offers him a lift to the station. Susan has another go at making him change his mind, and he clearly wants to stay now, but by his sidelong glances at Billy, he thinks he can't.
Ramsay Street
Caitlin and Mandi are talking about James and bump into Harold. They ask him about his spare room again and he thanks them for giving them the idea of taking on a new boarder - as soon as they find a suitable candidate. Before they can ask about Mandi, he heads off on his powerwalk.
Billy awkwardly tells Toadie that he doesn't want him to go - he was just mad yesterday and has calmed down a bit today. He's got problems and needs a mate. Toadie says he was freaked out by the muck- up day stuff and didn't know how to sort it out. Billy tells Toadie that he's only human, and accepts his apology. They shake hands.
They talk about Anne and James and Toadie says he's heard the "street-talk" that Anne and James went to the movie premiere together last night.
BILLY: I think I'm in love with two women at once.
TOADIE: Oooh. Bigamy. I like it!
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