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Neighbours Episode 2957 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2957
Australian airdate: 07/10/97
UK airdate: 20/03/98
UK Gold: 17/02/04
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr and Helen Gaynor
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
George Marshall: David Ravenswood
Tiffany Price: Lisa Callaghan
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Lou quizzing Marlene about her admirer.
George asking Marlene out to lunch.
Martin dragging Darren away to look at a house much to Libby's disgust.
Anne and Lance being told to kiss at the photo shoot.
Photo shoot
Lance backs out of kissing Anne and tells Tiffany he is Anne's sister and not her boyfriend. He leaves followed by Amy, then Tiffany turns to Anne and says "Well... I'm looking forward to having this conversation".
(Shot of Ramsay Street with street sign missing)
No. 32 kitchen
Ruth and Phil are talking about how great it is to have a kid-free zone for once, and how their slumber party idea was a success. Their peace is shattered by Anne, Lance and Amy arriving back in the middle of an argument with Amy complaining they missed out on the prize all because he wouldn't kiss Anne. Ruth wants to know what they are going on about, and then she asks why Lance wouldn't kiss Anne too. He says it would be disgusting, and Amy admits she wouldn't kiss her brother either. Anne and Lance leave, and Ruth teases Amy about how she won't be able to laze on a beach in Bali now.
No. 22 driveway
Martin, Darren and Libby arrive back and Lou tells them buying the house seems like a great idea. Darren says it's mostly down to Martin's father's money, and Lou suggests Darren should get his phone number so he can talk to him about investing in his business ventures. Then Darren apologises to Libby for missing out on the picnic. He invites her inside, but she is tired and would rather go home. As she is leaving, George arrives carrying flowers and asks if Marlene is in.
Inside No. 22
Lou and Marlene are deciding what to have for dinner and there is a knock at the door. Lou opens it to George and says he's heard all about him, but despite prompting George doesn't say he's heard all about Lou. He takes Lolly upstairs, and George gives the flowers to Marlene. She invites him to join them for the meal, but he declines and instead invites her for lunch and gives her his business card. Again he cryptically says "There isn't much time".
No. 28
Karl and Libby are preparing dinner, while Billy and Anne are discussing the photo shoot. Billy decides he wouldn't want to kiss Libby for a competition either. Libby tells Karl her picnic was cancelled "to go looking round rutty old houses" and she isn't happy to be competing for Darren's attention. Karl says "Kennedy's don't like coming off second best".
The next morning a workman is putting a new street sign up. Cut to the Wilkinson house where Billy arrives and teases Lance about 'pashing' his girlfriend, and Ruth is getting ready to leave for work. Anne gets off the phone with Tiffany Price and tells them Teen Girl has offered her a modelling job with them. Lance laughs hysterically at the idea (or possibly does an impression of a chicken... I'm not sure which!).
Karl's surgery
Marlene has arrived for work early and is looking in the filling cabinet. Karl comes in and wants to know what she's looking at. She tries to hide the file in her hand, but Karl forces her to hand it over and see it is the patient records for George Marshall. He takes her into his room to give her a chat about patient confidentiality. She says she was only looking because he has been dropping hints about not having much time and she wants to know if he has an incurable disease. Karl asks if she would treat him differently if he did, and tells her if she uses her position to get information about any of the patients, he'll make sure she never works in the medical profession again.
No. 32
Anne is excited about the potential modelling job, but Ruth is more sceptical and says school must still come first. Ruth will be coming home at lunchtime to take her to her appointment at the Teen Girl office and says "Go easy on the make up. I want to still recognise you". Lance thinks that's funny and Anne says he's just jealous, however Billy is quite proud of her.
No. 22
Marlene is clearing up after lunch with George then sits down to talk to him. She tells him Dr. Kennedy has explained the situation to her, and he's quite relieved that that is one hurdle out of the way. She asks how long he has got and he says "only a week". She is quite concerned, then when he says he's been given a clean bill of health, she realises they must be getting their wires crossed somewhere. She comes right out and asks him if he's going to die next week. He laughs and says only if he is hit by a bus. He has won a lottery ticket and is about to set off on a cruise, but wants he to be his companion. He explains it would be all done properly and he would pay for them to stay in separate cabins.
No. 32
Lance and Billy are playing cards at the kitchen table, and Anne is telling them how the meeting went. Lance is pleased for her since he figures she'll be meeting with supermodels such as Claudia and Elle, then she'll bring them home to meet him. Ruth says she shouldn't be thinking in terms of supermodels yet. Billy wants to know what is in the envelope she brought home and sees it is photos of guys. She explains they are guys she will be modelling with for romantic features and ask him if he's jealous.
No. 26
Phil and Ruth are baking. Ruth wants to know if he agrees with her on letting Anne do the modelling if it doesn't interfere with her school work. She is struggling to keep up with how the kids are making so much money now, with Lance having his jukebox income too. Phil is sure they will be more sensible with their money than Hannah since they are older, and mentions his parents didn't understand it when he wanted to buy a motorbike at their age. Ruth says she won't go into what she got up to in her teens.
No. 22
Marlene is coming up with reasons she can't go on the cruise such as having to give up her job and not being able to look after Louise which will leave Lou in the lurch. George thinks she's made up her mind, and will have to go on his own. She suggests they can still be friends when he gets back in three months.
No. 32
Anne and Billy are now playing cards, and Anne wants to know why Billy is in a sulky mood. He says he's not and he's contemplating the game, but she knows better. He is thinking about the modelling job, and that she will get so caught up in the high flying world that she'll have no time for him. She tells him she doesn't want anyone else but him.
Outside the pub
Darren and Libby are cosily sitting on the balcony, and Darren is telling Libby how he refused lunch with Martin's father giving the excuse that his girlfriend has him under the thumb. They start kissing and Lou appears saying "Don't mind me". Marlene arrives and tells them about George's offer of the round the world cruise trip, but that she knocked him back because of her job, looking after Lolly and not being about to leave the two of them. They all tell her they think she's mad for not going and should reconsider.
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