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Neighbours Episode 2939 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2939
Australian airdate: 11/09/97
UK airdate: 24/02/98
UK Gold: 22/01/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac
Police Officer: Ren DeHaas
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
- Ben tells Libby that Darren loves her.
- Matt finds the engine which has no number
Marlene's organising Darren to leave and she's made him a load of knitted stuff like coathangers (!). Marlene says she's into DIY - Lou says it's nothing new, whenever he tells her to do his ironing, she tells him to DIY. Lou takes the mick out of her repeatedly and she gets the hump.
Ben blows off at Matt, saying if he's in the wrong, he should arrest him. Ben's angry that he's made him look a crook infront of Ruth and the kids. Ben's near tears as Sarah comes in and tells them she can hear them down the street. Matt says if he's as innocent he says he is, he'll be fine. Ben says the garage has changed hands multiple times and storms off.
Lance discusses the engine and Ben with Ruth. Ruth says it was embarrassing and tells him that she's going to concentrate on the car rally. Lance asks if he and Anne have to both go with Ruth and then says that he was thinking of asking his dad. Ruth looks slightly put out but agrees that it's a good idea and tells him that she's good with it.
Marlene's got Lou wrapping wool around his hands (he thinks he's been handcuffed by the wool police) and she's boiling some stuff. Libby appears to show Darren the photos of Puffing Billy. Marlene coos over them and says that she'll have to frame some of them. Lou says as long as she doesn't make them out of wool.
Ben says he hates the show Sarah's watching. Sarah isn't surprised; he hates everything at the moment. Ben won't apologise to Matt and explains that being publicly accused of being a crook is reason enough for him not to apologise. He leaves for the pub and Sarah tells him to ask Matt along. Ben refuses. Matt says he overheard it all and apologises for the atmosphere. Sarah tells him to give Ben some time. He tells her the show is one of his favourites and Sarah says it's hers too.
Darren thanks Libby and offers him money for the photos but Libby says it's a goodbye present. Darren tells her she doesn't have to leave, she can help with the wool. Libby says she can't, she'd be in the way. Darren says there's nothing he can't put off but Libby goes to leave. Darren tells her he'll never understand her - she comes over but when she gets there, she runs away. Libby says it's not like that but Darren says that when he goes, he'll probably never see her again. Libby tells him about what Ben told her. Darren changes the subject and says that Ben's been around the petrol fumes too much. Libby shakes her head and walks off.
The police are looking around the garage. Matt says it's all fine except the engine. Lou doesn't know about the engine and Ben shows him. Lou says the engine's been around for yonks, way before their time. Matt just needs some paperwork.
Lance comes out and Bill (his dad) can go along. He asks if it's ok and Ruth says it's fine, she was just worried that Bill would say no. She says they argue about a lot but not the kids. Lance says that he should drive, for the experience. Ruth says that Lance and Anne both ditched her for an instructor for Ben but agrees.
Libby tells Sarah that she doesn't want it to be awkward on Darren's last night. They talk about men being worse than useless and Libby says she can't deal with it when they're alone together. Sarah says they should have a sendoff for Darren and if she, Ben and Matt go along, they'll 'buffer' incase things are awkward.
Marlene's messing with the wool again. Lou storms in and says they got raided. Lou can't believe Ben didn't tell him and Darren says that Matt sounds gung-ho. Lou says that his reputation has been questionned - again. He says living with a cop is the pits. Darren said that Libby told him but he can handle things. Ben says he hopes he gets what he wants.
Ruth says Lance has been good at driving and then tells him to park next to Susan's car. Lance looks stressed by it and approaches. Ruth stops him and says he won't get in at that angle. Some kids watch, making Lance worse. He forgets to change gear and tries again. Ruth corrects him and Lance says he hates parking. Ruth makes him swap seats, much to Lance's chagrin. Ruth says it's very simple, all you have to be is aware of the dimensions of the car and it just slips into place. She crashes into Susan's wing mirror. Lance tells her that she got the wrong dimensions as all of the kids laugh.
Marlene ropes Darren into some craft stuff and he tricks Lou into it.
Ruth and Lance go into "the classroom" to explain to Susan. Lance stirs things up as Ruth tries to apologise and Susan asks why she's got a bad feeling about this ...and the viewers of the show say it's because they can hear the jaws incidental music playing. Ruth shows her the wing mirror.
Lance takes the money from the jukebox and Matt, Lib and Sarah are drinking on the other side of the bar. Lou tells Lance to go because he doesn't want to be in more trouble. Darren and Ben appear and Ben asks what Matt's doing there. Sarah tells him to get along but Ben starts asking if the crisps are bacon because he doesn't like pig. Matt offers to leave and Ben tells him to go. Sarah asks Darren to ask him to stay but Darren won't because he doesn't even know him. Sarah leaves but Ben tells her that he's really tried. Sarah says she's ashamed to know him and walks out.
Susan gives Ruth the repair bill and Lance appears with the bag of money for Toadie. Lance says he's going to give up his job at the nursery. Susan's amazed that one of Toadie's schemes has worked.
Sarah returns home and she and Matt kiss.
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