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Neighbours Episode 2932 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2932
Australian airdate: 02/09/97
UK airdate: 13/02/98
UK Gold:13/01/04
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Station Master: Warwick Begg
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Debbie and Madge's different price cutting ideas to win customers.
Lance telling Hannah is plan to get Ruth and Phil back together, and spraying water all over the kitchen.
Darren, Louise and Lolly going on the trip to Puffing Billy, riding on the train and Lolly disappearing.
Deserted station
Darren and Libby are rushing round looking for Louise. The station master appears and says a little girl matching her description got on the last train. He offers to phone ahead to the next station and get them to look out for her. Darren borrows the station master's motorbike to get to the station.
No. 32 kitchen
Hannah turns the water off but the kitchen is soaked. Her and Lance start trying to mop up the mess before Ruth gets home.
Lou's Place (Music: 'Love Comes Easy' by Vika and Linda)
Ruth and Phil are still trying to decide what to do about the exchange student. Phil can't take her until Helen gets better, and Ruth says she is to busy looking after Lance and Anne. Phil points out she wasn't too busy for a little romance with Alistair, but she says she isn't looking for a man anymore.
Puffing Billy (some previously unheard rock-type music that is almost Gary Glitteresque)
Now here's where it starts getting a little surreal... Darren and Libby are chasing after the train on the motorbike. They stop next to a bridge and wave to attract attention, but the passengers and train staff just wave back and keep going. Next they go to a level crossing and again the train goes past with everyone waving (and passengers' legs hanging out of the window... surely that doesn't pass Health and Safety rules?). Next cut to a shot out of the side of the train of random passengers waving into the distance and Lolly in the foreground waving to the cameraman! Darren and Libby stop by the track and run up the steps but just miss the train, which in this shot has no passengers at all. Another shot on the train of Lolly laughing and looking straight at the camera, the motorbike goes further up the hill and Darren and Libby get off and rush to the station.
Darren and Libby check the carriages, but Lolly isn't in any of them. Then they reach the footplate of the loco and the driver is holding her and gives her back. Now how did she get in there?!
The Coffee Shop
Madge asks Harold if he has ordered any extra sticky buns for Phil, but thinks he'll be buying them from Debbie now anyway. They have ordered extra vanilla slices for the children too, then Harold gets on to the subject of them looking after one themselves.
HAROLD: "I'd really like to have a young person around the house."
MADGE: "Harold, I think you're a little bit late if you're talking about us having a baby."
Harold chortles in the way only Harold can and explains he meant an exchange student like Ruth was talking about. Madge thinks it's a good idea, then slightly changes her mind because she didn't realise he meant straight away.
Lance and Hannah are still trying to clean up the flood when Ruth and Phil arrive. Ruth wants to know what happened and Lance tells her the tap just blew up. Ruth doesn't believe it and blames Phil and they start arguing.
No. 26
Phil arrives furious and tells Debbie his handyman skills are under suspicion again. While he's getting his tools, Lance and Hannah realise their plan isn't working and decide to own up, although Hannah makes the excuse that she has to walk Holly and leaves Lance to own up on his own.
No. 32 again
Lance explains to Ruth and Phil what happened and apologies. Phil says "No need for you to apologise" then looks at Ruth.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie arrives half an hour late for his shift. Madge gives him a box of leaflets advertising the coffee shop to hand out to his friend to get them to eat there. He says it's not in his job description, then Madge points out if business doesn't pick up she'll have to start getting rid of staff. Toadie says that is blackmail.
No. 32
Ruth half-heartedly apologies to Phil with no effect and he storms out with his tools.
No. 26
Toadie is delivering coffee shop leaflets and Debbie answers the door. She asks what he's up to and invites him in and offers him a drink and tries to get some inside information. He asks for biscuits as well, and she offers him a job behind her cart which wouldn't involve him running all over town.
No. 28
Libby explains to a horrified Karl and Susan what happened on their trip out. Karl is disturbed that they managed to lose a child. Libby tells them she's going out but won't say where and won't be back for dinner. After she has gone Karl tells Susan that he can see she is smitten with Darren again, but thankfully he is leaving. Susan agrees but knows Libby never listens to what they say.
No. 22
Darren comes downstairs from putting Lolly to bed and talks with Libby about what went on. He mentions about being a brat when he was younger and what he must have put his mother through. Libby says she has to go, and Darren suggested they should go out to see a movie or something together soon. Libby agrees and leaves.
Some time later (possibly after a commercial break) Libby arrives at No. 22 and Lolly is up again.
No. 26
Debbie is making signs saying "15% off everything" in the kitchen. Phil answers a knock at the door and it is Ruth returning his spanner. This time she apologises properly, and Phil suggest a coffee now they have made peace. She says she can't because she has to make arrangements for the exchange student than Harold and Madge have now agreed to take, but agrees to coffee at her place the next day when he comes to check on the tap.
Phil returns to the kitchen. Debbie laughs at him and says "Hmm, the old spanner masquerading as an olive branch trick, hey?". Phil says they haven't kissed and made up, but he has just decided to be civil for the moment.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Lance are arguing over who's fault the water fiasco was. Harold then Madge come up and say how nice it is to see them there. Madge suggests that Hannah could have been sent there to spy on them by Debbie. Toadie arrives and Madge asks him if he has delivered all the flyers and told all his friends. He says he hasn't because he is sick of the place and quits. Harold wonders how they are going to manage now, but Madge says they will survive without him.
No. 22
Darren comes back from putting Lolly to bed (again?) and Libby tells him she likes the song he was singing to her. They try to decide what video to watch, and Darren accidentally knocks the pizza box off the table onto the carpet and the crusts fall out. Libby tells him he should eat the crusts if he wants to be strong. They decide to have an arm wrestle on the carpet and then end up kissing.
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