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Neighbours Episode 2930 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2930
Australian airdate: 29/08/97
UK airdate: 11/02/98
UK Gold: 09/01/04
Writer: Kier Shorey
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Tommy Roles: Tibor Gyapjas
Frank: Thomas Bromhead
- "Love Comes Easy" by Vika And Linda
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Harold being electrocuted.
Toadie reporting that the jute box has a clean bill of health.
Toadie chatting to Lou about the jute box going in the pub.
Debbie quitting her job.
Darren finding out his parole is up and thinking of heading to Byron Bay.
Karl planting a seed of doubt with Libby.
Lou confirming to Libby that Darren is serious about leaving.
Anne and Billy going for their learners permit with Anne extremely confident.
Vic Roads Testing Centre
Billy is on cloud nine as they depart the centre, thrilled to have passed. Anne is being very mysterious over her score through.
Lou's Place
Debbie enters the bar and orders a champagne cocktail from Marlene - she's got a new job... running the lunchcart full time outside TCS!
The Coffee Shop
Madge ticks Harold off for coming into work instead of resting at home when he enters the kitchen. He's down to show her the accounts that Debbie did and think they should have kept her on for that reason alone but Madge isn't backing down. Harold then tells her the full story - that he put wet hands inside the jute box whilst trying to find the knob to turn down the volume, hence the accident was all his doing. Madge isn't happy especially after almost accused Toadie of trying to kill him and over what she said to Debbie, admitting it isn't going to be easy trying to un- do what's happened!
Meanwhile in the shop, Darren invites Libby to join in when she enters the store. She tells him about her chat with Lou and that it's now sunk in that he really is leaving but does add that she will miss him, although he seems a bit put out she didn't say that last night.
Billy finally catches up with Anne now school has finished and want them to go out driving since they have their licenses but she'd rather they went to TCS. Susan catches up with them and is happy to hear the good news and promises a driving lesson when she gets home.
Number 22
Darren is in a mood when he comes home - he's frustrated that Libby now seems cut up that he is leaving, so Lou admits that is probably down to him and fills Darren in on his conversation with Lib.
Number 28
Karl is surprised at some of the questions his son got right as he looks through the book. He seems a bit miffed that he's going out with Susan (who has just come home) for his first lesson and sweet talks himself into accompanying mother and son. Susan offers Anne a get out clause for not coming with them (wanting Ruth to give her the first driving lesson) when she looks like she was struggling to come up with an excuse to avoid going with them.
Number 26
Madge apologises to Debbie for what she said and hopes that she will come back to TCS. Debbie rejects the offer because she thinks more problems will come up in the future plus she tells Madge that she has another job too.
Ramsay Street
Karl literally tries to be the back seat driver as Billy gets himself ready to go. Finally he gets the car going and it's a bit all over the shop (Madge literally runs out of his way!) but eventually gets the car going straight in the right direction and drives off.
Lou's Place
Lou, With Darren's help, installs the jute box in the pub. Darren then spots that Libby is about to play pool herself so joins her in a game but can't help bring up the fact she didn't think he was serious about leaving. Eventually she admits that she thought he was stringing her along.
Road somewhere
Billy is attempting to do a parallel park I.e. reversing into a space but all it does is cause Karl to fret in the back that Billy is going to hit the car behind! Finally they decide its time to head home and Anne rejects Billy's offer to drive home. He keeps pushing her and eventually she tells him why - because she failed the test! Billy thinks this is very funny because of the amount of hassle she gave him but its no laughing matter for her and she asks that they go home, so he starts the car and drives off.
Lou's Place
Darren and Libby are getting on great as they finish the game of pool and they are about to head home for dinner but Darren's mate Tommy arrives, so he bails from her invitation to stay at the pub.
Tommy discusses what Darren's plans are, almost second- guessing that he is planning on leaving. Darren tells him about his plans for Byron and Tommy advises him to go but go for the right reason not a broken heart!
Number 32
Anne still isn't amused at Billy laughing at her earlier but he apologises and could kick himself for his actions. Likewise she apologises to him for hassling him for studying although ruefully adds if she'd have studied as much she might not have failed! He does get a laugh out of her though after she asks for his help in studying for the test, that she obviously wants to learn from the master!
Ramsay Street (next day)
Harold is aghast to find the 'Ramsay Street' sign missing when he comes back from a power walk.
Number 32
Anne tells Billy that Lance is giving her his test slot so she can get a second bite at the cherry and they head off to the test centre.
Vic Roads Test Centre
Anne completes the test again and goes to see how she has done. Frank (one of the operators) prints out the result and teases her that the rest of the country has to beware of her since she got full marks this time! She is over the moon at both passing and the score she got and hurries through to the public area to show Billy the news before getting her photo taken.
The Coffee Shop
Harold moans to Madge about the police not taking his report of the Ramsay Street sign going missing serious as they set up for the day. Madge is a bit concerned at the lack of customers in the shop, commenting that the breakfast rush should have started by now. Harold agrees with her and thinks it's a protest from the customers on hearing that Debbie has quit, however when Harold looks to see if the complex is busy, he finds out the reason they aren't busy - when he spots Debbie and her cart set up outside doing a roaring business!
Lassiters Complex
An irate Marge stands fuming outside TCS at what Debbie is doing, thinking that she is deliberately out to undermine the shop. Her mood isn't helped when Karl passes them having bought a drink from Debbie!
"Now don't you make a scene," Harold says before they head over where Debbie's lunchtime cart is. She makes her dissatisfaction known to Debbie but she is having none of it, indeed telling Madge that the competition is here to stay!
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