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Neighbours Episode 2926 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2926
Australian airdate: 25/08/97
UK airdate: 05/02/98
UK Gold: 05/01/04
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Alistair O'Connor: Michael O'Neill
Samantha O'Connor: Elise Hearst
Angela Quinton: Fiona MacGregor
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Elliott: Sam Olliver
Bob: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: algy
- Ben screaming at Sarah - whose car's headed straight of a dog in the road.
- Sarah saying he's alive - but he needs an operation on is hip costing more than $800.
- A small boy at the door - asking Ben if they've seen his dog - who went missing a few weeks ago - the photo looks like the dog Sarah hit.
- Ben meeting Angela in the bar and taking her back to the garage.
- Then Angela turning up at the garage with a car that needs a lot of work.
- Sarah asking Ben if he's being paid for the work.
- Lance finding a series of notes in his locker from a mystery admirer - who wants to meet him at the Coffee Shop
- But when he cancels a date with Amy to find out - it turns out it was her and she's not happy.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Amy storms out - followed by Lance who's protesting - he wants to know what he was supposed to think - why would Amy have written him a note like that?
Amy says it was to make him feel good - but she's not sure he's worth it now as he tried to ditch her for another "chick". Lance says he'd never try to do that ever. Amy wants to know why he was sneaking about meeting her if that was the case. She starts to storm over the bridge as lance protests he wasn't sneaking. Amy turns on her heel mid bridge and says he was - and lying - how can she trust him. She tops of the rant by telling him if she ever got a letter like that, she'd tell him. Lance apologises, but says he wishes she'd told him - he's no good at guessing things like this. Amy asks if he's disapointed it wasn't someone else. Lance asks if she's for real - even if it was someone else, all he would've done was tell them he was with Amy Greenwood there's no way they could compete. Amy's doubtful, but lance presses his point - he's going out with the school "spunk" all the guys are jealous and he thinks he's dreaming half the time. Amy reluctantly believes him and starts back across the bridge again but tells Lance he's got a lot of making up to do. Lance replies he'll do whatever it takes. Amy says he can start by taking her to that new chick flick - and he'd better love every minute.
Ben and Sarah's
Ben's sat at the kitchen table with Angela discussing when she needs her car back - as Sarah dials the phone in the hallway. Angela says she's meant to be on the road again soon - Ben replies in that case the cars a complete write-off - how else can he keep her there! Angela says he doesn't have to try too hard - she was thinking of making a fresh start in Erinsborough - it's far enough away from her ex. Ben wants to know how long since they split up - Angela says it's not that long. Ben says he's her rebound boy then - Angela says it's more than that and coyly starts playing with a book on the table. Sarah disturbs the atmosphere by coming in - saying the vet says Bob the dog's ready to come home. Ben asks if she means to their house and reminds Sarah about his real owners - she'll have to deal with it sometime. Sarah says she knows, but it doesn't have to be yet does it. She asks Ben if she can borrow his car, she needs to pick up some things for Bob from the supermarket. Ben says she can and she heads out somewhat distractedly. Angela asks who bob is, Ben says it's just a dog Sarah found - and changes the subject to whether Angela is really thinking about moving to erinsborough. She says she is - and Ben promptly offers her the spare room although he says it can be difficult living with someone you're seeing. No such worries from Angela, who jumps at the chance - but asks what Sarah will say. Ben says he'll have to speak to her, but it'd mean Ben's not rebound boy anymore - he'd be flat mate! And, Angela adds grinning slyly, her mechanic.
The Wilkinsons
Ruth's in the kitchen, stirring a saucepan on the hob with one hand and reading a cook book with the other. Lance and Amy arrive - and Amy says the food smells lovely. Ruth says Amy's welcome to stay for dinner - but Amy remarks the food looks like it's for a special occasion. Ruth replies it is sort of - she's expecting a guest, but Anne's not around so there's plenty. Lance says Anne obviously heard Alistair was coming and got out of it. Ruth tells Lance not to start and he says he hasn't even met the guy. Ruth tells him not to have any preconceptions about him - and explains to Amy Alistair's an old school friend. Lance asks Amy if she wants to ring her mum and tell her that she's staying. Amy heads off to the phone and Ruth asks Lance if everything's alright between the two of them. Lance wants to know why she's asking. Apparently it's a mother's question. Lance checks Amys still on the phone (she is, it's engaged and Lance tells her to keep trying) before pushing the door too and telling Ruth about the secret note debacle and says he was lucky not to get dumped. Ruth scoffs and says neither Amy nor Lance should take it so seriously - there's plenty of time in life for serious, they should enjoy the good times and recognise them for what they are. Lance thanks her for the wise words. Ruth says Amy's lucky to have Lance and she knows it or she wouldn't be there now would she? Lance agrees somewhat surprisedly.
Sarah and Ben's
Sarah carries bob from the sitting room through to the kitchen where Ben and Angela have a basket ready for him on the kitchen table. Ben asks what the damage was - Sarah says it was $875. Angela exclaims in shock and says Sarah should keep him after spending that much on him. Sarah says Ben's going halfs and Angela says that he's Ben's too in that case. Ben says they were the reason he got hurt - so they should pay to get him fixed, but they shouldn't lose sight of the fact that there's a family out there that probably loves him just as much as Sarah does. Sarah coos at Bob that that's impossible - she loves him more. Ben says he wouldn't bet on that - and Sarah promises to get in contact with the family. Ben wants to know when - Sarah promises soon. Ben looks disbelieving, then Angela whispers "flatmate thing" in his ear, and he looks uncomfortable as he asks Sarah if Angela can move in. Sarah looks less than thrilled. Angela promises she's house trained. Ben says it makes sense - the wouldn't have to advertise and screen people, Angela can move in right away and the rent could go towards the vets bills. Sarah tries to change the subject by getting Bob water, but is thwarted by Ben who goes to get it. Sarah asks for time to think about it. Angela agrees and says she knows Sarah'll want to talk to Ben privately. Sarah gives Angela a dirty look.
The Wilkinsons
Ruth, Lance, Amy and Alistair are sat around the table coming to the end of their meal. Alistair tells the ladies to relax - while he and Lance do the washing up. Amy offers her and lance, but Alistair says it's time for him and Lance to do a bit of bonding. Ruth tells Amy not to argue if it means they get out of it, and they head off to the sitting room. Alistair says they'll bring coffee when they finish the job. Ruth heads out of the room telling Alistair Lance knows where everything is.
Sarah and Ben's
Angela and Ben are kissing their way through the doors from the kitchen to the hall. Ben asks if he'll see her later - Angela replies jokingly to try and avoid her and she heads out yelling bye to Sarah. Once Angela's gone, Sarah appears from the bedrooms and she's not happy. She wants to know how Ben could put her in that position over the room. Ben says he thought Sarah'd be relieved, after all she likes Angela. Sarah says that's not the point, she doesn't want to live with a couple going through the new relationship hassle, it'd be murder. Ben's not happy with the pessimistic view on his new relationship. Sarah says she's not saying it won't work out, just that he hardly knows her. And anyway she's shared houses with couples before and it just doesn't work. Ben accuses her of generalising and tries to list Angela's good points. Sarah says it's not about that, it's more that it'd be a couple plus her and she'd feel out of place and in the way in her own home. Ben tries to persuade her, but Sarah puts her foot down - the bottom line is that she doesn't want Angela living there, and that's final.
The Wilkinsons
Alistair and Lance are clearing up - and Alistair says that Lance seems to have a confidence crisis as Amy's got him jumping though hoops and all because of some letter writing game. Lance wants to know how he knows, and Alistair says Ruth told him, he goes on to explain something similar happened to him when he was younger and it's just not on. Wrapping a matey arm around Lance he says that the thing about women is once you let them call the shots, then as a man you've lost your power. Lance asks if Alistair thinks Amy was tricking him. Alistair says of course she was - and hasn't she made Lance look silly. Alistair says he'll bring his daughter Sam down tomorrow - she's mature. Lance protests that Amy's mature and Alistair cuts him off - telling him not to take the flack for Amys' silly stunts next time. And with that, Alistair starts back on the clearing up.
The Kennedys
Karl and Toadie come through the door, dripping with sweat (presumably after a run) and Karl congratulates Toadie - saying he thinks they did really well this morning. Toadie replies that it was torture, but Karl says it was good for both of them and they're going to do it every morning. Karls pouring them both orange juices and Toadie collapses onto the sofa. The Toad recons he does enough exercise already - after all he does walk to school every morning. Karl replies that it's surprising Toadies not a cripple - he hears Toadie even walks home again too. Toadie says anyone who enjoys exercise is sick. Karl hits back - he says it'll be Toadie that's sick if he doesn't get a lot healthier. Toadie says he thinks this cholesterol thing is just a con by Karl to make more money. Karl says that's what Toadie would think and shoos him off to the shower. But Toadie doesn't go - he's spotted something in the paper and asks Karl what he knows about Sarah's dog. Karl's busy doing some warm down stretches but says he doesn't know much just that Sarah won't shut up about him at work. Toadie presses on, asking if Karl knows where she got him from - did she buy him, was he found or what? Karl says he doesn't know and anyway what does it matter. He takes the paper off Toadie and again shoos him off to the shower - saying Toadie'll try anything to stay smelly. Toadie finally goes - with a somewhat disdainful look and karl drops the paper on the table. The camera cuts to the paper - which reveals it's got a flyer in it for a missing Maltese cross which looks just like Bob but answers to the name of Sparky...
The Wilkinsons
Lance is sat at the kitchen table writing away busily. Ruth comes in her PJs and remarks that he's up early. Lance says he's made her a cup of tea. Ruth says Alistair's manners have obviously rubbed off on him - and then asks what he's doing. Lance says it's nothing, and promptly covers the paper with his arm. Ruth says it doesn't look like nothing. Lance says it's private - it's a note for Amy.
RUTH: Ooooooh secret love!
Lance scoffs. Ruth asks if he's looking forward to his day with Ben. Lance is, and Ruth asks him how he thinks last night went. Lance says it was alright. Ruth replies she's glad someone in this family thinks so. When she tells Lance she's going out for lunch with him again today, Lance tells her that he think's Anne's right - Alistair is smooth, and he likes to be in control. Ruth picks up on this - she wants to know what Alistair likes to be in control of - in fact did he say something about her? Lance denies it - he says it was just a general impression he got that's all. Ruth wanders over to the sink looking puzzled. Lance tries to shift the subject - by telling Ruth that Alistair offered him driving lessons in his Porsche - now wouldn't that be cool. Ruth reminds him he hasn't even got his learners permit yet. Lance says that won't take him long. Ruth remarks that Alistair's clearly got Lance sussed. Lance replies that it's Amy Alistair's got sussed - Alistair's pretty clued up. Ruth looks perplexed and asks what Lance means. Lance says it's just some things Alistair said - boys talk in fact, that Ruth wouldn't understand. Ruth says she doesn't understand - doesn't Alistair like Amy.
LANCE: Well no, he didn't say that, just some advice he gave me that's all.
Ruth looks uncertain, and Lance tells her not to worry her little head about it. He promptly kisses her goodbye and heads out.
Ben and Sarah's
Ben's just opened the door to Toadie (who's wearing a natty Hawaiian shirt). Toadie wants to know if Ben has two newspapers - because the Kennedys can't find theirs. Ben doesn't think so - but wanders through to the kitchen to look with Toadie trailing behind him. Sarah, sat at the kitchen table, says hi. Toadie points (off camera,) and asks what happened to the dog. Sarah says he got run over, but he's better now. Ben asks Sarah if she's seen his car keys - since she borrowed it last night. Sarah says they must still be in her bag and heads to the hall to get them. Toadie takes the opportunity to lean over to bobs basket (now in shot)...
TOADIE:(whispers) Sparky
Bob lifts his head. But before Toadie can do anything else, Ben comes back and says he has to get going - Lance is coming down to work to help him today. Toadie leaves with Ben, leaving Sarah and Bob. Sarah gives him a fuss and in a baby voice says she thinks he should stay with her a bit longer.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is at the counter, when Amy arrives apologising for being late - her mum made her clear out her room before she left. Lance replies not to worry. Lance produces a note from his top pocket and asks Amy what it's about. Amy asks what it is. Lance replies it's another one of her secret admirers - hasn't she taken the joke a bit too far now? Amy says she didn't write it - and it's not her handwriting. Lance says he's not going to fall for that one again - but Amy protests it's true. Lance wants to know who did write it if she didn't - Jacincta? Amy says no - none of her friends would write a letter like this. Lance tries to pull a surprised face, and says in that case he must have a real secret admirer. He wonders aloud who it could be and looks around the Coffee Shop, as Amy, still holding the note looks concerned. She tells him to stop it. Lance apologises and says they'll just have to wait to find out who it is. Amy reminds him that when he does find out, he's got to tell her that he's taken. Lance says of course he will, and then says he's got to go to Ben's garage. Amy, looking very worried, offers to walk him there so they can think about who it is - as she walks through the door she says they've got some nerve whoever they are - everyone knows he's going out with her. Lance is left behind, looking somewhat pleased with himself.
Ben and Sarah's
Sarah answers the door - to Toadie and a little boy. Toadie introduces him as Elliott and says the boys' come about his dog - Sparky. Sarah asks Toadie why he didn't tell her he was going to ring up, but Elliott cuts in before Toadie can answer - he wants to know if Sarah has his dog or what. Sarah says she has - go through, Elliott heads through.
SARAH: (to Toadie) Thanks a lot.
Elliott runs through the hall to the kitchen followed by Sarah and Toadie. Sarah says he was going to ring Elliott today - but Bob/Sparky just got back from the vets last night. Elliott who by this time is stroking Bob/Sparky in his basket, wants to know what Bob/Sparky was at the vet for. Sarah says he's alright now - but she ran him over. Elliott fusses Sparky/Bob's head and asks if he's ok to be picked up. Sarah says it is, as long as Eliots careful, and keeps his back legs still - well except for toilet stops. Elliott says he'll tell his parents and they'll send around the money for the vet. Sarah says she wouldn't dream of it and hands a bit of paper over saying that it's the instructions for how to look after Sparky/Bob and that he needs to go back to the vets for a check up in a week. Elliott tucks the paper into the basket and says his mum and dad'll send around the reward money. Toadie, hovering in the background, claims to only just have remembered about the reward. Sarah jumps in and says they don't want any reward. She picks up Sparky/Bob and hands him over to Eliot.
TOADIE: Well if it's on offer...
SARAH: Not another word. Turns to Bob/Sparky I'm gonna miss you boy
ELLIOTT: walking towards the door Sparky. He really likes you.
As they get to the front door Sarah asks if she can say goodbye - she does asking Bob/Sparky to be good for his family and not go walkabout. Elliott thanks Sarah again and leaves, leaving a somewhat sad Sarah in the Hallway.
The Garage
Ben's just getting out of a car, when Angela appears through the entrance and asks how it's going. Ben says she's lucky to have such a great mechanic - she'd be shelling out a fortune for the work otherwise. Angela sits down on his lap and kisses him. She asks if she moved in would he be even kinder?
BEN: If his roommate would let you...
ANGELA: Sarah's got a problem with it?
Ben explains that Sarah doesn't want to share a house with a couple. Angela says she knows it can be difficult - but it wouldn't be with them. Ben agrees and says he'll do his best to talk her round. Angela says he's a sweet tongued devil so she's sure he'll be able to. Ben says he'll try his best. Angela says she'd better let Ben get on with it. Ben promises to phone her later so they can meet up that night. They kiss and Angela heads to the door, just as Amy and Lance arrive.
AMY: If you find out who wrote that letter...
LANCE: You'll be the first to know
AMY: I'd better be.
She kisses him, and says that he's hers.
Sarah and Ben's
Sarah storms back to the kitchen, Toadie trailing in her wake. Sarah is seriously displeased with Toadie. Toadie's trying to placate her - saying he didn't know she was going to get this worked up about it. Sarah says that Toadie just didn't think full stop - and now she looks like some kind of dog-napper. Toadie says that it never occurred to Eliot. Sarah hits back - whether it crosses his mind or not, it doesn't excuse him. Anyway she recons Toadie was just after the money - he's a greedy pathetic sneak. Toadie says he wouldn't've done it if he'd realise how attached to the dog Sarah was. Sarah's practically crying as she says he could've asked, he could've been honest for a change - but of course that doesn't come naturally to him does it. Toadie says he's sorry, he didn't mean to hurt her, he didn't think it through. Sarah says that for Toadie's information, she was going to take him back. Toadie says he knows and says he's an idiot. Sarah agrees - and he's a crook as well, well maybe not an idiot - just a crook. Sarah says he was putting off making the phone call because she really loved Bob/Sparky. Toadie asks if it would help if he got her another pet. Sarah says no and anyway Ben wasn't keen on having a dog around anyway. Toadie promises to make it up to her somehow. Sarah wants to know how. Toadie says she names it, he'll do it. Sarah gives him a sceptical look and a derisive snort - and tells him she'll hold him to that. Toadie wants to know if he's forgiven. Sarah says yes - but next time can he talk to her first. Toadie promises - and asks if they're mates. Sarah says not to push it.
Lou's Place
Ruth and Alistair are sat at a table with coffees in front of them - looks like they've just finished a meal. Alistair asks if Ruth'd like desert - Ruth replies she couldn't eat another bite - although it was delicious, she's absolutely stuffed. Alistair says he'd love to spend the afternoon with her - but he's got to pick his daughter up. Ruth says he mentioned it last night and checks on her name - it's Samantha, but she prefers Sam. Ruth wants to know how often he sees her. Alistair says that access rather depends on Natalie's mood - it's meant to be two weekends a month. He says Samantha's a good kid though - got her head screwed on properly.
RUTH: And you're going to make sure it says that way?
ALISTAIR: Too right, give her a bit of fatherly advice and perspective. No good kids having just a female influence.
Ruth looks somewhat put out and starts to ask if he's criticising her. Alistair jumps in - no he wasn't. He thinks Ruth's doing a fantastic job. Ruth's laughing now. Alistair says actually he's seeing Lance this afternoon - he's going down the garage after he's picked Sam up. Ruth says that Lance mentioned that Alistair gave him some relationship advice. Alistair says he did - and that he hopes Lance takes it. Ruth says her kids are much more together than she was at their age. They get into scrapes, but Ruth tries to keep clear - let them work it out for themselves. Alistair says sometimes a boy needs a man to man talk. Ruth says it depends on who the man is. Alistair wants to know what's wrong with him being the man.
RUTH:(still smiling) I beg your pardon?
Alistair says he wants to be part of Ruth's life - and not just for the sake of her kids. He asks if he's got any chance. Ruth looks a bit taken a back - and doesn't reply.
The Garage
Ben and Lance are under a car. Ben wants to know what Lance is hoping to achieve with his secret note to Amy. Payback according to Lance, but Ben's not really sure how - Amy's going to feel bad, Lance is going to have to lie to her, no-ones going to come forward to claim who's written it - so what exactly is Lance going to get out of it? Lance stutters a bit and then says that Alistair recons that he doesn't think he should let Amy treat him like that. Ben says Alistairs a fool. And at that point Alistair pulls up the garage door - daughter in tow. And the boys appear from under the car. Alistair's daughter is curly haired and ginger. Lance introduces him to Ben.
ALISTAIR: So you're Ruth's eldest - now I've met the whole clan.
Alistair introduces his "one and only" Sam. Sam's giving Lance a rather gooey look and a simpering smile. Alistair asks Ben to take a look at his battery - it went dead the other day.
Alistair and Ben walk out of the garage (off camera)
ALISTAIR: You seen one of these before?
BEN: Yeah. It's a car.
Lance grins. Sam says maybe she and lance'll get to know each other better as her dad's seeing his mum. Sam's definitely looking flirtatious. And Lance stutters and doesn't look to thrilled.
Ben and Sarah's
Sarah's mooning over the empty dog basket - which is right slap bang in the middle of the kitchen table. She walks over and starts to dismantle it - it's got a couple of pillows in the basket, with a fluffy sheepskiny thing on top. At that moment there's a knock at the door. Sarah goes to answer it - and it's Angela - with a pot plant. Sarah says that Ben's at work, and holds the door closed enough that Angela can't come in. Angela replies that she knows -isn't Sarah going to ask her in. Sarah reluctantly opens the door wider and Angela presents her with the pot plant. Sarah thanks her and puts it down on the hall Table (but keeps one hand on the door).
Angela says she's going to come straight to the point. Ben's told her Sarahs' got reservations about living with a couple. Sarah huffs and folders her arms defensively. Angela says she's not that bad - anyway she thought she and Sarah got along really well. Sarah says it's not personal - it's just that she's shared with couples before and the newer they are the worse it is. Angela says that she and Ben are different - they're really solid. Sarah laughs derisively - they've only known each other a few days - how solid is that. Sarah says she's sorry to be blunt, but she's had a really rotten day, Bob's gone and actually this is about the last straw. She opens the door wider again for Angela to leave. Angela turns slowly and leaves - pausing at the screen door to look back at Sarah. Sarah shuts the door and leans her back up against it and heaves a bit sigh.
The Garage
Lance is under a car working, but Sam is still persuing him - Lance doesn't have to stay at the garage all day does he. Lance says that he does. Sam says she was hoping they could do something. Lance replies he's there all day.
SAM: All day? You're no fun then are you. Pauses and looks round Still I suppose I could always come round to your place sometime... with dad. That's if you'd like me too.
Lance scoots out from under the car umming and ahhing, and the camera cuts to Amy who's just arrived through the door - and does not look happy - she wants to know who Sam is. Lance, very flusteredly introduces Samantha - but leaves out the crucial detail that she's Alistair's daughter.
SAM: And you are?
AMY:(linking arms with Lance) I'm Lance's girlfriend, Amy.
SAM (to Lance): You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend
Lance replies that Sam didn't ask. Amy lets go of Lance's arm and says he promised to tell her straight away. Lance is stuttering and trying to start some kind of explanation - the camera cuts to Sam grinning. Cutting back to Amy and she's telling Lance she doesn't want to hear lame excuses - he's a cheat and he's dumped. Amy storms out. The camera cuts back to Sam - who's looking rather pleased - in the background you can hear lance starting to protest - but cutting back to him he's already stopped - and he turns to look at Sam. And the credits roll.
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