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Neighbours Episode 2924 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2924
Australian airdate: 21/08/97
UK airdate: 03/02/98
UK Gold: 31/12/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Angela Quinton: Fiona MacGregor
Mick: Matthew Barnes
Jon: Bryce Bucknall
Tammy: Marcela Toro
Colin: Chris Bayes
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: algy
Billy looking at the aptitude tests
Toadie saying he knows what he wants to do - why should he do it
Toad telling Anne he's humoured Susan with his answers
And then getting told he's going to spend time as the assistant recycler
Darren cleaning up Cheryl's grave after it was vandalised and then spotting the vandals in the cemetery
Lou's Place
Lolly and Libby return to Lou's - he's been worrying where they'd got to. Libby tells Lou that Darren will be back in a bit - he has a repair job just around the corner. Lou said Darren should've dropped Lolly off at Madge's with him rather than leaving Lib holding the baby. Libby says Gaelic Footie's too violent for Lolly, and Lou cracks a joke about the cartoons that Lolly watches. Lou asks where Darren's got to - Lib says he's still there because a few things went wrong and he had to clean up - he sent Lib and Lolly on ahead because he knew Lou'd be worried. Libby heads home leaving Lolly to Lou's tender mercies.
The Graveyard - pitch black
Darren's huddled in a corner by the gate trying to keep warm when some ominous clanking sounds start - is it the vandals? No, it's Libby come to look for him. Darren says he thinks that the vandals are still there - and he'll be staying as long as it takes. He hears some laughter in the distance and makes to go after them. Libby say's that there's nothing he can do. Darren replies that there's plenty that he can do, and tells Libby to wait where she is - he's off to catch them in the act. Libby looks more than a little worried.
Chez Kennedy
Karl and Susan are doing the washing up but Toadie volunteers himself to help - saying that Libby's not back and Billy's snuck over to Anne's. Karl points out of the window to the flock of pigs that are flying by. Karl says to save a lot of time and embarrassment - the answer's no. Toad bristles and asks why Karl assumes he wants something - Suze says she personally assumed he was volunteering for the sheer joy of it. There's a brief pause before she turns on the Toad asking him what is it that he wants. Toad protests that just because he's doing something nice doesn't mean he wants anything, but on this particular occasion, there is something - he's trying to get out of his work experience at the tip by the age old expedient of grovelling and apologising. The Kennedy's are having none of it - Suze says it'll make a man out of him before handing him the washing up cloth and leaving him to enjoy the joy of dishes. Karl smirks.
The Cemetery (Complete with Spooky sound effects)
Darren's still after those pesky kids - two of them wearing improbable plaid jackets. Darren skulks behind a grave stone as the kids comment on the names of the dead. He creeps up behind them as they're laughing and grabs them, accusing them of vandalising his mother's grave last night. Boy one (check shirt, Blue T shirt, combat cab with blond hair and freckles - not a great look) says it wasn't them. Darren asks them if their mums are proud of them when she knows what they do at night. Boys are silent and open mouthed as Darren harangues them some more before Libby appears on the scene asking if she could call the police. Boy one gets his big moment (as number two's a vague red patch at the side of the screen, obscured by the dark) and begs them not to. Darren asks them if they have any idea the effect that what they do has on people? Boy Two pipes up that he's sorry and they both whimper. Darren lets them off with a warning and tells them to scram.
Sarah's place
Deb and Sarah are having a drink when Ben arrives home - Bens surprised to see Deb - the girls say that they tried Lou's place but there was no-one interesting there. Ben says he assumes they mean no good looking guys. Deb says that Sarah's in the mood for romance - Sarah says that Deb is just as bad, but yes, she hasn't had a boyfriend in months and that's a situation which needs rectifying. Ben says that they're looking in the wrong place - they should try that new club - there are men there. They start talking about getting Libby involved for a girls night out. Ben's curious as to why they think Libby would get involved - the girls tell him that she's in the same position as them - a single girl looking for a new bloke. Isn't she...
Lou's place
Libby and Darren arrive back - Darren's saying how angry he was with the boys - he just wanted to strangle them. Libby says if he felt like that he should've let them call the police. Darren says that he just wanted them to understand what they'd done. Libby wants to know why he let them go then.
LIBBY: For a tough guy you let them off pretty easily.
DARREN: What was I supposed to do? Hand them into the cops? Me?
Darren says that he saw their faces and they were just kids - and petrified ones at that. He says he saw himself in them - if he'd been arrested for everything he did when he was their age, he'd still be in jail now. He didn't want them going down the same path - he wouldn't wish that on any kid. Libby's looking thoughtful and a little concerned. She tells Darren that sometimes she doesn't think she knows him at all. Darren says that at least they won't do it again. As Libby flumps down on the sofa next to him she agrees that he's probably frightened the kids off spray cans for life - she certainly won't - he terrified her. Darren apologises, but Libby still looks a little perturbed. Darren thanks her for being there - she always seems to be there for him - whenever he needs her. He moves in for the kiss... but Libby pulls back - saying that they've been there before and someone always gets hurt. She tries to get away as Darren holds her hand - she pulls it away and heads out.
The School
Hannah's busy not sympathising with Toadie - after all, he was the one who mucked around with the questionnaire. Toadie protests that it was meant to be a joke - Hannah responds that the tip will probably find it hilarious.
TOADIE: These hands are supposed to be overflowing with CASH not TRASH.
Hannah makes some helpful suggestions, but surprisingly Toadies not overly receptive to them. Toadie spots Mrs K, but she sweeps past, brushing aside his protests. Lance arrives on the scene and wants to know what's happening, Hannah explains that it's work experience problems. Lance says he's going to the garage. Toadie (very unwisely imho) makes some remarks about the amount of oil that Lance is going to get covered in - Lance looks unbothered. Toadie tried a new tack - he says that he takes it that Lance took it as a joke as well - after all Lance doesn't really want to work in a garage does he? Lance says he doesn't really know, but since Ben's moved into the street he's started to get into cars a bit. He follows up with a polite enquiry about Toadies placement. He gets told to shut up so Miss Martin obligingly whispers to Lance where Toadies being sent. Cue much hilarity.
Lou's house
Where it's breakfast time. Lou's just served Lolly and heads off to find Nana. Darren arrives to get questioned about where he was last night- Darren says he was at a client. Lou says that Libby said and that it was a bit rough considering it was his day off. Mind you Darren's looking so distracted I wouldn't be surprised if Lou asked him if something was wrong. Oh, he does, Darren says he was thinking about mum - Lou shows him a card from Brett, saying that it's nearly 12 months. Lou doesn't know how they've got through. Darren agrees that it's been tough. Lou says that it's having each other that's got them through and they've come out of it stronger -especially Darren and that should comfort him. Lou and Lolly start to head off to find Nana, but Darren stops them on the way - he's about to tell Lou about where he really was, but he bottles out at the last minute. There's a knock at the door and Lou and Lolly answer it - it's Ben - he's come looking for Darren. He wants to know if Darren's doing anything tonight - does he fancy a night in with some videos? Darren ums and ahs a bit, and Ben asks if he's got girl trouble. Darren says it's something like that and tells ben not to get any romantic videos.
End of class at Erinsborough High
Toadie's still getting teased about his work placement - he's not amused, but he says that there's no way he's doing a whole week at the tip. Hannah and Lance make helpful suggestions as to what he could do to fill his time (collect burnt out toaster elements) or possible perks (as much rubbish as he can carry to take home). Toadie says he'll get out of it somehow. Hannah and Lance say there's no chance, but the Toad seems to be coming up with a plan - what if he's to dumb for the job?! Lance says no chance because Toadies told the world that he's a genius. Toadie says that the manager of the tip doesn't know that and that he's going to be the work experience boy from hell. Lance says that that doesn't matter - once they've signed him up, they're committed to keeping him for the week. Toadie starts to try and figure out how he's going to get himself the boot before he even starts.
His first port of call is another (fruitless) attempt to persuade Mrs K - who's still having none of it - no matter how much he grovels, Mrs K says he needs to learn a lesson. Toadie agrees that he does and says that he's going to make the most of it - could he possibly have the name and number of his supervisor at the council. Mrs K - who'd been on her way out of class swings round looking very suspicious to find out why. Toadie explains that he wants to introduce himself and get familiar with the procedures - so he's already to go on Monday (these days we'd say hit the ground running, but I guess we're too early for that...) Toadie says he's into exploiting situations to get a head start. Mrs K agrees to hand over the details - rewarding initiative and all that, but she warns Toadie that the supervisor knows how the school works. Toadie smirks behind Susan as she rummages in her bag. The smirk disappears as Mrs K continues.
SUSAN: There's no point phoning up pretending to be a school official with some stupid story about a last minute death in the family or something.
Toadie says that the idea never crossed his mind. Well, it did, but he'd rejected it because he knew Susan would have it covered. There is something else though - but before we can find out what it is, Susan's cut him off and tells him to go and get some lunch. We leave Toadie in the classroom, with his piece of paper (which he kisses), looking quite pleased with himself.
Chez Wilkinson
Toadie's premiering his working outfit to Lance- hang on a minute, haven't we seen that check shirt before, on boy one not 5 minutes ago - anyway, it's a red check shirt with it's sleeves missing, a grotty mustard coloured t-shirt and full Toadies curls in their full glory. Gosh. Toadie asks lance if he'd employ him - I wouldn't, but Lance is more worried about what Toadie will wear on his feet - nothing apparently. Lance thinks that'd be dangerous. Toadie tucks his hair behind his ears and says that would be the point of the exercise. Lance thinks that the Toad's gone a bit over the top, but the get up apparently is nothing compared to the act that he put on on the phone - which apparently sounded like an Aussie Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel. Toadies also five minutes late for his appointment already - he couldn't show up on time now could he it might give the wrong impression, anyway, Toadie's lustrous curls aren't bouffant enough for him yet. Lance tells Toadie that he's not going to get away with it, but Toadie's convinced he has the perfect plan - you have to think big and pay attention to detail. With hair an early nineties Celine Dion would be proud of, Toadie heads out to find some dirt to put on his face - he's timing his arrival just for when the boss should've started to loose his temper. Lance, the sceptic, wishes Toadie luck, but (to the accompaniment of ominous Jaws-esque music) Toadie says that he doesn't need it the Toad makes his own.
Chez Kennedy
Libby is heading out. Karl enquires if they'll see her before breakfast Libby says she's not planning to be gone. As she kisses Susan good bye Karl tells her not to have too much fun. Just as Libby opens the door, Hobo-Toad arrives and it doesn't look like his plan's gone well. Susan wants to know what he's up to dressed like that, and why on earth he's gone out like - that that's not going to impress anyone. Suddenly it clicks.
SUSAN: You've been to see the man at the tip haven't you?
SUSAN: That's excellent interview attire and I hope you were late as well
TOADIE: How'd you know
A wild guess apparently, but it didn't matter anyway because the supervisor was running even later and apologised for keeping him waiting. Karl points out Toadie's shoeless state and says that the man must've though he was a lunatic. Susan rather sharply says that that was exactly the point of the exercise. But apparently that didn't work either. Toadie asks if they know how many work experience students the council sees each year. Susan replies that they see heaps. Toadie says that what they won't know is that he's the only one that's ever been appropriately dressed for the tip. Karl mentions the bare feet again, but apparently the council provide boots and they even congratulated him on knowing in advance. Karl guffaws and Susan smirks as Toadie says that they were so impressed with him that they took him on a tour of the tip and he saw exactly what he'll be doing next week and it is disgusting! They have apparently given him the most vile jobs in the place. Susan says that they probably adapted the jobs to the profile that he gave on the questionnaire - he's got no one to blame but himself. Toadie begs her to do something. Susan sighs and says she will do one thing. Hope dawns on Toadies face
SUSAN: I'll wash those clothes - take them of they smell like a pile of ...
KARL: Rubbish?
Ben and Darren are inspecting the video choices when there's a knock at the door. Sarah and Deb answer it - it's Libby. Libby compliments Sarah on her outfit - a nice turquoise number - and Deb says she's changed it so many times. Sarah asks why Libby isn't wearing her little black dress. Apparently she didn't want to be yanking it down all night so she chose the rather nasty brown top with a square print and black trouser combo that's currently offending my eyes. The girls all compliment each other on their outfits (Debbie's wearing something in black, with a v neck). Libby says hi to the guys in the sitting room. She gets a rather cold Hi back from Darren and so she suggests that they get going. Debbie (who we discover now she's moved into a full length shot is wearing a dress) tells the boys to have fun as the girls make their exit. Darren asks Ben where they're going. Ben says he doesn't know, Lou's place probably and then moves on to the more pressing question of what's going on with Libby - he thought they were friends. Darren replies that they were but... It's his own fault, she was being really sweet to him yesterday and he took things a bit too far and they kissed, well he kissed her. Ben asks how she took it. Darren says that she backed off, but let him down gently. Where does that leave Darren, Ben wants to know. Back at square one he replies morosely - miles apart. Ben puts the videos away and Darren demands to know what he's doing. Ben responds that Darren doesn't want to sit and watch videos - they'll make him depressed. What he should do is go down and get some action. As Darren protests that he doesn't want to go to Lou's place, Ben suggests a complete change of scenery - how about that new place, Brunettes, They should go check it out. Darren says ok, and the boys are off. Now where was it the girls were going again?!
The Club (where someone is wearing metallic leggings. Can you believe they're meant ot be back in fashion. Oh and we've got the traditional wonky camera work to denote people dancing and having a fun time)
Ben's leading Darren through the club. He looks like he's on the lookout for someone. Gee, who could that be. Eventually he spots them - the girls are sat at a table with a nasty lamp and a black and white check table cloth, all bathed in lovely pink light. Darren, however hasn't clocked them so Ben gestures a drink and they move off towards the bar. Gosh there really were some terrible outfits back then.
Cut to the girls and Sarah's squealing about the serious amount of talent in the club. Unfortunately as the passer-by appears to be wearing a white long sleeved t shire with two lone black stripes on the arm, I'm not inclined to believe her. Sarah, who's dress turns out to have an easy access zip down the front heads off after him, but no before pouring her drink into Libby's glass as she goes. As Libby and Deb chat and watch on, Sarah's strutting her self at the bar, with a different man, in a much more acceptable black top. But no, he's not interested and Sarah's left alone at the bar as the other two applaud and giggle.
The Bishop residence
Lou's answering the door, whilst attempting no to take his eyes off the TV where a football commentator's getting excited. It's Toadie, who's looking for Madge and Harold. They are apparently visiting friends, but Lou invites Toadie in nevertheless. Toadie is apparently delivering some mail that got delivered to the wrong house. He's soon distracted by the sport though - it's ice hockey - Canadian ice hockey on cable. Toadie enquires excitedly when the Bishops got cable as he sits down to enjoy. Lou's got nuts and chips and pizza, but the boys get altogether distracted as someone scores.
Back at the club
Amidst more frenzied dancing, it's Libby who's now by the bar, but she's bought her drink so she heads back across the club. She bumps into a dark haired man on her way across the floor. Could it be? Yes it could be - it's Darren. She looks a little surprised and asks what happened to his video night. Darren says that Ben suggested they come here, but Darren didn't know she was going to be there. Libby replies that Ben knew though and Darren gurns incredulously before starting to make a move to find him (presumably to have a go). Libby stops him and says that she's not having a very good night, in fact she could use some friendly company. Darren says ok. Libby apologises for running out on him last night, Darren says no, he was being and idiot. Libby says that she does want to be friends with him, Darren says he does to. Sarah arrives back at the table where Debs is waiting. It has not been a fruitful night for Miss Beaumont - she's discovered that every good looking man in the place is attached. Debbie says it's a bit of a bummer, and remarks that she doesn't think Libby's enjoying herself much either. Cut to Libby who patently is enjoying herself as she remarks that Ben is such a scammer. Darren says that he thinks this song is alright and Libby suggests a dance. As they walk to the dance floor, they pass Ben, who's warned that he can expect a talking to from Darren later as a result of what Libby calls his big mouth. He grins in delight, and this attracts a curly haired brunette, who enquires if he's alone and would he like a dance - she's been dying to dance with him all night. As they stare into each others eyes, the titles roll.
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