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Neighbours Episode 2902 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2902
Australian airdate: 22/07/97
UK airdate: 02/01/98
UK Gold: 11/12/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Lloyd Hawkins: Denzil Howson
Jacinta: Caroline Morgan
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Karl tells his family how it was the thought of them that got him through his ordeal.
- Lloyd proposes a business plan to Marlene, but Debbie warns her not to go through with it if she doesn't get on with him.
- Amy is annoyed at Anne, but Anne advises Lance to think about his choice of girlfriend.
Karl arranges a locum to cover the surgery while he has a day of recovery.
KARL: One locum; signed sealed and delivered
SUSAN: One breakfast, fried, scrambled and toasted
She tells him to take it easy, but that he should've organised two days off not one. He compliments her on her outfit and they soon start kissing, but Libby breaks them up as they sit down for breakfast. Billy rushes through with no time to stop, but Karl first hands him a packet of pre-made lunch, containing all the five food groups, and no crusts. Susan gets one too, but Libby is let off and instead is given $10 for lunch at uni. Susan and Libby are surprised.
Number 22
Lloyd arrives with a picnic lunch for them to discuss the business. Marlene explains that she has to work at the surgery, but Lloyd persuades her to take the day off as they plan their 'exciting adventure'. Marlene isn't so keen, but decides to give it a go.
Marlene pops over to find Karl, but as he's out gives a message to Libby, that she needs the day off as Lolly's ear is playing up and she needs to catch up on sleep. Libby agrees to pass on the message.
School Playground
It would seem Karl has included a note in Billy's lunch.
'Dear Son, Remember as the mind, so the man. Hope this brain food helps you through your productive day. Extra season on the chicken sanger! Lots of love. Dad'
Billy jokes that he can't believe his dad wrote it, and reckons he's got concussion. Jacinta runs over and encourages them all to play a practical joke on a new teacher. Amy is keen on the idea and reckons they should head off to plan it. They persuade Lance into joining them.
Coffee Shop
Libby bumps into Susan in the coffee shop, but Susan wonders why she isn't at uni. Libby admits she is skipping classes, but that it's not the end of the world. Susan doesn't see it that way and encourages her to head home after lunch to get on with some work. Libby lets slip that Karl isn't at home resting but headed out early to see some mate.
SUSAN: Still, I shall have some very strong words with your dad when I get home, honestly you'd think he was on holiday and not recovering from a night in the bush.
LIBBY: Hey, you don't think he's being nice to us because he nearly died, do you?
SUSAN: I hope not.
School Corridor
Lance worries about an assignment that he hasn't finished, but Amy tells him he can blag it. Jacinta arrives with a carrier bag containing a dead rat from the science lab. They plan to put it in the teachers draw. As Jacinta and Amy head off with the rat, Lance and Anne don't look impressed. Amy mocks Lance for being so uptight.
Number 22
Lloyd and Marlene have some of the picnic lunch, but Marlene feels guilty for not being at work. Karl arrives at the door and has come to see about Lolly's ear.
School Classroom
Amy finishes placing the rat in the draw just as Susan arrives to cover the class. She starts to look for some chalk for the board but Anne persuades her not to look in the draw. As Susan leaves the class Anne tells Amy to get rid of the rat. Lance refuses to touch it, and Amy doesn't plan on doing anything either.
Number 22
Marlene is a bit shocked at Karl's arrival and eventually admits that there is nothing wrong with Lolly but the reason she wanted the afternoon off was to spend time with Lloyd. Karl doesn't seem to mind, but asks that she gives him a day's notice next time. Lloyd is impressed by Karl graciousness and soon starts talking a business again. He encourages Marlene to move on from the surgery and take on the new business.
School Classroom
Jacinta isn't going to move the rat either, but Anne doesn't reckon that Susan deserves it so goes to retrieve it from the draw, only for Susan to walk in at the same moment. Susan informs her to return the rat to the lab and go to her office.
Karl arrives back and finds Libby lounging around. He asks what she's up to.
LIBBY: Don't you start too. (Mocking Susan) 'Elizabeth, don't you have a lecture to go to? Don't you know how much it costs?'
KARL: I was not going to have a go. I went to uni myself once, you know. There's more to life than lectures.
LIBBY: Sorry?
KARL: Creating a sense of self discipline, that's a valuable learning experience in itself. First years only about the social interaction anyway, and you can't underestimate the importance of that. Ah, common story really, you just laze and graze for the first two semesters, and then swot when you need to. No sweat.
Libby watches on, shocked by the words coming out of her father's mouth.
Susan's Office
Susan can understand that Anne was trying to get rid of the rat before she saw, but will have to punish her unless she admits who it was. Anne refuses to tell.
Number 22
Lloyd is shocked to hear that Marlene isn't really interested in the business, but that she just wants to be friends.
LLOYD: Why didn't you say something earlier?
MARLENE: Because I wanted you to like me. I joined the dating agency to find someone who'd like me, and who I could like. I didn't join to meet a business partner.
Lloyd apologises for pushing her, and Marlene admits she wants more than just a business relationship. They admit that maybe they are looking for the wrong things in each other. She admits she admires his business mind, and he compliments her on being a beautiful lady.
School Classroom
Susan gives the class the opportunity to admit who pulled the prank, but no one owns up so Anne is forced to take responsibility, and will have to take detention after school.
Back at home, Billy pesters Susan why Anne has to be in detention. Susan agrees it's not fair but that she has no other option. Billy admits he knows who did it, but has promised Anne he wouldn't tell. Susan starts to get annoyed, but Karl comes over and calms the situation down.
BILLY: I'd love to tell you, but I can't
KARL: Code of honour, that's good to see.
BILLY: Sarcasm is the lowest form
KARL: I'm not being sarcastic, I am proud of you
Karl encourages Billy to leave the room. Susan doesn't understand Karl's efforts, she feels like he's deceiving her. Karl explains that Billy is just standing up for Anne.
SUSAN: This is not like you Karl. You're being too nice.
He admits his view on life has changed since the fishing trip.
KARL: If you think you're not going to make it through something, then you think back on the things you've done, and said, and you regret some of them. I've got a chance to be a better person. I took things for granted, there is no guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow. My priorities have changed, that's all.
Anne arrives back from her detention to find Amy and Lance on the couch. Ruth isn't too pleased to find out about Anne's detention.
ANNE: I thought that maybe the people who did it might feel bad enough to own up themselves.
Lance looks shifty.
RUTH: That's silly. They're obviously no friends of yours, if they're going to let you take the rap for something you didn't do.
Anne tells Amy and Lance that it isn't fair on her, but that they're just too gutless to do anything about it.
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