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Neighbours Episode 2881 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2881
Australian airdate: 03/12/97
UK airdate: 23/06/97
UK Gold: 24/11/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Maurice Sims: Kevin Whitney
Snake Wrangler: Doug Wintle
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
Lisa is complaining to Ben about the mess he made, they agree he can use the garage as a workshop.
Ruth returns with a bag strap not a snake.
Ruth tells Anne and Lance to put their stuff away tidily, the camera shows the snake.
Number 32
Lance is watching TV, Ruth wants him to take the bags to his room and to feed Bonnie. The camera shows the snake.
Anne is off to see Billy, Bonnie is barking at the basket where the snake was shown to be. Lance takes him outside to feed.
Number 30
Ben is helping Lisa clear the garage, Anne arrives to see the car but she is going to Billys.
Debbie then arrives to see Lisa, Ben says Lisa is still grumpy and has been since the netball.
Debbie goes into see Lisa who is struggling with boxes, Debbie wants to do something with Lisa tonight but Lisa isn't keen.
Lisa complains to Ben about where he wants to clean his hands, so he agrees to use the laundry.
Debbie leaves to go to work but makes an offer to do something with Lisa later.
Number 28
Toadie is laughing about the "snake" Anne saw, he says it could have been the old buckle head snake with its little chrome tongue or a belt skin snake or the wallet head snake. They agree to stop laughing and Toadie leaves.
Anne says they need to talk about horse riding camp, but Billy hasn't asked his parents yet and Anne plans to ask tonight. They both want to go, as they kiss Toadie throws a belt at them.
Coffee shop
Debbie tells Phil he should be at home asleep, he explains he might have liked camping if it hadn't been for the snake. Debbie has a question about Lisa as she has been upset since the netball, Phil reminds her about the games of cricket in the street when she was younger, so Debbie thinks they should all have a fun group game.
Number 32
Anne returns with Bonnie who is still barking at the basket, Lance comes in as he was putting his bag away. Ruth hasn't had any sleep, Lance puts his hand in the basket but only finds a toy not the snake. The camera shows the snake eyes view of Lance and Anne.
Number 28
Billy says it is Annes birthday next week, he asks Toadie about a $149 ring. Toadie doesn't think any woman is worth $150 and Billy cannot afford the ring, Billy has $60 and wants to know what Toadie can loan him. Toadie agrees to loan $20.
Billy asks Susan for some money to buy a present, he asks for $70, she agrees to give him $20 but also wants to talk about his school results.
Number 32
Bonnie is still barking, Anne blames Lance of not feeding her but the camera shows the snake. Ruth gets Anne to walk Bonnie.
Number 28
Billy is trying to explain to Susan his grades, he says he worked very hard on one piece of work and the kids wonder if Lisa actually reads the work, he cannot get to speak to her as she is always busy.
Anne arrives with Bonnie then leaves with Billy.
Number 30
Lisa gets Ben to change before eating lunch. Susan arrives to see Lisa, she wants to ask her about how everything at school is going, Lisa is ok. Susan is worried about Lisas work, she is worried Lisa is not spending enough time with the students who need the time. She also thinks Lisa was harsh when marking Billys paper.
The lake
Anne says maybe if they get up really early they can ride off into the bush and watch the sun come up, Billy agrees to ring the camp. She asks if he has anything saved up, but he needs it for her birthday and won't tell Anne what it is.
Number 30
Lisa is stressed as she thinks Susan called her a lousy teacher because her son is getting bad results, she explains below the calm exterior lurks the ice queen of Erinsborough High. Ben defends Susan as he thinks if she carries on as a teacher as she does as a housemate then Susan maybe right, before explaining she should have a look at herself.
Coffee Shop
Billy is there to see Toadie, he wants work from Debbie but there isn't any work.
Toadie says he cannot afford the ring, Billy wants to pawn his bike to get the ring.
Pawn shop
Toadie is amazed by the pawnshop, the owner explains Hollywood has a lot to answer for. Billy agrees to pawn his bike for $40 and his watch for $20 but Toadie keeps trying to explain Billy will regret it.
Number 32
Ruth is cleaning so gets Anne and Lance to move, Ruth moves the sofa and shouts snake but Anne and Lance don't move as they don't believe her until they see the snake. They all run out of the house.
Coffee Shop
Billy is amazed by the ring, but Toadie isn't.
Lisa is there to apologize to Debbie, she is sorry and wants to do something later as she is stressed about school. Debbie is arranging a fun game of netball in the street tonight, Debbie agrees to come before leaving.
Debbie has some delivery work for Billy, Toadie jokes that Billy pawned his bike but Billy explains he will find a bike. Debbie says he doesn't want to be in Billys shoes when his parents find out.
Outside Number 32
Anne and Lance are looking for the snake when Ben arrives, Ben goes to get a spade
Phil and Ruth arrive, they wonder how the snake got there. Billy and Toadie arrive, Billy jokes do is there another leather strap. Ruth doesn't want the snake killed but Anne and Lance won't return until the snake is gone.
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