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Neighbours Episode 2878 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2878
Australian airdate: 28/11/97
UK airdate: 18/06/97
UK Gold: 19/11/03
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: James
- Debbie is trying to cheer up Lisa, but she is still down.
- Lou and Darren arrive with champagne for Lisa, just as the bus pulls up road with the team chanting Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...
Number 30
Lou is trying to convince Lisa to celebrate, and that sport is about winning and losing. But Lisa is blaming herself.
Ben and Sarah arrive as Lou goes back to the bus, Sarah says they want Lisa but Lisa wants to be left alone, Ben says she has to go as captain before calling her weak so she agrees to go.
Sarah says not to get that tough on her when she is depressed as she would throw something at him. He wants to work in the garage at home for a while.
The street
Lou and Lisa arrive on the bus as everyone sings, "Why are we waiting?", Marlene brings more food. As the bus leaves Lou looks forward to his new venture and having money coming in.
Number 26
Phil is getting a massage from Ruth and dreaming of going away to a tropical island, Ruth suggests to go away, she suggests they go camping but Phil thinks roughing it is not having a spa bath in the motel ensuite.
Hannah arrives and really likes the idea of camping, Ruth thinks it would be good for the two families to spend some time together. Phil agrees to family bonding which Hannah and Ruth take he agrees to camping. Ruth says Lance and Anne will be thrilled.
Number 32
A shocked Anne and Lance both exclaim, "Camping!" Ruth thought they would they would be pleased as they used to love camping. They both really hate the idea and liked camping as kids but now have become more sophisticated. Ruth suggests hiring a campervan but Lance thinks it will be boring. But they are going.
Number 22
Lou is going to take out a half page in the Erinsborough news, Marlene thinks it will be expensive but he says you have to spend money to make money before thinking about a TV ad. Marlene likes the idea of shopping tours, Lou thinks they can go on a tour, buy lunch on the way there or back and if the weather gets warmer they could include the swimming pool. She asks on the bus but Lou explains they could goto the pool. All he has to do is fine tune the ideas for the least expenditure and the greatest return. Marlene congratulates Lou on the idea.
Number 32
Anne and Lance are trying to get out of going camping, otherwise Anne is worried they will be stuck on the boringest weekend in the history of the world.
Number 22
Darren returns, Lou is interested if the night was a success but something happened to the bus and Darren thinks Lou should look at it.
Lou's bus
Darren explains the party got out of hand, the girls went off. Lou thinks the bus looks like a bomb has gone off and is not very happy.
Number 30
Sarah is glad Lisa went out and hopes she is happier, Ben is worried about asking about repairing cars there. Sarah wants a very cheap car, and trusts Ben's judgement as long as it is not a brown car.
Number 32
Anne and Lance are feeding Bonnie, Lance wants Ben to ask him to help service cars so he can get out of the camping trip, Anne wants to help as well.
Anne and Lance leave to get their sleeping bags, Ben wants a coffee as he has already had breakfast. Ben wants to do something special for the twins' 16th, he wants to get a car and has seen a ute for $150. Ruth thinks it must be a bomb of a car. He sees it as a two year job but with the twins help he thinks it is possible. He wants to stay in Erinsborough as dad may take a job in the Middle East.
Anne and Lance return to hear Ben's plans, they are both very keen on the plan and agree to see Ruth at the coffee shop at lunch time.
Number 22
Lou's bus driver just quit after all the noise at the party the night before. Lou goes to ask Lisa what happened the night before.
Anne is asking Billy if she can stay for the weekend, but he is not sure as his mum and dad have been acting very strange. He is worried about the horse riding trip so thinks getting out of the camping trip may not be such a good idea.
Hannah arrives looking forward to the camping trip.
Number 30
Sarah goes to get the door, Lou wants to see Lisa.
Lou wants to know what happened to his bus, Lou gives Debbie and Lisa an hour to start cleaning the bus up.
The street
Debbie, Lisa and Sarah go to clean the bus.
Number 22
Lou is worried if a girls' netball team can make that much mess what a football team could do? Lou is dejected the bus is not a success.
The Street
Lou explains that he wants the bus to look like new.
Sarah is surprised by the mess, Lisa and Debbie wish they remembered how it happened.
A car on the back of a truck arrives. Sarah is disappointed, thinking Ben has bought her an old bomb, but pretends to be pleased with it when Ben arrives: this confuses him."
Number 26
Ruth has found a place that hires out caravans, however they only do 4 people caravans. Ruth could let the twins off the hook as they were not keen to go. Phil is confused they do not want to go, Ruth explains she had hoped to go with Phil alone but Hannah got exited. Ruth suggests that the girls share a caravan and Phil and Lance share a two man tent.
Debbie arrives needing pain killers and sun glasses before leaving.
The pub
Ben is worried that Sarah was keen on the car but it was meant for the twins and will have to work out whom to give the car to.
Cofee shop
Anne and Lance are happy about getting the car, and still disappointed about the camping trip.
Ruth has got a luxurious campervan, Lance is worried about it being crowded but she explains the girls will share a campervan and Lance and Phil a two man tent, before explaining they have to go.
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