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Neighbours Episode 2872 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2872
Australian airdate: 10/06/97
UK airdate: 20/11/97
UK Gold: 11/11/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick - Paul Zebrowski
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Helen telling Phil that Lou bought some of her paintings.
- Lou saying he's going to sell Helen's paintings in the future.
- Smoke coming from Lance and Ruth's car
A road somewhere
Ruth pulls over. She opens the bonnet, blaming Lance who protests his innocence.
The Coffee Shop
Darren's got the weekend off to spend some time with Debbie. Unfortunately Debbie is fully booked and has no time free and no one can cover her. They agree to arrange something next weekend.
A road somewhere
Lance, Ruth and Bonny are walking. Ruth is annoyed and Lance tries to calm her, unsuccessfully.
Number 26
Libby and Rohan are back. She needs to do the last bit of the interview again because the tape went wrong. They talk about the paintings and Helen says she isn't worried about the money Lou gave her for them, just pleased they are going to such an appreciative friend. Libby and Rohan look awkward. Helen picks up on this. Libby covers for him and says she's not sure when Lou will get round to hanging them up.
A road somewhere
Ben pulls out a spanner explaining how the smoke was caused. Ruth blames Lance and Lance storms off. Ruth then moans at Ben, blaming him for encouraging Lance whom is very irresponsible. Ben tells Ruth to calm down, they're all fine, just shaken, and he hugs her.
Number 26
Libby finishes the interview, says she'll need one more short session and leaves. Debbie comes in and Helen explains her recent ordeals with Libby and Lou. Helen wonders if Lou would tell Helen if he were going to sell the paintings. Debbie isn't too sure and goes to try and sort out her rosta for Darren.
Number 22
Debbie has come to visit Darren and Lou leaves to visit Helen. Debbie has got the weekend off! Darren's face says it all: he's going fishing with his mates. Darren would rather his mates were disappointed than Debbie. They agree to try again next weekend.
Number 26
Lou asks after Helen's unfinished painting. Helen wonders why her would be interested in a painting that is unfinished with no re-sale worth at all.
LOU: I wasn't planning on selling this one I was going...
Nice Lou, very nice. Helen can't believe it. Angrily, she tells Lou to leave. Lou says they'll talk about it another time.
Number 30
Lisa and Ben are in the kitchen. Lisa isn't sure what to do because one of the girls from the netball team has dropped out. Ben thinks that's what reserves are for, but Lisa doesn't have any.
BEN: Well, I'd like to help you but my sports bra is at the dry cleaners.
There's a knock at the door and Ben goes to answer it, it's Ruth. She's come to apologise for what she said to him over the car. Ben says it's fine because the more she yells at him the more he feels like part of the family. Ben asks after lance. Ruth says he won't be playing mechanic any time soon. Ruth leaves to go to Helen's.
Number 22
Lou is talking to Darren - he can't believe how Helen reacted. Lou defends himself saying he is going to put some of them up. She should be flattered that Lou thinks they are worth reselling. Darren tells Lou that's he'll have to live with the fact that Helen sprung him.
Number 26
Helen is checking that Ruth is pleased with the progress she's making, which Ruth is. Helen is glad too, but wants to know if...if... She doesn't get round to saying it, but Ruth tells her that she has made excellent progress but things won' be exactly as they were before Helen's stroke. Helen explains sadly to Ruth that painting is her life. Ruth responds that if she's learnt one thing in this that nothing is impossible. However, she breaks it to Helen that painting is very different, and she doesn't want to give her false hope although she does wish she could tell Helen what she wants to hear.
Coffee Shop
Lisa explains to Debbie that she's a player down for netball. Debbie asks how good the player needs to be, and Lisa says its anyone with legs and a pulse at this point. Debbie offers to play, but she's not very good. Lisa is pleased, but doesn't understand why Debbie has the weekend free. Debbie explains that Darren is going fishing with mates and so it's all fine.
Number 28
Libby is phoning dealer's about Helen's work and getting 'really good quotes'. Rohan thinks that should be the case because she's been on the phone for ages. Ruth comes to visit (she visiting a lot of places today) and wants to talk to Libby about Helen. Ruth tells Libby that Helen seems upset because she had to tell her that she's not sure if Helen will be able to paint again. Libby apologises but Ruth says she blames Lou and could she keep Helen's feelings in mind about the paintings.
Coffee Shop
Ben wonders if Lance wants to help him fix Ruth's car, although he's to watch only. Lance likes that idea.
Darren comes in - he's changed his plans: he's planned a romantic weekend away for two! Oh dear. Debbie explains the netball situation to Darren who suggests they can do something else. Debbie says she hasn't played for so long she needs to practise. I'm glad she has her priorities straight!
Number 30
Ban and Lance come in from the car fixing. Lisa comes in and stuffs Lance's plans of watching black and white movies with Ben by saying she and the netball girls are going out for drinks, would Ben like to go? It's very sweet because Ben turns her down for Lance!
Number 26
Libby tells Helen about the great things people have been saying about her and telling her their favourite portraits. Helen begins to cry saying she always believed her best work was yet to come. Rohan thinks perhaps it wasn't a good time and Helen apologises. Libby gets up to go saying that she has everything she needs and that everyone thinks Helen is a fantastic artist, she says she knows and thanks her.
Number 22
Libby can't believe she has brought all this up with Helen, and feels very guilty. Rohan says it's not her fault it's Lou's. Cue the man himself. He chirply says hello and they coldly reply. Libby gets angry with Lou and he says he would never have done it if he'd known it would upset her, is she still angry? Libby says if Helen isn't than she is.
ROHAN: I don't actually think she's that angry anymore, more like exhausted and miserable.
Lou says he already felt bad. He decides to go round there.
Number 26
Lou stands at Helen's door as she opens. He asks if they can chat, but Helen says she isn't in the mood and she hasn't had a good day.
LOU: Yes I know and that it's all my fault. I was hoping you'd accept my apology and the paintings back. If I'd stopped for one moment to consider things from you're point of view to realise just how much you'd be hurt then I'd never have done it. I want us to stay friends Helen, and I'm more than happy to wait for the next batch of Daniels' originals to come off the old easel.
She denies that there will be any more paintings. Lou remains upbeat saying there will be. She shouts at him telling him to stop it. She begins to cry and thinks that after all the deceit he went through to get them he earnt them. She slams the door in his face and cries.
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