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Neighbours Episode 2870 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2870
Australian airdate: 06/06/97
UK airdate: 18/11/97
UK Gold: 07/11/03
Writer: Rick Held
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Susan tells Karl she wants another baby.
- Billy and Toadie talk about Anne.
- Lance sees Mac in the boxing ring.
Number 28
Billy and Toadie are continuing their chat about Anne and the debate. Toadie says that him and his team is going to win the debate. The two of them end up fighting and Susan and Karl talk about their grounding. Susan thinks they may have learnt their lesson by now and they are driving her mad. Karl agrees but doesn't think they should budge. Susan tells them to stop fighting, which they do, albeit for half a minute and then try and play football (or rugby). Karl gives in when they two of them are running around the kitchen area and Karl and Susan give in - they are allowed on parole.
Number 30
Lance visits Ben and hobbles in. The two go into the kitchen and Lance tells Ben that he went into the boxing ring, he thought he was ready. He tells Ben that it's his ribs that hurt the most and Ben thinks he should see Karl (because he's a doctor). Lance doesn't like this idea because Karl might tell Ruth.
BEN: If it's a patient/doctor thing you'll be OK.
LANCE: You wanna bet?
Nicely put given Karl's record!
Number 28
Billy heads out to see Anne and Toadie goes to bed, giving Karl and Susan some alone time. Karl wants to talk about the baby. He tells Susan that last year she was against it when he wanted another child. She replies that she has changed her mind and if they had gone ahead it then they would have the baby by now. There's a knock at the door. It's Ben, who explains to Karl that Lance has had an 'accident', Susan picks up that it's a boxing accident. Ben wants to know if Karl has to tell Ruth, he doesn't think so because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Karl isn't sure, and sees this as a different situation and they'll wait and see how bad it is first.
Number 30 - living area
Billy is there to see Anne and explains about his 'parole'. Billy wants him and Anne to be on the same team so they can spend more time together and he can make it up to her for the nerdy way he's been acting.
BILLY: Who knows it might even turn out to be fun!
ANNE: Who? The debate or me?
BILLY: Both, I hope.
Number 28 - dining table
Karl is examining Lance (breathe in, breathe out etc). Karl says he'll be sore - but it all looks OK. Lance said the trainer told him there would be bruising. Lance doesn't want Karl to tell Ruth, because 'no major damage is done so there is nothing to tell'. Karl thinks that'll be more difficult than it seems, he asks Lance for a high five - ouch!
Number 32 - living area
Anne and Billy are talking about the debate. Ruth comes in and thinks Billy should be off, and so he leaves. Lance enters with Ben and Ruth wants to know what's wrong, although she kind of already guesses it's to do with boxing. She wonders what's next if this is only sore ribs - a fractured skull? Ben tries to tell Ruth that Lance has learnt his lesson and won't be getting into a ring any time soon.
Next morning - living area
Ruth tells Anne that she's understandably annoyed at Lance. Meanwhile Anne is shouting to Lance to hurry up in the bathroom because she wants to clean her teeth. Lance appears and has had obviously trouble with his shirt (he has one arm in and one out). Anne laughs and leaves. Ruth wonders if Lance should go to school because she knows that the pain kept him up most of last night. He says he doesn't have any other choice, he either goes or sits and listens to her lecture him.
Number 28
Billy and Toadie leave for school. Karl and Susan recognise that they need to talk so Karl suggests over lunch later. However, Susan has a meeting. Karl asks her what would happen if she had a child. Susan tells him that she'll reschedule and meet him for lunch.
Erinsborough High - lockers
Billy is begging with Toadie to switch debate teams to be with Anne but Toadie says no. Anne says that it doesn't matter, it's only a debate and not a war and then leaves. Billy wants help with his debate so that he can show Anne that he can do it - again Toadie says no.
Number 28 - kitchen area
It must be lunchtime already! Phil appears and Karl explains that he is expecting Susan at any point, as they have to talk about something important. Phil thinks it sounds serious.
KARL: It's complicated. How would you feel about becoming a father again?
PHIL: Oh Karl, I'm flattered. Shouldn't you send me flowers first?
Karl explains about Susan wanting another baby. Between them they list things about another baby, like dirty nappies etc. Karl wonders if he should agree to make Susan happy. Phil thinks that is a bad idea, as it would cause disaster for all concerned if it isn't what they both want.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Class is over. Billy admits to Toadie that he is worried about the debate and so asks for help. Toadie tells him to ask his own team; Hannah and Kilometre (Billy: Who? Toadie: Miles). Billy gets on his knees and begs. Toadie gives in - it isn't cheating if he gives Billy some general pointers.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Lance asks Susan if he can leave school early because he's not feeling good. Susan says that's his own fault really, isn't it? But yes, he may leave early. Anne asks Susan if she's seen Billy.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Anne overhears Toadie giving Billy help and confronts them. Billy tries to hide the notebook, and then tries to lie but Anne obviously sees straight through it.
Number 28 - dining table
Susan is home for lunch, which looks good. Karl asks about her staff meeting and Susan said that she reshuffled it. Karl reminds her that it is not easy being a working parent. Susan says that school is important to her, but being a mother is more so, she tells him that this isn't just a whim. They sit down at the table and Karl asks Susan if she has thought about what he wants. Susan thinks that is obvious, or more precisely it is obvious what he doesn't want. She takes his hands and looks straight into his eyes:
SUSAN: I really want this.
KARL: (sighs) Why now? All of a sudden just out of the blue after all these years.
SUSAN: While I still can.
KARL: Susan, I love you very much, but this is such an important decision.
SUSAN: I know, and I know we've got a lot to work out.
Number 32 - living area
Lance hobbles in. Ruth says that Susan called - is he OK? She thinks he should have a x-ray, but he says no that he just wants to relax infront of the TV. Ruth wonders if Lance should apologise to Ben, as he was only trying to help over the past couple of weeks regarding boxing. Lance thinks about it.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Billy rushes in late for the debate meeting thing after school. Susan asks how it's going, both teams say well. Billy makes out he's further along than he really is. Susan leaves them to it and Billy goes off to do research much to Hannah's confusion. Billy and Hannah leave to do some more research leaving Anne laughing. She asks Toadie about earlier when Toadie was helping Billy - has Billy done anything for himself? Anne thinks Billy and Hannah are going to get creamed.
Number 30 - kitchen
Lance has come to apologise to Ben for being: arrogant, pig-headed and jealous. Ben doesn't understand why, and he wants to know what he did wrong. Lance explains that he was pleased to have a big brother but it felt like Ben was walking all over him and he felt like a he was a kid. Ben is surprised, he tells Lance that in regards to the boxing he only wanted to help and he never meant to take sides but he had to tell Ruth. They both make up and agree to be brothers.
Number 26 - kitchen
Karl relays to Phil the conversation he had with Susan. Karl agrees with Susan on one thing, that it's kids now or never. He reminds himself how wonderful it was when the kids were little and playing with them. Phil brings up Karl and Susan's age, reminding him that they are older now. Karl thinks that Susan may be caught up I the 'romance' of it all - that is, having something totally dependant on her. Phil thinks Karl should try and get Susan to take a step back from the romance and look at things more practically. Karl says he will try it. He thanks Phil, telling him that he's very good at 'this' and jokingly asks if Phil would like to speak to Susan for him. Phil declines.
Erinsborough High - lockers
Billy and Hannah are listening in on Anne and Toadie who are rehearsing their speeches. They make a bit too much noise, which causes Anne and Toadie to stand up and investigate. Anne can't believe it! Billy says that everyone knows women need more protection, which is why it's women and children first. He carries on, angering Anne.
ANNE: You honestly believe that, don't you?
BILLY: Well, well, not maybe me...
ANNE: Do you, or don't you?!
BILLY: Hey, I didn't make the rules, OK?
ANNE: You're brainless Billy Kennedy and by the time Toadie and I have finished with you the whole school is going to know it!
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