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Neighbours Episode 2862 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2862
Australian airdate: 27/05/97
UK airdate: 06/11/97
UK Gold: 28/10/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lance confirming to Anne that he isn't giving up boxing despite what he said to Ruth.
Susan annoyed at her family not taking the video message to Mal as serious as she is.
Susan catching the kids as Anne tries out the flying fox.
Number 28
Karl watches on the VCR what Susan said in her first message to Mal but his viewing is interrupted when she returns with Toadie and Billy and tells Karl what she caught them doing. Both boys don't see what the fuss is all about and Toadie drags Billy away so they can store the gear in the garage as per Susan's orders.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Karl catches Ben before he goes jogging to say that he had a chat with Lance and thinks he got through to the lad, which Ben is pleased to hear. He jogs off and Karl has a quick chat with Phil about Susan (he thinks she is having difficulty cutting the apron strings with Mal) before he drives off after offering Karl is advice of giving it time.
Number 32
Billy wants to know if Anne is still angry with him when he calls by and judging by the way she is ranting I'd say the answer is yes! She isn't amused at him for what she perceives to be him showing her up in front of the others at the flying fox yesterday but he explains that he just didn't want her to be forced into doing something that she didn't want to. Anne forgives him on condition it won't happen again and he promises that it won't before she then tells him about Lance lying to their mum about the boxing.
The Coffee Shop
Phil startles Susan when he enters TCS and puts a hand on her shoulder. He tells her about the meeting he's just had with new clients and asks how her day's been. She replies that it wouldn't go down as one of her best days and then admits that she's being a possessive mother - this of course confirms to him what Karl spoke to him about earlier. Susan then goes onto say that it feels like she is losing Mal all for good and Phil tries to say that it's really just the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. Phil chats to her about his kids - how he felt when Michael let home, how Debbie is doing her own things and that Hannah is growing up at the rate of knots - to show her that she isn't alone.
Number 32
Lance arrives home and Billy quizzes him on his boxing idea and he immediately goes into defensive mode and challenges Billy to a boxing match. "Consider it an education experience" he tells Billy before following up by asking if he is a wimp or not!
Number 30 garage
Billy has obviously decided he isn't a wimp as he puts on his gloves ready to do battle with Billy despite Anne not being happy. Gloves on and the "fight" begins with Lance putting into practice the moves (and defensive tactics) Ben has taught him as Billy fails to land a punch on him unlike Lance who got him square on the jaw although Billy wasn't exactly ready at the time.
Number 28
Karl enters the house to get a plaster for his finger as he pricked it with a thorn whilst gardening. Susan tells him about her conversation with Phil and mentions his chat with him too. She is still despondent and the thought of all their kids flying the nest but Karl puts a positive spin on things - being able to go away on holiday or eating their kids out of house and home!
Susan retires to her room to lie down and Anne pops by to collect Toadie for "the game" and the two of them depart.
Number 30 garage
Ben interrupts and stops the fight just as Anne has returned with Toadie and isn't amused to see the two boys fighting.
Number 28
Susan has the family photo album out and is teary when Karl comes in and he asks that she talks to him but she can't find the words to say what she wants. He then reassures her that the kids are always going to need her even when they do finally leave and that they'll be on the phone to her every 5 minutes!
Number 32
Ben lays into the boys as Anne helps tend to Billy's injuries (a split lip and sore ribs) that what they were doing wasn't skill and control but just plain old bashing and that they should be ashamed of themselves. Billy apologises but Lance doesn't and tries to insist that he would have won on points!
Ramsay Street
Ben runs after Lance to talk to him as Hannah joins and the other teens to ask if they can put back up the flying fox. Toadie is in read agreement and Billy joins in too but Anne doesn't want to get involved.
Number 30 garage
Lance has the gloves back on and is taking out his frustration on the punching bag thus ignoring the chat Ben is trying to have with him. Ben admits that he is sorry for introducing him to boxing and when Lance shows no sign of stopping, Ben bars him from using his boxing equipment. However all this does is make Lance more determined to keep on boxing and tells Ben that he's going to go and join the gym where they have better equipment and he'll get into the ring too.
BEN: Well maybe that will knock some sense into you. Lance, you're not ready. Listen to what I'm telling you.
LANCE: You know what I'm going to do when I get in the ring? I'm going to pretend the other guy is you and that way he stands a great chance of getting hurt.
Number 28
As the teens enter the house to make arrangements, Anne tries to point out the punishments they'll get when caught but they are confident that they won't get caught. She departs with a warning that Susan will kill then when she finds out but they ignore that comment to finalise arrangements and agree to take the gear over in two runs to minimise the chances of getting caught.
Karl catches Billy before he leaves (and Billy lies over how he got the split lip) to mention to him about Susan missing Mal and to ask that he helps his mum and to keep Toadie on a leash too!
Number 32
Lance returns and shows Anne the gym timetable when he can train without any agro but when she continues to have a go at him, he tells her to stay out of his life.
Lou's Place
Ben challenges Phil to a game of pool when he spots him coming into the bar and while he sets up, bemoans to him the trouble he is having on the Wilkinson family and the recent problems with Lance. Phil thought it was all sorted but Ben tells him about Lance saying one thing but doing another and he isn't volunteering to let Ruth know either!
Number 28
Karl catches Billy and Toadie as they leave the house with the flying fox gear but they manage to get away with it when Billy explains that they are going down to the park and will be for a while (hence the bag he has). Karl is so impressed with the thoughtful boys that he hands them a $50 note to buy something for their supper so he can have a quiet dinner with Susan.
Susan wakens up after her nap and apologises to Karl for her behaviour earlier and admits she doesn't know why she is feeling like this all of a sudden. He replies back that it is understandable and then shows her what he is preparing for supper - Beef Wellington ala Karl.
KARL: Sort of a Beef Wellington without the mushrooms, the pate and the pastry.
SUSAN: Steak?
KARL: Yes.
Karl then leads her to the sofa so they can enjoy their night in "before Mal and Bill and Lib return with a handful kids for Nana Susan to look after!"
Susan seems to appreciate the sentiment and he reminds her that they've had a wonderful marriage, got 3 healthy and intelligent kids, their very own Toadfish and a great future to look forward to.
SUSAN: Just promises me on thing.
KARL: Name it.
SUSAN: You'll always be right here.
KARL: That's a deal.
Billy finishes setting up the flying fox and Hannah volunteers to have the first run and heads up the ladder. They tell her to hold on tight and she heads down the rope. Unfortunately she didn't obey those instructions properly though, as she comes off a bit too early and lands awkwardly. As the boys head over to where she has landed, Hannah is gripping her left arm in obvious pain.
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