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Neighbours Episode 2854 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2854
Australian airdate: 15/05/97
UK airdate: 27/10/97
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Jeremai
Number 32
Philip and Ruth are looking for Anne. Lance doesn't know where she is but says he made her realise she was being selfish and she won't be giving Ruth a hard time any more. Ruth is mildly surprised and amused and thanks Lance.
Bus stop
Anne sits down on the bench and watches people walking past.
Number 26
Debbie tells Darren they could try a little jazz joint she's heard about. Darren isn't keen on jazz but is happy to go if Debbie wants to. Philip comes in the back door and asks if Helen is in. Helen calls out that she's in the living room.
PHILIP: Unbelievable. You know she could hear through concrete with three pairs of ear muffs on I reckon!

Philip goes through and asks Helen if she wants to hear some good news.
HELEN: You'll have to wait until I take my three pairs of ear muffs off!
PHILIP: Did you hear that?!

Philip tells Helen that Anne has come to her senses. Helen is glad and asks Philip if he'll be helping them to celebrate. Philip can't as he has a client meeting.
PHILIP: But we could do our own celebration... cup of tea?
HELEN: CUP OF TEA?! Well only because it's a special occasion!

Philip goes to make the tea but Darren and Debbie have used the last of the milk so he leaves to buy some more.
Lou's Place
Ben and Lisa have comes to see Lou who asks how the bus is going. Ben says it's getting there. Lisa awkwardly says she likes the changes Lou has been making to the pub lately and Lou knows she's trying to butter him up for something. Lisa is looking for sponsorship for her netball team. Lou isn't keen but Ben says this is supposed to be a sports bar and it might give the patrons a boost. Lou agrees to give it some thought.
A road
Phil is driving along when he sees Anne at the bus stop. He pulls up and asks if she wants a lift. Anne says no but Philip says "Anne", clearly aware that something is going on. We cut to Anne in the car, telling Philip she was going to her Dad's and that Ruth wouldn't care. Philip says that's not true. He agrees not to tell Ruth about it, on one condition...
Number 26
Lou delivers a box of wine bottles Philip has ordered for his clients. Debbie says one of them might go down well with dinner and Darren jokes that they should take a couple. Lou joins Helen in the living room and comments on how well Darren and Debbie are getting along; things might get a bit lonely for Helen if Philip and Ruth move in together as well. Darren and Debbie come through and Lou asks Debbie what she knows about netball. Everyone thinks it would be a great idea for Lou to sponsor Lisa's team.
Coffee Shop
Philip buys Anne a coffee and apologizes if he gave Anne the impression he wanted to take the place of her father. He would like to be her friend though. Anne asks if he thinks that's the best way to try and get her to change her mind about leaving. Philip says he didn't think he needed to. Anne says Ruth should have told them about Ben. Philip says Ruth had no contact with Ben either. Anne says they could have gone looking for him but Philip says that could have been very difficult and tells her to think how frustrating it would have been if they couldn't find him. He reminds Anne that living with her father wasn't a happy experience. He thinks Anne is so upset because of how much she cares about Ruth.
Ramsay Street
Ruth is asking Susan if she has seen Anne when Philip and Anne drive up the street. Philip tells Anne she can leave her bag in the car and pick it up later so Ruth doesn't have to know she was planning to leave. They get out of the car and Ruth tells Anne she was starting to worry about her. Philip says he bumped into Anne at the coffee shop and gave her a lift home. Darren and Debbie come from the house and Philip asks Debbie if she can look after Helen this evening as he has a meeting. Debbie asks if Helen wants looking after but Philip says what Helen wants and what's best for her are two different things. Debbie is frustrated and says it would be nice if they could share the responsibility.
Number 22
Lou is colouring with Louise when Darren comes home. Lou tells Darren he's decided to sponsor Lisa's team. Darren asks him what he knows about the team; it might not be great advertising if they turn out to be the greatest bunch of losers in netball history! Lou decides he'd better go and speak to Lisa again. He leaves the house as Debbie arrives to ask Darren how he'd like her to cook for him this evening instead of going to the jazz club as Philip is going out. Darren is clearly excited about the prospect of them having the house to themselves as Debbie neglects to mention that Helen will be there too.
Number 32
Ruth tells Anne she didn't know what to think when she couldn't find her. Anne says she just needed to get away and think things through. She realised she wasn't being very fair. They agree to no more agro and Anne goes to have a shower.
LANCE: What did I tell you, eh? You add in a little bit of the Lance magic and everything turns out fine. Tell you what, you should have ordered me to talk to her, not stay away."
RUTH: Now that's a point. You distinctly disobeyed my instructions didn't you? [Lance looks worried] Hey, whatever it is you said, I hope you wrote it down... I might need it next time!
Number 30
Lou awkwardly asks Lisa how she would rate the team. Lisa says they're not the best but certainly not the worst and they might make the finals this year. She has got a video of the team he can watch. It's not in the kitchen drawer (why would anyone keep video tapes in a kitchen drawer?) so she goes off to look for it. Lou tells Ben he has a cheque for his work on the bus. Ben mentions that the replacement parts he gave him aren't much better than the old ones he's taking out. Lou says he had a hard time getting those parts so it's those or none at all. Lisa comes back with the tape and Lou asks Ben if he wants to come and get the cheque.
LISA: Now seeing you're going to be financial again, the drinks will be on you will they?
BEN: Sure, yeah, absolutely... all the soda water you can drink!
Number 26
Philip wishes he had got Anne to confess to Ruth as he won't be able to look her in the eye. Helen says hindsight is a wonderful thing. Philip says Ruth partly brought it on herself by not being upfront with the kids.
PHILIP: I feel sorry for her, but I also feel sorry for Anne. In fact, if Ruth ever finds out about this I'll probably end up feeling sorry for myself!
Debbie returns to the house and announces she is cooking dinner tonight. Helen asks if she and Darren wouldn't prefer to eat alone together. Debbie tells Helen it will be good to have her here so Darren can't get the wrong idea!
Number 22
Lou, Darren and Ben are enduring the dodgy camerawork on the netball video but enjoying the girls. Lou is sold on the sponsorship. Ben says he bets Darren wouldn't mind an introduction to one of the netball players but Darren says Debbie has invited him for dinner tonight... just the two of them!
Number 32
Anne is playing on the Game Boy and Lance is reading a magazine when Ruth asks what they want for dinner. She says she owes them a pizza from the other night which Anne says would be great. Anne goes to feed Bonnie and Ruth says she can't believe the change in Anne.
LANCE: Well, what can I say? I am truly amazing.
RUTH: And modest!
Lance goes to get his wallet so he can go with Ruth to get the pizza. Ruth has a little moment, smiling to herself, but is interrupted by a phone call from Bill.
RUTH: She said what? No she didn't... You can't be serious... I don't believe it!
Number 26
Ruth asks Philip why he didn't tell her about Anne and Philip says Anne didn't want to hurt her. He asks Ruth not to be too mad with him but Ruth says she's not mad with him; he brought her daughter back. She wishes Anne could have come to her. Phil tells Ruth to go and get the pizzas and he will drop off Anne's bag while Ruth isn't in the house.
Number 22
Darren is asking Lolly's advice on which shirt to wear when Lou comes back from telling Lisa the good news. He has got some ideas for improvements for the team like more eye- catching uniforms, a logo and a new name.
DARREN: What have you got in mind?
LOU: Haven't given it much thought yet but something with pizzazz like Lou's Winners. Lose winners, get it?!
DARREN: Keep working on it Lou!
Lou asks Darren if he's sure his relationship with Debbie isn't moving too quickly but Darren says he thinks they're thinking along the same lines for a change.
Number 32
Philip drops off the bag to Anne who asks him if he's going to say anything to Ruth. Philip says if she wants her Mum to be honest with her perhaps she should return the favour. Anne apologises to Philip for the things she has said to him lately.
Number 26
Darren arrives and kisses Debbie but they are interrupted by Helen. Darren is clearly surprised and Helen takes the bottle of wine out of his hand. Debbie asks Darren if he minds Helen eating with them. Darren smiles and says no!
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Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Anne Wilkinson

Darren Stark, Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2854
Darren Stark, Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2854
Helen Daniels

Ben Atkins, Lisa Elliot, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2854
Ben Atkins, Lisa Elliot, Lou Carpenter

Philip Martin, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Philip Martin, Anne Wilkinson

Debbie Martin, Darren Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2854
Debbie Martin, Darren Stark, Lou Carpenter

Ruth Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2854
Ruth Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2854
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Darren Stark

Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Anne Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson

Lou Carpenter, Lisa Elliot, Ben Atkins in Neighbours Episode 2854
Lou Carpenter, Lisa Elliot, Ben Atkins

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2854
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin

Darren Stark, Ben Atkins, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2854
Darren Stark, Ben Atkins, Lou Carpenter

 in Neighbours Episode 2854

Anne Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Anne Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson

Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Ruth Wilkinson

Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2854
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 2854
Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Debbie Martin, Helen Daniels, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2854
Debbie Martin, Helen Daniels, Darren Stark

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2854
Darren Stark

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