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Neighbours Episode 2838 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2838
Australian airdate: 23/04/97
UK airdate: 03/10/97
UK Gold: 24/09/03
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Rebecca Knotts: Charmaine Gorman
Summary/Images by: JA/Jeremai
Karl complaining about Marlene's competence as a secretary.
Billy and Anne deciding to break up.
Toadie and Rebecca sharing their first kiss.
Karl has no time for breakfast, also spending another day with Marlene is putting him off his food, Susan asks him to try and be nice.
The Surgery
When Karl gets to the surgery Marlene is listening to the races on the radio, and refuses to speak to him, she shushes him so she can listen to the results. An exasperated Karl turns round to walk into his office, when he does he walks right into a newly placed pot plant and stand which falls over in the process. Karl is angry and wonders why the plant is there, but Marlene seems more peeved that Karl has knocked her plant down and was not looking where he was going. Karl insists that Marlene get rid of the thing, but Marlene says it makes the place more homely. Karl is not impressed, it's a surgery not an obstacle course. Karl then notices a poster that he takes exception to. A cartoon of a flu bug stating 'Don't let Freddie Flu get you down this winter' Marlene tells Karl the kids love it, but Karl wants her to take it down.
Karl is furious by now, and tells Marlene that she is not allowed to have the radio on in the surgery. Marlene protests, she has a tenner on the first race, but the only form Karl wants Marlene studying on his time is a medical benefits form.
Lou's Place
Toadie is cheerfully sweeping the floor as he tells Lou all about Becky, she is the 'most spunkiest unrealest girl he has ever met' Lou thinks it must be serious if Toadie is using the expression 'Unrealest'
Toadie tells Lou that there is a snag though, well a couple of snags, Becky believes that he is a 19 year old uni student, who is working at the pub as junior manager. Lou is impressed that Toadie doesn't do things by halves and laughs a little, but in a more serious tone tells Toadie to take it from one who knows, lying to impress a woman, only makes it harder in the long run.
Unless.... always up for a bit of kidding Lou tells Toadie that he might be able to get away with it, as long as he does his homework and gets his facts straight. Lou warns Toadie that he is a novice but is likely to get caught, but if he is really serious about this 'gorgeous girl' he can chuck caution to the wind and go for it.
Toadie is thoughtful as he mulls over Lou's advice.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is thoughtfully looking at the two cakes in stands on the counter, no doubt trying to decide which one she wants.
Marlene comes in for milk and Susan asks her advice on what cake to get for Karl, as he is a big fan of caramel slice, and she is not sure whether she should take a risk and get him something different, god forbid the consequences.
As Susan keeps mulling over the cakes, asking to look at every cake in the shop, Marlene is bold in asking Susan if Karl is always so tense and grumpy. Susan has to admit that he has his moments, and wonders what has happened. Marlene tells Susan she thinks that Karl's attitude is turning the patients off, she tells Susan about how mad Karl was when she out up 'a few posters.' She worries that if a patient were to hear one of Karl's tantrums it could be bad for business.
Susan says that she will walk back to the surgery with Marlene and see if she can have a word with Karl, first of all she has to decide what cake to bring to him though, and sensing that Karl may not be
in the best of moods, Susan decides that she should play it safe and get some caramel slice, but tells the girl at the counter to make it a really big bit.
The Surgery
Phil has popped in for the results of his check up, and Karl is pleased to tell him that his blood tests have come back clear. Phil tells Karl that Ruth is caught up with the kids, and they are not spending so much time together, Karl tells him to find his romantic streak. He shows Phil out and sees that Susan is there with his caramel slice.
Susan tells Karl that she has had a word with Marlene, and tells him to back off and let her settle in. Karl says that he will back off, as long as Susan keeps the caramel slices coming.
Toadie is leafing through one of Libby's uni books, and enquires in Journalism is hard. Libby asks 'Since when have you cared?' Toadie assures her that he is just taking an interest in the career of a friend. Libby is suspicious, and she tells him that they are not friends, this makes me sad a little bit, Toadie and Libby should be friends.
LIBBY: I know you too well Toadie, come on what's the scam?
TOADIE: Well I've kinda met this girl right.
LIBBY: Poor thing
TOADIE: And errr, I told her I was going to uni.
LIBBY: How come.
TOADIE: I don't know to impress her I suppose.
LIBBY: So what's it got to do with me?
TOADIE: I need you to give me the run down on what goes on, just in case she asks me any difficult questions.
LIBBY: You're unbelievable.
TOADIE: Thank you. So will you do it?
Toadie has not finished working on Libby yet however.
Lou's Office
Marlene wants a word with Lou, she asks Lou what she should do about Karl. She thinks that once business picks up he will back off her and loosen up a bit. She thinks that they should make up some posters and flyers to let people know that Karl is back in business. Lou thinks that it is an excellent idea, and is only too happy to help, he loves doing things like this. They get to work on their plan.
Ruth has called by, Billy seems distant, when Ruth asks if he is enjoying the holidays. They are OK says Billy. Ruth asks him if he is going to pop over and see Anne, she's a bit bored. Billy informs Ruth that he has things to do, and disappears into the garden to feed Cassie.
When it is just the two of them, Ruth tells Susan that Billy and Anne are rocky, and the reason is Anne's crush on Ben. Susan is stunned, she had no idea that Billy and Anne had broken up, but she does say that the signs were there, Billy has done nothing but mope about. Ruth preferred it when Billy and Anne were going out, as she has a lot of concerns about Ben, he is quite a bit older than Anne, and she thinks that maybe she should put a stop to it before things get serious. Susan asks if Anne's feelings are reciprocated, Ruth is not sure.
Susan remembers what it is like to be a teenager and having a crush on an older man.
SUSAN: When I was her age, I had a devastating crush on John Lennon for all of two months. Needless to say we never really hit it off.
Ruth laughs, but reminds Susan that John Lennon didn't live next door. Susan assures Ruth, that Ben must realise that Anne is too young for him. Ruth is worried that if he doesn't what will happen, she asks Susan if she should say something. Susan's advice is to say nothing, the more that she says no, the more determined that Anne will be to go ahead with it. Ruth feels helpless, but is interrupted when Billy comes in, Ruth makes her excuses and leaves, telling Susan that she will have a think about what she said.
Billy back to moping asks Susan what Ruth wanted, just mum stuff says Susan, as she lovingly pats Billy's head. Susan asks Billy if he wants to come grocery shopping, but he glumly tells her that he doesn't. Susan wonders if there is anything that he wants to talk about, but he says that there isn't and insists that he is fine.
Number 32
Ruth is surprised at Phil's invitation of dinner out. She wonders what the occasion is, and worries that she may have forgotten Phil's birthday. Phil is just trying to explain, but Bonnie comes in and causes havoc, Ruth is stressed out, she tells Phil that she is all over the shop with all the business with Anne, especially the Ben thing. Ruth tells Anne that she had a chat with Susan earlier, and she told her to stop worrying. Phil thinks that this was sound advice and tells Ruth to take it, things will all blow over eventually. He gives her a reassuring hug, and she thinks that he is right. Through all the stress Phil again broaches the subject of dinner, and Ruth says that she is looking forward to it.
Phil has big ideas, starting with cocktails at his place, and then heading off to the Winchester, Ruth has a little giggle and tells him in that case she is very much looking forward to it.
Libby is telling Billy that he really needs to have a talk to Toadie, about telling lies to his new girlfriend, she is worried that he is going to get caught out, and if his girlfriend finds out the truth, he is going to lose her. Billy who is still in a big strop, doesn't see why he should talk to Toadie, he thinks he will sort it out. Libby tells Billy that as Toadie's best friend, he will listen to him, and he should have a word with him, but Billy informs Libby that Toadie looks after himself. 'Some friend you are' Libby tells him as she drops it and heads into the kitchen.
Susan asks Billy to help her fold a sheet, and as they do so, she mentions her conversation with Ruth. Susan tells him that she is sorry to hear that he and Anne have broken up. Billy tells his mum that it doesn't matter, but Susan can see that it does, and asks her what happened, she has heard that Ben is involved. Billy says that he thinks that Ben is cracking on to Anne, and even though Anne says nothing is going on, he thinks that it is obvious that there is. Billy is uncomfortable with the conversation and says that he is going out for a while.
Libby helpfully reminds him that Toadie is at the coffee shop, Billy doesn't like being bossed about and tells Libby that f he wants to talk to Toadie he will.
The Coffee Shop
It seems that Billy has decided to have a word with Toadie, who tells Billy that it has nothing to do with him. Billy says that Libby reckons that Becky will find out and Toadie will get dumped. Toadie says that it doesn't matter, he will keep the pretence up until Rebecca goes back to uni, and then maybe he will get to go and visit her in the holidays.
Billy asks Toadie what he will do if he never sees her again, but Toadies thinks this is crazy, a girl has never been interested in him before, so there is no way that he is going to let Rebecca go.
Billy tells her that he can't keep lying to her, but Toadie says that he will try, there is no way that he is letting this thing stuff up.
Number 32
Bonnie is being a nuisance whilst Ruth is trying to bath her, and Ruth has to thus chase a wet dog all around the house. She is interrupted by a knock on the door, and shouts for whoever is there to come in, whilst she holds Bonnie down with a towel. It's Susan, who is there to talk to her about the advice she gave her earlier. It could be nothing, but Susan says that Billy has told her that he thinks that Ben is interested in Anne, and Ruth is worried, she doesn't know what to do. Susan tells her to give it more time, Ruth thinks that will only mean that it will have more time to develop, Anne is too young, and will just leap in without thinking. Ruth decides that she has to put a stop to it, the only trouble is, she doesn't know how she is going to do that.
Ruth has arrived for her cocktails and dinner date with Phil dressed up to the nines, she is a bit early, and Phil is still in the middle of making the cocktails, there is an assortment of colourful drinks in bottles on the counter, (including blue curacao which btw is very nice, even on it's own if you add some lemonade) and two fancy cocktail glasses.
Phil is excitedly telling Ruth about the contents of the cocktail he is making, but Ruth isn't interested, she tells Phil that Susan says that Ben is interested in Anne, and she is worried. Phil laughs it off saying that the information came from Billy, who is probably upset and making it up. He tells Ruth not to worry about it. All she can do is be there for Anne. Ruth seems more relaxed by what Phil has said to reassure her, and the pair of them get stuck into some exotic looking blue cocktails.
The Surgery
Karl is reading a magazine article, that claims to tell you how to lose 8 kilos in 8 days, Karl is quick to laugh and pour scorn in it, proclaiming it to be a load of rubbish. Only a moron would believe that. Marlene however is not listening, and Karl discovers that this is because she is listening to a race on the radio with a set of ear phones. Karl is mad at Marlene ignoring his ground rules. Marlene tells him that he is getting cross with her because he has run out of things to do, and she tells him that business will get better she promises.
A patient comes in whilst they are arguing, and Karl is eager to get her into the office, Marlene protests as she wants to get her particulars, but Karl tells her to get back to the race and he will deal with it.
In the office, the patient says that she found out about Karl through a poster advertising his services in the Coffee Shop. Karl asks her to repeat that, he had no idea that he was advertising in The Coffee Shop, but brushes it off and continues with the patient.
Toadie asks Billy what he thinks he should tell Rebecca he is doing at Uni, Physics or Commerce? Billy can't believe that he is going to go through with it, Toadie tell him that he definitely is, and he can either support him or shut up. Billy decides that his best option therefore would be to shut up.
Toadie is rooting around a bag, which I assume is Libby's and finds the university hand book, a comprehensive list of courses, and decides that maybe he should go for Physical Education or Literature. Billy laughs at the suggestion that Toadie is going to say he is studying Physical Education, and a crash course in how to be a liar would be more appropriate. Billy thinks that it's a waste of time for Toadie to do all this work, when Becky is going home soon, but Toadie doesn't care. He says that if he tells her that he is going to keep up with the lies, as the girl means far too much to him.
The Surgery
Karl is finished with the patient, and asks Marlene about the advertisement for the surgery. Marlene says that she was only trying to do her bit, and shows him a leaflet, Karl is angry however, as Marlene has added a comment on the leaflet that says 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' Karl thinks that he could be sued for a comment like that and gets very angry. He tells her that she has to get all the flyers and posters down, and tells her that she should get out right now. Marlene however gives as good as she gets, and tells Karl that she has had enough of his bad tempers and moods and is only still with the business through the good of her heart. She was only trying to help. A bitter argument ensues, and when Marlene storms out, a smile crosses Karl's face as he says 'Goodbye' to Marlene.
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Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2838
Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

 in Neighbours Episode 2838

Toadie Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2838
Toadie Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2838
Susan Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2838
Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Marlene Kratz, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2838
Marlene Kratz, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2838
Susan Kennedy, Ruth Wilkinson

Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2838
Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Ruth Wilkinson, Bonnie in Neighbours Episode 2838
Ruth Wilkinson, Bonnie

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Susan Kennedy

Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2838
Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin

Karl Kennedy, Thelma Hobbs in Neighbours Episode 2838
Karl Kennedy, Thelma Hobbs

Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Dahl in Neighbours Episode 2838
Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Dahl

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2838
Marlene Kratz

Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2838
Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2838
Karl Kennedy

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