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Neighbours Episode 2832 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2832 (Joanna Evans leaves)
Australian airdate: 15/04/97
UK airdate: 25/09/97
UK Gold: 16/09/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Beggar Girl: Layla Beavis
Courier: Jason Davis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Jo chatting to Rob on the phone.
Darren subtly trying to get Lou to lend him the money since the bank turned him down.
Lance trying to get Ben to give them a lift into the city.
Road somewhere
Ben drives Lance and Anne into the city and they chat about what they are going to spend their money on and subtly asking questions about their dad.
Number 22
Darren pretends to make a call to the bank to try and force Lou's hand over the loan but he replies that he hasn't had a chance to look at Darren's figures yet but he will after his meeting with Ben and get back to him.
Lou's Place
Jo apologises for being late but Sarah tells her it is fine because Lou isn't back yet. She tells her about the call to Rob and that he is going to call back tonight. Sarah is shocked to find out that it was Jo that made the initial call and Jo wonders if it's going to lead to them getting back together again.
Lou arrives and wonders where Ben is for their meeting.
Shopping mall
Ben is shopping with Lance and Anne still trying to subtly ask questions about their father. Anne spots a dress she likes but is $10 short and Ben offers to lend it to her before they all go get something to eat.
Lou's Place
Jo is all over the shop after her call to Rob (putting the corkscrew in the till twice!) and tries to deny she is getting her hopes up. Lou is still miffed that Ben hasn't turned up and begins to doubt if he wants the job or not.
Lassiter's Complex
Darren asks Sarah how Lou is when she walks past him on the way home and she replies that he is busy looking at the books.
Lou's Place
Lou wants Jo to call Ben to find out where he is. Karl enters moaning about the electrician not turning up when he was due and mentions that he can wait for his bill when it arrives. This gets Lou thinking and wonders if Darren has sought to get extended credit instead of him lending Darren the money. Karl then tells Lou that Mal wanted them to lend him money for the business too but what they did instead was to be guarantors of the loan rather than the lenders.
Number 32
Sarah calls in to see if Ruth has seen Ben but she hasn't. She then lets slip that Ben has taken the kids into the city and Ruth promises trouble if that is true!
Lou's Place
Darren calls in to chat to Lou to see if he's decided yet about the loan. Lou gives him the news that after chatting with Karl, he's decided that the bank can have his business because that will make it easier for him in the future by getting a credit rating.
Jo returns after answering the phone to tell Lou that Ben has gone shopping with Lance and Anne and he isn't exactly happy.
Road somewhere
Lance is admiring his sunglasses and Ben compliments Anne on her dress and suggests that they call in past their dad so he can see what they spent their Christmas money on. Again, Ben asks questions about their parents marriage but the kids are getting a bit jumpy so he has to curtail his questioning.
Darren barges into the surgery to have a go at Karl for him telling Lou not to lend him money and tells him bluntly to worry about his own business than his. Whilst Darren was ranting at him, a potential patient for Karl has decided they want an appointment with someone else!
Number 30
Ruth is round to see if Ben is back, he isn't, as she is getting worried and adds that if they haven't returned by dark she will contact the police. Their chat is interrupted when a courier calls with a package for Jo.
Lou's Place
Sarah delivers the package to Jo and when she opens it, it's a first class ticket for her to go to London! She is debating whether to go or not when Karl arrives. He heads straight through to the office to find out from Lou what he said to Darren because his ranting cost him a patient. Lou isn't amused to hear about Darren's antics and tells Karl that he's now not going to loan Darren the money which he was going to do.
Jo is still swithering whether to go or not give the flight is that night. Lou adds his tuppenceworth and asks if she loves Rob, she is unsure but adds that her impulsiveness hasn't always paid off. Sarah tells her to take the risk but looks like Jo has made up her mind - she's going to call Rob and turn his offer down. Both send her off to make the call but Sarah still thinks she is making the wrong choice by turning down Rob's offer.
Road somewhere
Lance, Anne and Ben's return to Ramsay Street has been held up by tyre problems. Anne wants to call to say they'll be late but Ben assures them they'll be on their way in 5 minutes.
Lou's Place
Sarah is curious to know what Jo's decision is as she heads home after finishing covering for her. As she departs, Darren comes in still annoyed at Lou siding with Karl and announces that he is taking his business elsewhere. Lou then tells him that he was always going to give Darren the money but has now changed his mind and adds that he hopes Darren's bank manager is still feeling as generous!
Number 30
Sarah returns home and the house is in total darkness. She enters the livingroom to find a bottle of champers and a note addressed to them all waiting for her.
JO VOICEOVER: Hi guys, hope this is as big a surprise to you as it is to me. I couldn't get through to London, busy lines or something, and while I was waiting I started thinking about what Sarah said - to find happiness you have to take risks. She's right, so here I am taking a huge risk. By the time you read this I'll be in the air and on my way to London. Crack open the champers and wish me good luck. Miss you guys. All my love Jo.
Number 32
Lance and Anne finally return home and come face to face with an annoyed and irate Ruth. They are forced to admit that Ben took them there and she sends them to the kitchen so she can talk to Ben.
She wants to know why he took them when she said not to and he tries to say that he spotted them at the bus stop and thought it would be pretty rough to just drive past them while they waited for a bus. Ruth tells him to stay way from the kids and it isn't up for discussion either when he tries to talk to her about it.
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