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Neighbours Episode 2791 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2791
Australian airdate: 17/02/97
UK airdate: 29/07/97
UK Gold: 18/07/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Police Officer: John Powell
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Jeremai
- Toadie calling the cops about the TV.
- Lou and Harold's argument being interrupted by the cops asking about the TV.
Number 32
Lou and the officer come over and tells Ruth that the police think that it might be stolen thanks to some idiot reporting it. As the police officers check out the TV and paperwork, Lou confides in Ruth about the massively bad day he's having.
The police declare everything to be in order and suggest that maybe he should be more careful about buying TVs off "a friend". Lou asks who made the complaint and the police say that they're not allowed to tell him. Lou says he'll find out who reported him and make them wish they were never born.
Lance, hovering in the background, looks very worried.
Debbie's printing off some leaflets for the Coffee Shop and Phil's interest in them is shot down when Debbie pointedly tells him that Holly needs to go for a walk. Helen wonders when the feud will end. Debbie replies that Phil's done nothing but undermine her, but for the sake of harmony in the household she'll be polite. But that's it. Polite.
Debbie then confides in Helen that Phil is the least of her worries. Cath has apparently chickened out of her driving lessons and that's ruled her out of the delivery aspect and Toadie's too young. She leaves for work saying that it's just hassle after hassle!
Karl delegates Toadie to answer the door, and he does so to Lance. Lance tells Toadie that they had the cops over about the TV but that they didn't find anything. Karl finds something though, pointing out that Toadie was going on about stolen goods and then Lou gets a visit from the police?
KARL: Either of you call the cops?
(at same time)
KARL: Start singing like a bird, boys.
Toadie admits that he called up about the TV and then all this happened. Karl says that he seems to be turning into quite the model citizen.
TOADIE: Isn't that what you wanted?
Karl asks if they're mounting a campaign, saying that Lou also had a visit from the Tax department. Toadie says he knows nothing about that, but it is interesting that all the authorities are interested in the same guy on the same day. Karl says it happens, and while he accepts that they thought they were doing the right thing it stops now. He asks if they want a coffee to which Toadie replies he's not falling for that trick. Karl says he was actually going to make it himself but now they've missed their chance.
TOADIE: Oh. Well, whatever.
FLETCH, I mean KARL: Good. White with one and a half, let me know when it's ready.
Lance tells Toadie that Lou was really mad about the whole thing and advises Toadie to start running.
Ruth calls Phil and asks him to come over, but before he can leave Helen says there's something else they need to talk about. Helen says it takes two and Phil points out that he's been trying. Every time he raises the Coffee Shop he gets his head bitten off. As he goes to answer the door Helen tells him that it's all down to finding the right approach.
Phil lets Madge in and makes his exit, saying he'll think about it.
Helen asks how Madge's neck of the woods is - Madge says that Claudia's gone having finally realised that Harold's not the answer to all her problems. It's a big weight off her mind and she's glad it's just the two of them again.
Number 32
Ruth's filled Phil in on recent events and confesses she doesn't know how it'll look for the PTA though. Someone was worried enough to call the police and if there's any doubt then people will assume the worst. Ruth suggests they take the TV back and find another prize, to which Phil points out that it was bad enough when they questioned Lou's honesty, to throw it back in his face...
Lance comes back home and Ruth tells him that they're going to give it back. Lance suggests they keep it (in his room) and Ruth suggests he can pay for it then. Lance decides against this, taking Bonnie off for a walk.
Ruth asks if Phil thinks he can get the money back when he returns the TV. Phil's horrified that he's being volunteered for the job.
PHIL: You're the one who wants to take it back.
RUTH: You were the one who jumped at Lou's offer.
PHIL: You're the president of the PTA.
RUTH: You've known Lou longer.
PHIL: You have less to lose!
RUTH: Don't you think it'd be better coming from a friend?
Ruth says she'll do it... if he's there with her. They agree that tonight wouldn't be the best option so they'll do it tomorrow.
Lou's telling Harold that it's all sorted out now with the police, Harold admitting that for a while he was worried. Madge comes in, relaying Helen's offer of help in regards to Claudia before asking Lou how things are, Lou says he'll be better when he finds out who called the cops. He asks Harold if he knew who made the call and Harold objects to Lou's not-so-thinly-disguised accusation and says that if he did know something he would tell him.
As Lou bids goodnight, Madge gets off the phone. She tells Harold that it was her boss in Queensland saying that unless she can give him a definite return date then he will have to let her go.
MADGE: In other words, sack me.
I think it's quite fair, actually.
Phil's still up watching TV, waiting for Debbie to finish work so he can talk to her. He's not backing down, just doing the diplomatic thing. He then tells Helen that he and Ruth have decided to return the TV to Lou in the morning. As Helen heads back to bed, Debbie comes in.
PHIL: Would it help if I said I was sorry?
He apologises and says that he was hard because she's his daughter, he loves her and has very high expectations of her. Debbie accepts this but points out that she had a lot of justification for reacting the way that she did... but it was a bit of an overreaction. Phil says he wants them to be at least friends. He's got a few days without much on so if she needs help with anything...
Debbie jumps on the offer and suddenly Phil finds himself the Coffee Shop's newest pizza delivery boy.
Ramsay Street
Madge is joining Harold on his power run as Phil and Ruth walk up to Lou's talking about how they're going to broach the subject with Lou.
MADGE: Not one word from you, Philip Martin. Hollywood stars dress like this you know.
PHIL: On their off days maybe.
As Phil and Ruth head up the driveway to Lou's, Harold asks if Madge has thought anymore about you-know-what? Madge says that it's hard for a woman of her age to find work, she likes it, she's close to her kids. There's a choice they have to make, stay in Erinsborough together or go to Queensland together. Either way one of them will have to give up something that's familiar and important to them.
Ruth butters Lou up by saying that they appreciate his generosity but in the spirit of Lou's own quote "mud sticks" they have to give the TV back. Lou says that he does them a good turn and they want to hand it back? Ruth says it's only until everything dies down and is forgotten but Lou retorts that it's more like they don't want their precious school to be near anything dodgy. He bitingly says they can do what they want.
Coffee Shop
Debbie pushes Toadie into the kitchen.
DEBBIE: I want you to get a bucket of water and wash all these tiles.
DEBBIE: (slower) I want you to get a bucket...
Toadie declares that's not his job, he cooks and serves. Debbie replies that Angie hiring someone to do the cleaning is one of the main reasons why this place started to lose money. Toadie says that he's got a lot to do before the lunchtime rush so Debbie suggests he just put cleaner on the dirtiest bits and come back to it after the rush.
Yes, because that won't breach about a hundred health and safety rules...
Lance arrives as Debbie leaves Toadie to his work and tells him that Ruth and Phil are giving the TV back to Lou. Lance says they don't want to take the risk and it won't help Lou's mood - Toadie says that as long as they keep their mouths shut then there won't be anything to worry about.
Phil arrives, announcing himself ready for pizza patrol. Debbie says there's nothing at the moment but he'll hang around - he's got some work he can be getting on with. Deb produces a shirt for him to put on, it's the uniform.
PHIL: But it's daggy.
Debbie can't make an exception for her own father and even Phil's compromise of only wearing it when he's out on a delivery doesn't wash. He goes into the kitchen to get changed (seriously, health and safety!) and Toadie riles him about working for the slave driver. Changing topic Toadie asks how Lou coped with them returning the TV and Phil wonders why the interest. Debbie interrupts the little chat and tells Toadie to get back to work. And might I suggest Lance leaving as he is not a member of staff and Phil using the toilets to change?
Madge and Harold are enjoying a cool drink after their walk. Harold brings up the subject of the job and says that whatever she chooses he'll fall in line. She turns it around and says that he should talk to his Salvation Army chapter and whatever he decides she'll fall into line with. Neither of them are happy about making decisions for the other so Madge moots a third option; they go their own ways.
Coffee Shop
Toadie reminds Lance that the only people who know he was the one who called the cops are him, Lance and the cops. Oh, and Karl. Toadie immediately rushes off to have a word to Karl to make sure he doesn't say anything. Lance stammers an excuse to Debbie and Phil that he had to go out for a moment but Lance offers to cover. Debbie hands Phil the pizza asking if he has change, a street directory, and reminds him to greet the customer with a smile.
Customer's house
Phil gets out of the car and is so busy juggling the pizza bag that as he pushes open the gate he doesn't see the "Beware of the dog" sign. As he rounds the house he sees the dog who starts to bark and chase after Phil. He races back to the car, dropping the pizza as he goes.
Toadie comes in calling for the Doc but he's not home...
Lou's Place
...he's just arrived at the pub. Karl asks if everything's sorted with his visitors. The Tax man was easy to sort out, the police not so much. Lou talks about getting a bad rep when he's not done a thing wrong in his life. Karl laughs and says that's not strictly true and Lou replies that's his point - smart alec remarks from people who should know better. Karl apologises and Lou says that's his point - a business survives on it's reputation.
KARL: Don't worry, I'll make sure the boy gets the message, loud and clear.
LOU: Boy? What boy?
KARL: Pardon?
LOU: You mentioned a boy.
KARL: Did I?
LOU: Yes, just now.
Karl stammers and says that what he meant was that they all need to keep quiet, make sure it goes no further. Lou says it already has. Lou says that someone's done the dirty on him and he wants to know who dobbed him in.
Then there's that glint in his eye.
LOU: That boy wouldn't be Toadie, would it?
Karl proves what a bad liar he is and tries the defensive route, saying that Toadie's a good boy at heart. Lou asks where Toadie is right now and Karl says he's at the Coffee Shop. His protests about Toadie thinking he was doing the right thing fall on deaf ears as he heads out to confront him.
Coffee Shop
Toadie comes back in and admits to Lance that Karl wasn't in, he'll have to catch up with him later. Lance says that Toadie had better hope Karl doesn't say anything in the meantime. Debbie asks where Toadie was and he says it was urgent - he's not her personal slave. Debbie gives him some orders to fill and says they'll talk later.
Lou walks in and says he wants to talk to Toadie. Outside. Now.
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Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, Lou Carpenter, Police Officer in Neighbours Episode 2791
Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, Lou Carpenter, Police Officer

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2791
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Helen Daniels

Lance Wilkinson, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2791
Lance Wilkinson, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2791
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2791
Helen Daniels

Philip Martin, Bonnie, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2791
Philip Martin, Bonnie, Ruth Wilkinson

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2791
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2791
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2791
Philip Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2791
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2791
Ruth Wilkinson, Philip Martin, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Lou Carpenter

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2791
Lou Carpenter

Debbie Martin, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2791
Debbie Martin, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2791
Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson, Philip Martin

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2791
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2791
Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2791
Debbie Martin

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2791
Philip Martin

 in Neighbours Episode 2791

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2791
Philip Martin

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2791
Lou Carpenter

Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2791
Toadie Rebecchi, Lance Wilkinson, Lou Carpenter

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