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Neighbours Episode 2739 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2739 (Madge returns)
Australian airdate: 07/11/96
UK airdate: 14/05/97
UK Gold: 07/05/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Dahl and Puppy: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Hannah suggesting to Philip that they should make a casserole to welcome the Wilkinsons to Ramsay Street.
Marlene trying to persuade Brett to carry on helping Darren sort out his problems.
Helen telling Lou that she should ring Madge to tell her that Harold is alive and there in Erinsborough.
No. 32
It's evening- time and Ruth opens the front door to Hannah, who has the casserole. She thanks her and invites her to join her and Lance to eat it. She heads to the kitchen and Lance heads into the lounge room to find some plates. Hannah asks Lance if he's thought of a name for the puppy. Lance, though, says he hasn't had time to do *anything*. He then asks Hannah if she can do him a favour: go to the kitchen and keep his mum distracted while he makes a 'phone call. He finds the 'phone isn't connected, though, and looks annoyed. Hannah says she'll go and get some dog food from home.
No. 26
Marlene and Helen are looking through some magazines in the kitchen when the 'phone rings. Helen goes to answer it and Madge comes on. Helen smiles that she's delighted to hear from her! She listens and tells her that it *is* Harold - she's not mistaken. She then asks Marlene to write down the flight details for her. Helen listens to Madge and relays the details to Marlene. She then tells Madge that someone will be at the airport to pick her up. She hangs up and Marlene comments that the call sounded interesting. Helen nods:
HELEN: Yes, that was Madge: she's coming down.
MARLENE (uncertainly): Now, this is Harold's wife?
HELEN: Yes, that's right. She and Lou and Harold went to High School together. As a matter of fact, before Madge agreed to marry Harold, there was some doubt as to who she *would* marry!
MARLENE (laughs): Oh, you're pulling my leg!
HELEN (shaking her head): Lou was engaged to her for a while!
MARLENE: Really?!
HELEN: Really!
Chez Chez
Susan returns some glasses to the bar, and asks Lou - who's working - if there's any news on the situation at No. 22. Lou says he's afraid there isn't - but as soon as his solicitor's worked it out, he'll let her and Karl know. Susan accepts this and heads out. Brett comes in and Lou grins and asks if he's had another lazy day ashore! Brett sighs:
BRETT: I wish! Between tutoring Libby and dealing with Darren...
The 'phone rings and Lou goes to answer it. Helen comes on and tells him that Madge is coming down and she thought he might like to meet her at the airport. She reads out the flight details, adding that Madge is very nervous about the whole thing. Lou comments that he *bets* she is.
No. 26
Helen hangs up and turns to Marlene, saying that all they have to do is think of a way to get Madge to meet Harold. Marlene retorts:
MARLENE: His name's Ted.
HELEN (tersely): His name's *Harold*. There's no such *person* as 'Ted'.
Marlene suggests that they invite him over to No. 26. Helen, however, tells her that Harold is a little wary of her; if they're going to get them together, they have to think of a very foolproof plan - and for that, she's going to need Marlene's help...
No. 32
Lance is unpacking. Ruth tells him that she knows it's boring, but the sooner they get it all done, the sooner it'll feel like home. Lance picks up a box and takes it into the kitchen just as someone knocks on the front door. Ruth opens it to Hannah, who has dog food. Lance takes it and says they'll have to find something to put it in now. Hannah tells him that they've got some spare bowls at home. Lance picks up his protective skating gear and heads to the front door. Hannah asks what the gear's for, but Lance just retorts that he'll tell her outside.
Outside No. 28/Ramsay Street
Toadie and Billy are planning a game of street cricket, discussing the rules as they fetch a ball from No. 28's garage.
Across the street, Lance is putting his rollerblades on. Hannah asks what they're for, but Lance just tells her that there's something he has to do, and he asks Hannah to cover for him. He gets up and stakes off down the road. Toadie and Billy join Hannah and ask her where Lance is off to. Hannah shrugs that he wouldn't say. Billy invites her to join in the game of street cricket. Hannah, however, points out that it's too dark to even see what they're doing. That doesn't stop Billy bowling a long no- ball to Toadie - the ball careering off way down the road!
Chez Chez
Brett is sitting at a table with Lou, telling him that he's only trying to make things work - and Lou is the one Darren seems to be having the most trouble with. Lou explains that he really only knew Darren for a couple of weeks before he went up to Lauren's - and that's when he and Cheryl were separating; and Darren has been aggressive and offensive ever since he got back. He adds that he's tried to be mates with him and get him work at the bar; all the compromise has been on *his* side and he's had a gutful. Brett suggests that he could talk Darren into selling Lou his share of the pub. Lou, however, says he doesn't think Brett stands a snowball's chance in hell of turning Darren around.
No. 28
The next morning, Toadie is on the 'phone. He hangs up and Susan asks him if that's more pets to mind. Toadie replies that it's a cat - he'll pick it up after school. Susan tells him that he's done very well with the pets: she's impressed - she can see that he genuinely cares about the animals. She adds sympathetically that it must have been hard taking the mice to the university, but he did the right thing. There's a knock on the door and Susan answers it to Luke. Toadie - and Billy - head out to school and Luke tells them he'll see them there. When they've gone, Luke says to Susan:
LUKE: I'm even *more* nervous about this little talk of mine this morning.
SUSAN: Don't be. Just talk to them the way you tell *anyone* what you went through.
LUKE: What if they're not interested?
SUSAN: They will be - you'll see.
With that, the two of them head out.
No. 26
Lou, Marlene and Helen are making plans:
LOU: So - *I'm* meeting Madge at the airport.
MARLENE: And *I* have to get Ted to Chez Chez for lunch.
HELEN: That's right - and when we get them together, hopefully 'Ted' will recognise Madge and his memory will come flooding back.
MARLENE: Yeah, but what if he *doesn't* recognise her?
HELEN: Oh, well, we'll think about that later. What you have to do is concentrate on getting Harold to lunch.
Marlene says she's going to volunteer at the op shop, so it'll give her all the morning to talk him into it. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Lou goes and opens it to Ruth and Lance. Ruth explains that she thought they should bring back the casserole dish from last night. She adds that the casserole was delicious!
In the kitchen, Lance is telling Hannah that he can't rollerblade to school anymore, so he's got to catch a bus. Hannah points out that there are only a few weeks left, then he can come back to Erinsborough High. Changing the subject, she asks Lance where he got to last night, but before he can respond, Ruth calls to him, saying they don't want him to miss his bus. The two of them head out. Marlene follows them, leaving Lou to comment to Helen:
LOU: Well, this is going to be quite something!
HELEN: Can you imagine? By the end of the day, Harold and Madge are going to be together again!
Chez Chez
Lou walks into the bar. Brett is working and he comments that he thought Lou was going to the airport. Lou says he is - but he forgot to pick up some cash: the car's almost out of petrol. Brett then suggests that they have a bit of a family get- together tonight at Marlene's: Darren's going to be there... Lou sighs that he doesn't know. Brett points out that he thought families were meant to stick together; and *he's* filling in for Lou while he goes to the airport. Lou gives in, adding that he Brett should use his powers for good rather than evil!
Erinsborough High
Billy and Toadie walk into the classroom, Toadie asking Billy what he thinks this is going to be like. Billy mutters that it'll be boring; he only came because it's Luke. They sit down as Susan and Luke come in. Susan addresses the class and tells them that this morning they have the third in the series of lectures designed to give them an insight into certain aspects of life that they might not otherwise experience. She then introduces Luke and explains that he was recently diagnosed with Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma - but fortunately he's now in remission. She hands the floor over to Luke, who looks down at some index cards in his hand and murmurs:
LUKE: Er... I didn't really know where to start. Er... I had a few ideas, but they were wrong...
The students in the class quickly lose interest and start talking to each other, ignoring Luke. Susan asks him to speak up. He tells the class hesitantly that it's always hard talking about personal things and he guesses this is no exception.
Melbourne Airport
Lou is looking at his watch as a Qantas flight touches down. He then turns and looks at the flight board, which confirms that Madge's 'plane has landed.
Op Shop
Marlene is with 'Ted' in the back office of the op shop, commenting that there are certainly a lot of clothes to sort out. 'Ted' nods that it's rather frantic: they no sooner come in than they go out again. They head out into the shop and 'Ted' comments to Marlene that he hopes he's not working her too hard. He asks if she'd like a break. Marlene says she was thinking of a luncheon break. 'Ted' chuckles:
'TED': Oh, lunch! Yes, yes, of course - all in good time. Lots to do yet!
MARLENE: I know a nice little place where we could have a bite to eat... together.
'TED': That would be nice, but I'm afraid I've brought me own sandwiches.
Marlene's face drops. She then takes a different approach and says:
MARLENE: Ted, I really don't like having my lunch alone...
'TED' (realises): Ah. Yes, yes, of course. All right, then.
MARLENE: Oh, wonderful!
'TED': Tell you what: you go out and buy your sandwiches and then we can sit in the sunshine and have our lunches together. Now, that would be *much* nicer.
A look of annoyance crosses Marlene's face!
Erinsborough High
Luke is still struggling to keep the class's attention as he reads from his pre- prepared notes and says he'll outline about some of the medications. Toadie interrupts and asks what Hodgkin's Lymphoma is. Susan tells him not to interrupt, but Luke says it's OK. He then tells Toadie:
LUKE: It's *Non*- Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
TOADIE: Yeah, I know. So what's Hodgkin's Lymphoma? And who's Hodgkins anyway? Is he a real dude or not?!
Susan admonishes him! Toadie says he's just trying to break the ice. He then asks if he can ask a *serious* question. He says to Luke:
TOADIE: You're in remission, right?
LUKE (nods): That's right.
TOADIE: So what happens if you went for your last test and they said you weren't? What would you have done?
LUKE: Panicked for a while, maybe. Got mad. Um... thought about how unfair it was. There's no way you can come to terms with something like this at my age - or at *any* age, really.
TOADIE: Yeah... I thought a lot about it when my pop died. I mean, he had sixty years up on you, but, you know, I was still pretty upset.
LUKE: Yeah, well, that's it, isn't it: why should you lose anyone you love?
BILLY (chipping in): But you must've worked something out, you know, about how to handle it. Just in case.
LUKE: Yeah, I was trying to, but my feelings changed every day. I kept trying to forget I was sick, but I couldn't. And then you meet some people who are really accepting of their own illness. Who knows?
TOADIE: So you're OK now?
LUKE (grins): Well, the hair's grown back! [There's a ripple of laughter from the students] And life's pretty much back to how it was - back to the old habits. I still make an effort to remember how I felt, though, and the promises I made to myself - and I'm not going to waste any time. See, that's what I learned is just do something that's important to *me*.
Several hands go up, the class suddenly very much interested. Luke looks relieved.
Melbourne Airport
Lou is waiting for Madge as she emerges into the airport terminal. When he spots her, he calls to her and she dashes over for a big hug. Lou smiles that she looks wonderful! Madge grins that he hasn't changed a bit! When they pull apart, Madge says seriously:
MADGE: Have you actually *seen* Harold?
LOU: Yes.
MADGE: It *is him*?
LOU: Yes. I mean there can't be *two* people unlucky enough to look like that!
MADGE (smiles): Oh stop it!
LOU (chuckles): Sorry - old habits die hard.
MADGE: You know, it took me so long to accept the fact that I'd never see him again. Now I can't believe I'm actually *going* to.
LOU: Yes, I know. When I saw him it was like taking a step back in time.
MADGE: A bit of a shock to the system, I can tell you. I mean, there I am, nicely settled up in Queensland; I'm even used to being called 'gran' these days. Now I've just got the feeling I don't know where I should be.
LOU: Well, you're amongst old friends now. That's all you've got to worry about. Come on, let's get your bags and get you home to Ramsay Street.
Op Shop
As a customer leaves the shop, Marlene comments to 'Ted' that she's getting a bit hungry; it must be getting time for their lunch break. 'Ted' chuckles that there's still a lot to do yet! Marlene points out that it'll still be there this afternoon. 'Ted', however, asks if she's prepared to let people down because she wouldn't let him finish his work. Marlene says she's only talking about an hour's break for lunch. 'Ted' muses:
'TED': Dear oh dear. Lunch! You've been on about lunch all day! Look, if it's that important to you, off you go. You don't have to stay - you're a volunteer, as it were!
Marlene tells him that he must think her pestering is very strange, but she's a very lonely person; to have a meal or even buy a sandwich alone is heartbreaking - she just thought he might have time to spare to have a bite to eat with her. 'Ted' gives in, but tells Marlene that if she wants his company for lunch, they're going to have to go somewhere where he can take his sandwiches. Marlene makes to leave, but 'Ted' tells her that they have to finish what they're doing there first - and at that moment the shop bell rings as another customer comes in. A look of frustration crosses Marlene's face.
Chez Chez
Madge sits down at a table with Helen and Lou, having been to the ladies' for the third time since she got there. Helen tells her to calm down, but Madge sighs that she can't; shouldn't they have been there by now? Lou assures her that Marlene will get him there. Madge suggests:
MADGE: Maybe he's found out I'm going to be here and he doesn't want to see me?
Helen tells her she needs to be patient. Lou adds that, any second, Marlene and Harold are going to come sailing through the door. Madge, however, says:
MADGE: I don't think I can manage this. All the way down on the 'plane I was looking forward to it. Now I'm not so sure.
The bar doors open suddenly and everyone looks round. It's not Marlene and Harold, though. Madge sits there with a nervous expression on her face.
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Lance Wilkinson, Puppy, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2739
Lance Wilkinson, Puppy, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2739
Helen Daniels

Brett Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2739
Brett Stark, Lou Carpenter

Marlene Kratz, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2739
Marlene Kratz, Helen Daniels

Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2739
Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2739
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2739
Hannah Martin, Lance Wilkinson

Lou Carpenter, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2739
Lou Carpenter, Brett Stark

Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2739
Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Marlene Kratz, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2739
Lou Carpenter, Marlene Kratz, Helen Daniels

Brett Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2739
Brett Stark, Lou Carpenter

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2739
Luke Handley

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2739
Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2739
Harold Bishop, Marlene Kratz

Luke Handley, Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2739
Luke Handley, Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2739
Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2739
Harold Bishop, Marlene Kratz

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2739
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2739
Madge Bishop

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